Best Survivor Perks in Dead By Daylight 2022

Take a look at all the Perks you want your Survivors to have in order to give you that much-needed competitive edge over Killers.

In Dead By Daylight, when you play as the Survivor, your job is to safely escape from the Realms of the Entity before you are caught and sacrificed by the Killers. That being said, having certain Survivor Perks will allow you to gain a competitive advantage over the Killers; which may help you escape from the brink of otherwise certain death.

Although there are 192 Perks available in the game, some Perks are unique to certain characters. On top of that, those perks become teachable to other characters once they have been unlocked for the unique character. In this guide, we will provide a tier list for the most notable Survivor Perks to have in Dead by Daylight in 2022 and go over our top 10 picks from worst to best.

Best Survivor Perks in DBD in 2022 (A Complete Tier List)

  • Best (S-tier) : Sprint Burst, Boon: Circle of Healing, Lithe, Unbreakable
  • Good (A-tier) : Borrowed Time, Dead Hard, Iron Will, Spine Chill, Prove Thyself, We’re Gonna Live Forever
  • Average (B-tier) : Kindred, Inner Strength, Deliverance, Urban Evasion, Quick & Quiet

Top 10 Survivor Perks in DBD

Take a look at our top 10 picks for the best Survivor perks in DBD, as we go into details justifying why they are the perks you need for your Survivors to have to successfully escape the Trial grounds.

10. We’re Gonna Live Forever

This perk is unique to David King, which makes him one of the most preferred Survivors to play as. We’re Gonna Live Forever, which becomes teachable at level 30, not only increases Bloodpoint collection by 25% that can stack but also allows the players to gain Tokens for every Protection hit or Safe Hooks performed in the trial.

How it works is at tier 3, you can gain a maximum of 4 tokens that are each worth 25% more than the bloodpoints gained at the end of the trial, going upwards as 100% – which is double the bloodpoints you would usually get. This makes this perk the best Bloodpoint farming Survivor perk available in the game.

Not only that, but this perk also comes in handy in crucial situations such as when the Killer has downed multiple Survivors. We’re Gonna Live Forever allows players to revive other players in the dying state twice as fast – allowing you to recover multiple allies much faster and level the playing field.

9. Prove Thyself

Prove Thyself is a perk unique to Dwight and becomes teachable at level 35. This perk is especially useful as it increases the repairing speed of generators by 15%, stacking upwards to a maximum of 45% – given you have all Survivors working on a single generator. Moreover, it is also one of the Bloodpoint rewarding perks as at tier 3, it gives you up to 100% more Bloodpoints for engaging in any cooperative actions with other Survivors. So you can aim for maximizing your Bloodpoint farming with this Perk.

8. Spine Chill

This is another great Perk as it alerts the players when the Killer is looking at you or near you when you are hiding and don’t have a clear vision over the Killer’s location. And if the perk is consistently lighting up, it means that the Killer is headed right towards your direction. What makes this Perk even better is that it can be unlocked for all Survivors.

Moreover, at tier 3, this perk also gives players up to 6% bonus action speed. With the nature of this perk, it is really great for in and out of chases, which requires stealth on your part to effectively hide from the Killer. By alerting you at the right time, it will give you a huge head start ahead of the chase, with a boost in action speed.

7. Iron Will

This Perk is unique to Jake but becomes teachable at level 30. This handy perk increases your stealth when injured as your grunts from injury will go silent – not alerting the Killer from finding your location when injured. This makes it very difficult for the Killer to track you after you have successfully escaped chases. Not only that, at tier 3, the Iron Will perk allows you to completely counter Stridor. So if the Killer is running their Stridor perk, you will still be completely silent to them.

6. Dead Hard

Dead Hard is another perk that is unique to David King and becomes teachable at Level 35. It is an exhaustion perk that enables you to dash forward whenever you are injured without incurring any damage to yourself. This perk can help you out in extremely tight chases and literally save your life in a life or death situation.

In other words, this perk gives you an extra life or a second chance to escape from the trial. Moreover, it also helps extend the duration of the chases. Furthermore, it can also reduce the Exhausted status effect down to up to 40 seconds, so you won’t be exhausted for a long duration anymore.

5. Borrowed Time

This Perk is unique to Bill and becomes teachable after hitting Level 35. At tier 3, when you unhook a Survivor, they are protected by the Endurance status effect – which allows them to survive any attack that would otherwise put them in a dying state for up to 12 seconds after the unhook. Furthermore, it also gives them an extra health status by putting them into the deep wound status effect which they can easily mend within 20 seconds. It basically gives them an extra shot at surviving the trial. This perk is definitely worth unlocking if you’re going to do a ton of unhooking or don’t want to allow the Killer to farm through face camping.

4. Unbreakable

This is another Perk that is unique to Bill and becomes teachable at Level 40. This unique and handy perk allows you to revive from the dying state once per Trial. Moreover, it also allows you to recover up to 35% faster at tier 3. With that being said, it is one of the best second-chance perks available in Dead by Daylight. This comes especially handy if everyone in your team is downed at the same time. In that case, you can revive yourself and then others and escape practically unscathed.

3. Lithe

This perk is unique to Min Feng and becomes a teachable perk at Level 35. Through this perk, your base running speed is boosted by 150% for up to 3 seconds whenever you perform a rushed vault. This is one of the best exhaustion perks in DBD as of 2022. What’s great about this Perk is that the sprint burst can be activated in a controlled state, no matter whether you’re in or out of a chase. All you need to do is to rush the vault through a window or pallet to activate it. It’s a great way to create some distance between you and the Killer during chases.

2. Boon: Circle of Healing

This perk is unique to Mikaela Reid and becomes teachable at Level 35. To activate this Perk, you need to go over to a Hex Totem or Doll and bless it, after which it becomes a fiery blue totem. The Perk becomes active within a 28m radius of the hex totem or doll. When you or other survivors are within the vicinity of the blessed totem, your healing speeds can go upwards by 100%.

Moreover, it also unlocks the Self-care ability – allowing you to heal yourself without using up any med-kits. Due to the activation of self-care ability and the doubled healing speed, this is the best healing Perk available in DBD as of right now. Not only that but the time is taken to heal other survivors is also reduced by half. Other injured survivors can easily heal themselves by going near the blessed totem.

1. Sprint Burst

This perk is unique to Meg Thomas and becomes teachable at Level 35. This perk is extremely handy as whenever you are not exhausted, you can break into a sprint burst that allows you to run at a pace that is 150% faster than your base running speed. This is by far the best Survivor perk you can have as being able to run away from the Killer in tight chase situations can make or break your escape from the Trial grounds.

Moreover, even when you’re not in a chase, you can use this perk to travel faster between your objectives and cover more ground much faster. And even between chases it can give you a good head start and widen the gap between you and the Killer by simply breaking into a sprint burst.

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