Best Vehicles in Halo Infinite 2022: Ranking from worst to best

We breakdown all the vehicles in Halo Infinite and pick the best ones for you.

Halo stands out from the rest of the shooters because of its sandbox-style gameplay, allowing players to get creative and chaotic. Which is perfected by all the cool techs and vehicles that have been a staple in the Halo series. Futuristic Alien tanks, modern human armored vehicles, aircraft, fast quadbikes. The game offers a whole new set of human and banished vehicles as well as old signatures.

We list down all vehicles in Halo Infinite so that you can decide what you’ll be riding for your Banished hunting campaign or multiplayer matches.

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All vehicles in Halo Infinite

There are a total of 9 vehicles now in Halo Infinite. Don’t be surprised to see new additions later on. Some of these vehicles wield huge firepower, while others focus on mobility. Hence there’s a lot to choose from, depending on what you want to do to your enemies.

UNSC vehicles

The UNSC vehicles are the ones owned by humans. They don’t look too futuristic and are based on our modern era tech, so anyone can know what they do at a glance. Apart from the huge spaceships which are not multiplayer or rideable anyways.

As usual, UNSC vehicles either shoot bullets or missiles and grenades.

M290 Mongoose

The Mongoose is a UNSC two-seater quad bike that is the best for covering large and narrower areas without grabbing much attention. The M290 version can be found at the starting positions of any BTB map. Furthermore, it is one of the early vehicles you find in the campaign.

The M290-M variant is a special Mongoose with machine guns attached at the front. Known as the Gungoose this version is perfect for a quick hit and run but takes some skill to use it.

M15 Razorback

Best Vehicles Halo Infinite

The Razorback is a modified version of the Warthog with removed gun placement. Instead, it has a 2 seater back along with carrying space. No firepower makes the Razorback kind of risky, but they are the best options in game-modes like Capture the Flag and Stockpile as you can easily store flags and power seeds in them.

M12 Warthog

The Warthog is the signature vehicle in Halo. You can call it an icon of the series. The M12 Warthog is a three-seater truck with a machine gun turret placed on the back. The turret is a mean gun with a great range, damage, and fire rate, but there is another Warthog the M12R. This version boasts a rocket launcher to blow away your opponents and their rides with ease.

AV-49 Wasp

Best Vehicles Halo Infinite

The Hornet has been replaced with the Wasp in Halo Infinite. Unlike the Hornet, this VTOL aircraft is more mobile, lacking missiles and multiple seats. The Wasp is one of the strongest and enjoyable vehicles in the game, and some say it is too powerful.

Maybe to balance it out, the game spawns the Wasp mid-game through drops. But when you get a hold of it, you can easily pick off enemies using the twin machine guns.

M808 Scorpion

Best Vehicles Halo Infinite

There is not much to say about the Scorpion other than the fact that it’s a huge armored tank that destroys anything in its path. The Scorpion much like the Warthog is another fan-favorite vehicle in Halo Infinite and Halo series. Thanks to its almost indestructible defense and a cannon that blows everything to bits and pieces. Moreover, it has a separate seat for a turret gunner and a separate machine gun that the driver controls. So you actually get three weapons here.

It’s enough to turn the tide of any game, but it is a rare drop mid-game, so you have to watch out for it. If you find yourself facing against the Scorpion, just make a run for it unless you have something to EMP it or wielding a Rocket Launcher or a Skewer.

Banished Vehicles

The vehicles from the Banished’s arsenal are just the Covenant vehicles we know and love and splashed on with red paint. They still are great and devastating as ever. The Banished vehicles in Halo Infinite are futuristic alien tech that uses lasers and plasma.


Best Vehicles Halo Infinite
credit: Xbox Game Studios

The Ghost is a floating bike that boasts dual-energy guns and a boost to get out of sticky situations quickly. The energy guns are weaker than the gun goose, but they are superior and maneuvering and handling thanks to their hovering.

Furthermore, it is a favorite ride for smashing opponents on the road, thanks to its wide wings.

Brute Chopper

Best Vehicles Halo Infinite
credit: Xbox Game Studios

The Brute Chopper is one stylish motorbike. Probably the best-looking vehicle in the game. The Chopper makes combat ever since being exclusive to Halo 3 and Wars series. The Chopper has huge shielding wheels that protect you from incoming fire as well as great mobility, so you can turn in an instant.

It has dual guns with a low fire rate that is not too great. But choppers are for manslaughters, not for shooting. Overall it takes some skill to use it effectively.


Best Vehicles Halo Infinite
credit: Xbox Game Studios

The Banshee is part of the Banished’s air fleet and can be considered their version of the UNSC’s Wasp. Although, it differs from the Wasp in a lot of aspects and can be considered superior to it.

The Banshee does not have VTOL capabilities, but it is far better in terms of movement and handling. It is nimbler and can perform a few tricks such as a flip or the barrel roll, making it hard to win against in a dog fight. Banshees are not too rare either. In fact, in some maps, you’ll find them spawned conveniently. Be wary of others attempting to hijack you using grappling hooks.


Best Vehicles Halo Infinite
credit: Xbox Game Studios

The Wraith is a hovering tank that shoots out giant balls of plasma from its cannons. The Banished’s a version of the Scorpion, but the plasma cannon has a bigger area of effect from its explosion. Moreover, while the Scorpion’s cannon fires in a straight line, the Wraith’s plasma cannon fires in a projectile motion so it can also act like mortar fires from a distance. Very useful in Big Team Battles. It also has a plasma turret for an extra gunner seat.

The Wraith is also a rare drop in the game to balance out its heavy power. Probably the rarest. But if you see on dropping in the game, don’t waste a second to get on it and blow up everything coming at you. Just be careful of sneaky enemies coming from the back to hijack you or attaching a grenade.

Halo Infinite Best Vehicles Tier List

  • S-tier(Best): Wraith, Scorpion, Banshee
  • A-tier(Great): M12-R Warthog, AV-49 Wasp, Gungoose, Ghost, M12 Warthog
  • B-tier(Good): Razorback, Mongoose, Brute Chopper

Although all vehicles in Halo Infinite have their uses that can be a game-changer, regardless of what firepower they offer. This tier list ranks all the vehicles in Halo Infinite based on their difficulty to use and destructive strength.

The Wraith and Scorpion are no doubt the most deadly vehicles in the game, and they don’t require much skill at all to drive. Hence they are deservingly on the S-tier. The Banshee requires more practice, but a skilled rider can use it to become virtually invincible.

The A-tier rides are the most versatile vehicles in the game, while some are a bit defenseless than the others but faster, a great example is the Gungoose or Ghost. Their fun factor makes Halo Infinite stand out.

The B-tier vehicles are easy to use but hard to master, especially the Chopper. Other than this, the Razorback and Mongoose have no attacking capacity unless you count ramming opponents. But they still have their uses on objective-based game modes.

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