Best ways to farm Bloodpoints in Dead By Daylight 2021

Here’s a complete guide on how to farm Bloodpoints as Survivors and Killers in Dead By Daylight in 2021.

Bloodpoints in Dead By Daylight are the general progression Currency for a Player’s Character. They are used to upgrade the Characters by purchasing Unlockables from the Bloodweb, with each completed Bloodweb also increasing the Character’s Level until Level 50. Bloodpoints are added to a Player’s profile and can be used to progress any Character’s Bloodweb before the start of every trial. Players can use Bloodpoints to unlock perks, customize their character, and purchase upgrades.

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However, farming Bloodpoints can be quite time-consuming if not done right, as it requires extensive grinding. While Bloodpoints can be earned the fastest as a Killer, this guide will also highlight all the ways you can earn Bloodpoints as a Survivor. Since that is what Dead By Daylight players struggle with the most, we will be starting off with Survivors.

How to farm Bloodpoints as Survivor

The Survivors’ task is to try and escape from the Realms of the Entity before they are found and sacrificed by the Killers. Here is how to farm Bloodpoints in the easiest and fastest manner when playing as a Survivor.

Play David King

David King is one of the most highly recommended playable Survivor characters as he has a Teachable Perk called We’re Gonna Live Forever that increases Bloodpoint collection by 25% (and is stackable up to 4 times). We’re Gonna Live Forever is by far the best Bloodpoint farming perk and should be the pinnacle of your Bloodpoint build. Once you hit level 30, this Perk can be unlocked for other characters through their Bloodbweb.

Performing any of the following actions has We’re Gonna Live Forever gain 1 Token:

  • Performing a Safe Hook Rescue.
  • Taking a Protection Hit for an injured Survivor.
  • Stunning the Killer to rescue a carried Survivor.
  • Blinding the Killer to rescue a carried Survivor.

Each Token grants a stackable 25 % bonus to all Bloodpoint gains, up to a maximum of 50/75/100 %.

Be a Team Player

Even if you don’t play as David King, simply helping survivors by performing Safe Hook Rescue, taking Projection Hit for another Survivor, staying around injured Survivors, and healing them will still grant you Bloodpoints.

Complete Objectives

As a Survivor, your core objectives include:

  • Repairing 5 Generators to power the two Exit Gates .
  • Opening at least one of the Exit Gates and leaving the Trial Grounds or escaping through the Hatch.

Completing these objectives before the Killers find you is essential and will rack in a good chunk of Bloodpoints if done successfully. In addition to repairing generators and escaping, your objectives also include cleansing Totems, searching chests, and aiding allies.

Stay Alive throughout the Trial

You can earn 5,000 Bloodpoints by escaping the Trial grounds unscathed. Therefore it is essential to pace yourself, complete your objectives and escape without being caught and sacrificed. However, lingering around the Killer can also grant you Bloodpoints. The best way to kill two birds with one stone is to find hiding spots near the killer. You should also be equipped with plenty of tools.

Complete ‘Good’ and ‘Great’ skill checks

Skill Checks in Dead by Daylight refer to Quick Time Events (QTE) that have a chance of triggering whenever a Survivor is performing specific interactions. A Good Skill Check grants 50 Bloodpoints. Whereas a Great Skill Check grants 300 Bloodpoints and a +1 % Progression bonus for Repair actions or 150 Bloodpoints and a +5 % Progression bonus for Healing actions.

Interact with the Killer

While we mentioned earlier that you should try to escape from the Trial grounds alive, being bold and challenging the Killer also works in your favor when trying to farm Bloodpoints. Hiding near the Killer and remaining undetected grants Bloodpoints. But if you challenge them into chasing you and remain uncaught, you will earn up to 400 Bloodpoints for your Boldness. Moreover, Stunning the Killer will grant you 1,000 Bloodpoints.

Perform Daily Rituals

Completing Daily Rituals is a great way to rack in Bloodpoints. Completing each of them will earn you 30,000 Bloodpoints, with the exception of The Saviour Ritual that earns you 35,000 Bloodpoints.

  • The Reconstruction Ritual – Repair the equivalent of 3 full Generators
  • The Way Of Light – Succesfully open 1 Exit Gate with the Survivor
  • The Awakening – Escape and survive 1 time with the Survivor
  • Relic Veneration – Escape and collect 1 new Item
  • Blood Dance – Heal other Survivors for the equivalent of 3 Health State
  • The Saviour Ritual – Rescue 3 Survivors from the Hook
  • The Initiation – Perform cooperative actions for a total of 180 seconds or 3 minutes
  • Rite Of Ruin – Sabotage the equivalent of 4 full Hooks
  • Wild Dance – Be chased by the Killer for a total of 120 seconds or 2 minutes

How to farm Bloodpoints as Killer

The Killer’s task in Dead By Daylight is to locate, catch and hook Survivors in order to sacrifice them to The Entity. Compared to Survivor, it is much easier to farm Bloodpoints as a Killer in the co-op horror game. Here is the fastest way you can rack up the most Bloodpoints as Killer:

Finish the Match

Always finish the match, no matter what. And we cannot stress this enough. Don’t quit the match even if some Survivors leave early. Not only will you miss out on the Bloodpoints allotted to you for completing the match, but you also won’t be able to join any new matches for a set period of time as a penalty. And these penalties will stack with the number of times you disconnect.

Hook, Let Go, Rehook

This is one of the fastest farming techniques you can use. As they say, slow and steady wins the race. Therefore you should try to extend the length of the match as long as you can by not going for instant kills. Hooking Survivors will grant you Bloodpoints each time. So, by hooking and letting go and then rehooking them again, you can take your sweet time and farm a bunch of Bloodpoints each time.

Destroy Objects

Your job as a Killer is not only to chase and hunt down Survivors but also to make it difficult for them to escape from the Trial grounds. In order to do so, go ahead and destroy Generators, pallets, and vaults. Destroying these will earn you Bloodpoints and also reduce hiding spots for Survivors.

Regularly Use Killer’s Special Power

Every Killer comes with a unique set of abilities, weapons, and Perks. The more you use them on Survivors, the more Bloodpoints you can earn each time.

Complete Daily Rituals

Just like Survivors, Killers also have a set of Daily Rituals they can complete to earn huge amounts of Bloodpoints. While almost all of them earn you 30,000 Bloodpoints, Mors Ambitio is the most rewarding Ritual. If you manage to kill 1 Survivor by your Killer’s hands, you will earn 60,000 Bloodpoints. Moreover, with The Hunt Ritual, chasing Survivors for a total of 3 minutes will earn you 45,000 Bloodpoints.

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