Best Splitgate Weapons: Ranking All the Weapons from Worst to Best

The Halo and Portal mixer Splitgate is making a name for itself in the gaming world.

The recently launched arena-style shooter has been one of the top games played on steam as of now. The game blew up so much that the developers had to shut down and increase the server capacity. The past week there were login queues due to everyone joining the new Halo and portal mixer.

Splitgate for now, includes eleven weapons, with each being different from one another. You can pick up guns during a match from across the map. However, it can be tough to decide which firearms will be the most effective. So we have made a complete list of all weapons, along with a tier list of all weapons in Splitgate.

All weapons in Splitgate


Splitgate Sniper
Credit -1047 Games, Gameriv

There is, in fact, only one Sniper in split-gate for now. All weapon names in Splitgate suggest what they do. Sniper in Splitgate is the best when used for long-shots. One headshot is an instant kill and, two body shots are also a kill.

Rocket Launcher

Splitgate Rocket Launcher
Credit -1047 Games, Gameriv

As its name suggests, the Rocket launcher is another weapon in Splitgate with which you can get one shot, one kill. It is also helpful to kill multiple enemies at once thanks to its high area damage.


Splitgate Railgun
Credit -1047 Games, Gameriv

Railgun is one of the most potent weapons in Splitgate. However, using it can be very tough. The gun requires a short time before it can fire each shot, and your shots need to be very accurate to get kills. If appropriately used, Railgun can give a team an advantage to win a match.

Plasma Rifle

Splitgate Plasma Rifle
Credit -1047 Games, Gameriv

Talking about special weapons, Splitgate seems to upheld its futuristic theme with its guns. The plasma rifle acts like the Assault Rifle, but its bullets are slow, and you will have to predict your opponent’s movements for it to be effective.


Splitgate BFB
Credit -1047 Games, Gameriv

The BFB can also be a unique weapon in Splitgate. You can get instant kills if you can hit your opponent using it. BFB has an incredible damage output, although it can be hard to get around or behind your enemies in Splitgate.

Assault Rifle

Splitgate Assault Rifle
Credit -1047 Games, Gameriv

Assault Rifle in Splitgate is like any other Assault Rifle in games. It offers good damage within the close and medium range. You can pick this weapon up on the map and it can help you get choke points with ease.


Splitgate Carbine
Credit -1047 Games, Gameriv

The most common weapon and is also the starting weapon in every game for all players. It packs a punch if you can aim well at medium and long-range.


Splitgate SMG
Credit -1047 Games, Gameriv

Splitgate’ SMG can be one of the most powerful weapons up close.SMG can rip your opponents to sherds if you aim well enough. It does not have the most damage, but it is something thanks to its fire rate and ammo.


Splitgate Shotgun
Credit -1047 Games, Gameriv

It can be tricky which weapon you should go with for close range. However, the shotgun makes life easier for you in Splitgate. It has three bullets per mag, although it can be very effective in defending or attacking choke points.

Battle Rifle

Splitgate Battle Rifle
Credit -1047 Games, Gameriv

Battle Rifle can be a very is the only burst weapon available in the game. It has 30 rounds per mag, and it can be very effective up close and at medium range if your aim is at the right place.


Splitgate Pistol
Credit -1047 Games, Gameriv

Heading to our last weapon in Splitgate, the Pistol is a versatile weapon you can use at close and medium ranges. It has 12 rounds per mag and can be pretty effective if used the right way.

Best Weapons in Splitgate (A Complete Tier List)

  • S-tier: Sniper, Battle Rifle
  • A-tier: BFB, Shotgun, Rocket Launcher
  • B-tier: Railgun, Assault Rifle, SMG, Carbine
  • C-tier: Pistol, Plasma Rifle

S-tier Weapons

If you are wondering which are the best weapons to use in Splitgate, the Sniper and Battle Rifle are easily the best. They both pack a punch depending on how good your aim is. The Sniper Rifle has four rounds in each mag, and each headshot is an instakill. Body shots with the Sniper do 65 damage, so it can be a deadly combo if you pair a sniper with a pistol. Snipers can deal with enemies at long and medium-range with ease.

Now jumping onto our next S-tier weapon, Battle Rifle, can be considered one of the most potent weapons to use at close range. Each mag of Battle Rifle has 30 rounds, and since it is a burst gun, you can have ten shots each mag. Each headshot does 25 damage, so if your aim is good enough, you can finish off an enemy with just two rounds.

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A-tier Weapons

All A-tier weapons are great. We recommend using all of them as they all can help you get an advantage during rounds. BFB and Shotguns are one of the best weapons to use up close. Both can be used as one-shot one kill weapons with ease. Shotgun has three rounds of each mag, whereas you can use a BFB up to four times. Rocket Launcher has two rounds each mag and can be deadly in close range with enemies. Be careful not to kill yourself while using it. Saying that Rocket Launcher is a great weapon to clean up a pile of enemies in a choke point.

Credit- 1047 Games, Gameriv

B-tier and C-tier Weapons

Coming to the B-tier, Railgun can be a tricky weapon to use as it takes time to charge up a shot. Although it gives you one shot one kill, it is not the best weapon you will use in the game. SMG is great up close, but it can be very tough to use at long and medium-range, so I would recommend pairing it up with a Battle Rifle or Sniper. Assault Rifle is effective up close and at medium range, but it can be tricky to use at long range, and you need to land a lot of shots to get a kill. Carbine is the weapon you will be using the most in the game, so getting used to it is essential. It is not great up close, but it is great at long and medium range.

Credit- 1047 Games, Gameriv

The last tier weapons are weapons we surely do not recommend using much in the game. The Pistol can be an excellent weapon to finish low-health enemies, but using it as a primary weapon is not great. Plasma Rifle has slow-moving bullets, and it can not be a great weapon to use, especially when you are doing a 1v1 up close.

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