Best ways to find the Hatch in Dead By Daylight 2022

Here’s a complete guide on how to find the escape Hatch in Dead By Daylight in 2022.

The Hatch, also originally known as the “Black Lock”, is one of the two potential ways for Survivors to escape a Trial in the Dead by Daylight. It can pop up in a random location every time and is the preferred last-resort way of escaping from a Trial as the last Survivor standing, in case your team fails to power or open any of the two Exit Gates.

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However, the Hatch remains invisible until certain conditions are met. It only appears when the number of Survivors left exceeds the number of generators left by 1. Here we will be highlighting the best ways to find the Hatch in Dead by Daylight as of 2022.

Offering Blueprints to the Entity

Offerings are used to influence The Entity in how it will shape the Maps and/or grant a special ability or reward. It is done before the start of a Trial and unlike Perks, offerings are lost permanently once they have been used. Although this will not guarantee definite results, it does increase your chance of spawning a Hatch significantly in a favorable location. The blueprints you can burn and the location of spawning a Hatch associated with it are:

  • Annotated Blueprint – Tremendously increases the chance of spawning the Hatch in the Killer Shack (if available)
  • Vigo’s Blueprint – Tremendously increases the chance of spawning the Hatch in the main building (if available)

However, the offering is visible to all other players, so it increases the risk of the Killer reaching it first and closing it before you can jump through it and escape. So do consider the risks associated with using this method. Even so, in any map, the Hatch is most likely to appear in the Killer Shack or the ground floor of the main building, if it has one.

Look out for the Wind Tunnel sound

If you can hear the whispering sound of a wind tunnel, you are most likely in close proximity to the hatch. Pay attention to the direction of the sound and follow it to find the exact location of the Hatch.

Learn “Left Behind” Perk

Left Behind is a Teachable Perk unique to Bill Overbeck. It can be unlocked for all other Characters from Level 30 onwards. When you are the last Survivor remaining in the Trial, the Aura of the Hatch is revealed to you when you are within several meters of the Hatch. So play Bill Overbeck until you level up enough for the perk to become teachable to others, then unlock this handy Perk for all your other favorite Survivors on their Bloodweb.

Search from the Outside-In

This is more of advice than a trick. The best shot you have at locating the Hatch is if you start searching from the outer perimeter of the map and gradually move inwards and progress towards the center. The Hatch is more likely to spawn in dimly lit or grassy areas/near trees, so make sure to complete a full lap of the perimeter as you make your way to the center of the map.

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