Best Ways to Manage Traffic: Cities Skylines 2

Samia Awal Moon
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Best Ways to Manage Traffic in Cities Skylines 2

Learn best ways to manage traffic in Cities Skylines 2.

Cities Skylines 2 lets you build a city with buildings, roads, utilities, and services in a big virtual world. The game got nice refinements, improvements, and a lot more new additions compared to the past title, “Cities Skylines”. Thanks to its great building tools, large population sizes, and improved traffic AI, you can quickly build a broad city. The road system is super quick and easy to use, letting you create massive grids, long curvy roads, intersections, and roundabouts all at once.

As you manage the big city, the residents will have to travel a lot on the streets. Traffic can be an issue that can trouble the citizens and needs your attention. Reduced traffic would be necessary as you keep building the city. In this guide, we will talk about the best ways to manage traffic.

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Best Ways to Manage Traffic in Cities Skylines 2

Separating Zones

Residential, commercial, and industrial zone separation is necessary while building a city. Air pollution from industrial zones and noise pollution from industrial zones can have harmful effects on the residents. Industrial and commercial vehicles can block the road, creating unnecessary traffic problems.

Implementing Public Transportation

Public transportation can help to manage traffic in the game. It is pretty cost-effective and eco-friendly. It will eliminate the chance of random street parking. Implementing bus stops can help reduce traffic congestion and air pollution. Bus routes and trains for popular areas targeting citizens can reduce traffic in the city.

Separating Lanes

For public transportation, bus stops are a great addition. Following the bus stops, you can add subway stations or a rail line. Building separate train lines for cargo and industrial goods can be a good option. Creating multiple lanes to separate the vehicles is super beneficial for the traffic. Additional upgrades will make the roads useful.

Adding Pedestrian Pathways

Some people may prefer to walk instead of using transportation. You can add pedestrian pathways for them alongside the road. Doing this will also reduce the traffic and can make the citizens happy.

Implementing Roundabouts

The way roundabouts are implemented in the game is fantastic. You can easily replace an intersection with a roundabout, and it will adjust the road without traffic lights. It will also help direct vehicle drivers to a specific route. It is excellent for their workflow and will save a lot of time. Traffic will flow more naturally since cars adjust themselves due to the roundabouts system.

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