Best Secondary Weapons in Warframe 2022: Ranking All the Weapons from Worst to Best

We list all the best secondary weapons in Warframe for you to choose from in 2022.

Just like its vast array of primary weapons, Warframe has a great range of secondary weapons too. The unique side-arms are sometimes more enjoyable to play with than your usual big guns.

Furthermore, when used in combo with other wieldable in the game, you truly become unstoppable. Secondary weapons in Warframe are divided among different unique categories such as crossbows, dual pistols and etc.

All the Secondary Weapons in Warframe

Warframe currently has 236 secondary weapons divided among Crossbows, Dual Pistols, Dual Shotguns, Pistols, Shotgun Sidearms, Thrown.


  • Hybrid
    • Ballistica (Prima, Rakta)

Dual Pistols

  • Auto
    • Afuris( Dex Furis)
    • Akstiletto(Prime)
    • Akzani
    • Dex
    • Pixia
    • Dual Cestra
    • Tenet Diplos
    • Twin Grakatas
    • Regulators
    • Twin Gremlins (Prisma)
    • Kuva Twin Stubbas
    • Twin Vipers (Wraith)
  • Auto-Spool
    • Aksomati(Prime)
    • Secura Dual Cestra
  • Burst
    • Akarius
    • Akjagara ( Prime)
  • Charge
    • Balefire Charger
    • Staticor
  • Semi-Auto
    • Akbolto(Prime, Telos)
    • Aklato
    • Aklex(Prime)
    • Akmagnus
    • Akvasto(Prime)
    • Dual Toxocyst

Dual Shotguns

  • Auto Spool
    • Twin Kohmak
  • Semi Auto
    • Akbronco( Prime)
    • Twin Rogga


  • Auto
    • Azima
    • Cestra
    • MK1-Furis
    • Furis
    • Hystrix
    • Knell
    • Kompressa
    • Quatz
    • Stubba
    • Velox
    • Viper (Wraith)
  • Burst
    • Kraken ( Kuva)
    • Sepulcrum
    • Sicarus(Prime)
  • Charge
    • Angstrum(Prisma)
    • Stug
  • Duplex
    • Zylok
  • Held
    • Atomos
    • Catabolyst
    • Cycron (Tenet)
    • Embolist
    • Gammacor ( Synoid)
    • Nukor ( Kuva)
    • Ocucor
    • Spectra Vandal
    • Spectra
  • Hybrid
    • Athodai
    • Cyanex
    • Epitaph
  • Semi-Auto
    • Acrid
    • Acra Scisco
    • Lato
    • Bolto
    • Kulstar
    • Lato Prime
    • Lato Vandal
    • Lex (Prime)
    • Magnus
    • Magnus Prime
    • Marelok ( Vaykor)
    • Pandero(Prime)
    • Plinx
    • Seer(Kuva)
    • Tenet Spirex
    • Sonicor
    • Tysis
    • Vasto(Prime)
    • Zakti(Prime)
    • Zymos

Shotgun Sidearms

  • Auto
    • Pyrana ( Prime)
  • Auto Spool
    • Kohmak
  • Semi Auto
    • Brakk(Kuva)
    • Bronco(Prime)
    • Detron(Mara, Tenet)
    • Euphona Prime


  • Active
    • Castanas(Sancti)
    • Talons
  • Auto
    • Despair
    • Hikou(Prime)
    • Kunai(MK1)
    • Pox
    • Spira Prime
    • Spira
  • Hybrid
    • Fusilai

Best Secondary Weapons in Warframe (A Complete Tier List)

  • Best (S-tier): Kuva Nukor, Tenet Cycron, Sporelacer, Epitaph, Pyrana Prime.
  • Great (A-tier): Kuva Brakk, Catchmoon, Tombfinger, Aksomati Prime, Catabolyst, Rattleguts, Akjagara Prime, Kuva Twin Stubbas, Athodai, Tenet Diplos, Kompressa, Tenet Detron, Euphona Prime, Tenet Spirex, Gaze, Akstiletto Prime, Vermisplicer, Sepulcrum, Pandero Prime, Zakti Prime, Staticor, Twin Grakatas, Mara Detron, Atomos, Synoid Gammacor, Prisma Twin Gremlins, Zymos, Velox, Sicarus Prime, Cyanex, Kuva Seer, Akvasto Prime, Twin Kohmak.
  • Good (B-tier): Aklex Prime, Akarius, Akbolto Prime, Pandero, Vaykor Marelok, Lato Prime, Spira Prime, Lex Prime, Arca Sciscol, Pox, Lato Vandal, Kuva Kraken, Ocucorl, Vasto Prime, Hystrix, Dex Furis, Twin Rogga, Hikou Prime, Knell, Akbronco Prime, Ballistica Prime, Secura Dual Cestra, Quatz, Spectra Vandal, Dual Toxocyst, Azima, Prisma Angstrum.
  • Average (C-tier): Kulstar, Rakta Ballistica, Plinx, Embolist, Telos Akbolto, Akzani, Akmagnus, Fusilai, Kohmak, Bronco Prime, Akstiletto, Despair, Brakk, Stubba, Zylok, Cycron, Aklex, Akjagara, Acrid, Dual Cestra, Marelok, Detron.
  • Not Recommended (D-tier): Castanas,Sicarus, Bolto, Kraken, Mk1-kunai, Ballistica, Aklato, Kunai, Seer, Lato, Bronco, Twin Vipers, Viper, Akbronco, Mk1-furis.

Each secondary arms in S-Tier are the best one out there. Even though most of them are hard to get hold of. They are worth every grind. The A-tier weapons are also unique as much as they are strong. Some weapons in A tier can easily be put in S or vice-versa depending on the player. Meanwhile, the guns in B-tier are not too bad but you’ll find them lacking in many cases. Although they are at times worth keeping. Meanwhile, C-tier weapons are only recommended to keep if you have no option left, as there are way better options to choose from. Finally, as for D-tier weapons, they are absolutely the ones you should avoid unless you just started the game.

Some of the best secondary weapons in Warframe:

MK1- Kunai

credits: Warframe

This is the standard-issue kunai in the throwing knives in the game given at the start of Warframe.

Kuva Nokor

credits: Warframe

This gun boasts the highest critical multiplier in the game, very high-status chance, innate Radiation damage, and massive area-of-effect potential. Hence making this one of the most fun guns to play with.

Mara Detron

credits: Warframe

Mara Detron is very hard to obtain as it is obtainable from  Bara Ki’Teer when he visits the Relays. Furthermore, it costs 200,000 Credits and 500 Ducats. Although a shotgun, this secondary weapon has the potential to instantly dissolve enemies with its high radiation damage.


credits: Warframe

The weapon has two fire modes, a slow-moving projectile with an area of effect explosion. On the other hand, charging will result in a fast and more explosive projectile. Combine it with the right mods and you can run through any missions with enemies flying.

Pyrana Prime

credits: Warframe

Pyrana Prime is an interesting shotgun acting as a secondary weapon in Warframe. The weapon’s high damage and critical ensures multiple enemies are ripped apart quickly. If done so, another Pyrana appears in your other hand. Therefore basically giving you a double shotgun to give enemies hell. Albeit the second one stays for a short time.


credits: Warframe

A versatile weapon due to its semi-auto in addition to clearing a whole clip in one burst. The former deals massive damage multipliers and critical chance to wipe out hordes of foes.


Warframe Best Secondary Weapons
credits: Warframe

Knell is a hard weapon to use for many. This is because this weapon is a one-shot scoped pistol. But the catch is that headshots will refill ammo. Hence seasoned players can basically wield an infinite ammo Knell.

Akstiletto Prime

Warframe Best Secondary Weapons
credits: Warframe

One of the most popular Warframe secondary weapons. Akstiletto Prime hardly falls short in any area. Excellent accuracy and Impact damage, solid Critical Chance, and status chance make this weapon a quick death sentence. Furthermore, it has two Polarity mods hence, increasing the modding potential.


Warframe Best Secondary Weapons
credits: Warframe

Orokin-Grineer hybrid pistol wielded by Captain Vor, this gun has a slow rate of fire. The only positive side of this gun has its high damage and great zoom. But with so many choices in the game. You’ll hardly pick it up.

Lato Vandal

Warframe Best Secondary Weapons
credits: Warframe

A very hard-to-obtain gun in the game. Yet one of the most sought out weapons too. Lato Vandal is a beast that is hard to hate. It boasts high base damage, slash damage, and critical chance. Combining with its quick reload time, makes sure bullets keep on raining on enemies.

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