Best SP-R208 loadout in COD Warzone according to Faze NICKMERCS

Professional Twitch streamer and e-sports influencer Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff recently shared his SP-R208 sniper rifle loadout to his audience. The SP-R208 or better known as R700 is a sniper rifle meant to devastate enemies from thousand yards away with high precision. During his Twitch stream, NICKMERCS showcased the SP-R208’s attachments and its full potential.

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Warzone Season 6 has been content-heavy and full of practical transformations. The addition of AS-VAL and SP-R208 has been anticipated long before the Season 6 release. SP-R208 / R700 is a very familiar gun in the Call of Duty community for it’s long-range, high accuracy, and overall damage. As expected, the SP-R208 inherited its legacy with a firm grip in Warzone Season 6 too. Players are already landing crunchy cross-map headshots with astonishing accuracy.

NICKMERCS’s SP-R208 Loadout

NICKMERCS crowned the newly added SP-R208 in his YouTube video as the “Best Sniper in Warzone“. Although the debate about the Best Sniper In Warzone is not settling soon. Nevertheless, NICKMERCS’s attachments of SP-R208 are noteworthy. According to NICKMERCS, a standard Warzone SP-R208 loadout should pack these following attachments:

Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor
Barrel: SP-R 26”
Optic: Solozero SP-R 28mm
Ammunition: .338 Lupua Mag 5-R Mags
Laser: Tac Laser

This version of SP-R208 carries above-average bullet velocity, a substantial amount of damage, and an exceptionally low profile. NICKMERCS already praised SP-R208’s fantastic control, ADS, and hitscan and now NICKMERCS made it even more versatile.

Community Concerns About the SP-R208

SP-R208 allows players to enjoy good movement speed and confidence in long-range gunfights. The addition of this gun is already generating debates and concerns among the Warzone community. In the hands of marksman players and veterans, the SP-R208 can be truly catastrophic. A Reddit user and Warzone player named Rob Gaming International expressed his concerns about the SP-R208.

Screen Grab via r/modernwarfare

In addition to flexibility and superior ADS speed, SP-R208 also provides a great magnification for those long-range headshots. Generally, sniping in Warzone can be a frustrating experience for some players while veterans with decent aim might enjoy it all together. Since Season 6 has been really hard on cheaters and hackers, the overall gameplay experience should be enjoyable for all.

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