Best ways to get Iridescent Shards in Dead By Daylight 2022

Here’s a complete guide on how to get Iridescent Shards in Dead By Daylight in 2022.

Iridescent Shards are one of the six in-game currencies in Dead by Daylight. Iridescent Shards are earned by gaining Experience Points from playing Trials and thus progressing one’s Player Account Level. They are used to purchase Teachable Perks from the Shrine of Secrets. Here we will be talking about all the ways you can get Iridescent Shards in Dead By Daylight.

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Focus on Earning XP and Levelling Up

The amount of Iridescent Shards obtained is determined by your Player Account Level. Thus, leveling up the account will reward the player with an increased amount of Shards. That’s why earning XP is crucial. Players will receive 0.072 shards per XP that they earn. XP is earned by playing matches.

Time your Trials

As we stated earlier, earning Iridescent Shards is tied to XP earned. However, there is a limit to how much you can abuse that system (Yes, we are totally talking about the AFK method). The game currently gives out 1 XP per second, which stops after 10 minutes. Meaning you will stop earning time-based XP and subsequently shards once you reach 600 XP. After that 10 minute mark, you are not going to earn any more XP for time spent in a match. So we suggest you finish your Trial exactly at or before the 10-minute mark when grinding for Shards and XP.

Going AFK as a Killer

If you are as honest as they come and have no idea what we meant by the AFK method earlier, then this break-down is for you. If you want the fast and easy (albeit a little dishonest) way of grinding for shards, then just start a match as a Killer and go Away From Keyboard. Let the game sit for 10 minutes while you go do your thing, come back to collect your reward. Doing this while playing as a Killer is much safer as no one is going to chase you while you’re away.

First Match of the Day Bonus

Play two matches every day, or as often as you can. You don’t need to win, just participate. Dead By Daylight awards its players 300 XP for playing as both Survivor and Killer once per day. Regardless of how your match goes, the XP and Shards earned are yours to keep.

Focus on earning Safer Emblem points

Emblems are Dead By Daylight’s ranking mechanic used for performance measurement. They also offer Iridescent shards. The best way to earn shards through Emblems is probably by playing it safe. When playing as Survivor, players should focus on Lightbringer, Benevolent, and Unbroken emblems. Here is what you’ll need to do to earn points in each emblem:

  • Lightbringer: repairing generators, cleansing dull totems, cleansing hex totems, being chased while other survivors work on generators and opening exit gates.
  • Benevolent: unhooking survivors safely, healing survivors, making a killer drop another survivor, taking a hit while the killer carries another survivor and sabotaging a hook when a killer is about to put another survivor on it, allowing them to escape from their grasp.
  • Unbroken: Stay alive during the whole match, without being put into the dying state at all.

All in all, the best advice we can give you is to play smart and keep your matches under 10 minutes. That is the best way to get maximum Iridescent Shard output out of your playtime.

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