Best Rogue Company Weapons in 2022: Ranking All the Guns from Worst to Best

We have listed and ranked all the Rogue Company Weapons from worst to best, for you to choose from.

Rogue Company has its fair share of weaponry to choose from. Each Rogue has a specific set of weapons that they can use. Hence, from LMGs to DMRs, we’ve listed all the weapons so that you can find the best one for yourself that fits your playstyle.

All the weapons in Rogue Company

Rogue Company currently has 31 weapons to choose from across 7 types.


  • Arbitrator
  • S12 Tactical
  • SKL-6
  • Striker 8×10


  • A3 Salvo
  • Executioner
  • P12K
  • Warrant
  • Spitfire
  • LW6 Revolver


  • Devotion
  • MX-R
  • Arren L2-12
  • Mamba
  • D3D-i

Sniper Rifle

Sniper Rifle
  • Tyr
  • LR15 Fullbody

Submachine Gun

Submachine Gun
  • Objection
  • D40-C
  • SL-C
  • Knight
  • 24S
  • LMP-X

Assault Rifle

Assault Rifle
  • Sahara
  • HRM-30KS
  • KA30
  • Nightshade
  • MLX Mark 4
  • Riptide

Light Machine Gun

Light Machine Gun
  • MLX Maw
  • Conviction

Best Rogue Company Weapons (A Complete Tier List)

  • Best (S-tier): RIPTIDE, SAHARA, KA30, MX-R
  • Average (B-tier): MLX MARK 4, MAMBA, OBJECTION, LMP-X, SL-C
  • Bad (C-tier): STRIKER 8X10, SKL-6, D40-C, KNIGHT, HRM-30KS, D3D-I
  • Worst (D-tier): MLX MAW, TYR, 24S, S12 TACTICAL, ARREN L2-12, ARBITRATOR


Riptide is probably the best weapon in the Rogue Company. Its damage and accuracy favor each other well. Furthermore, it excels at both short and long-range. Hence, it is a very reliable choice if you want to rack up some kills. It can outperform SMGs as well as DMRs. KA30 is the most versatile, balanced, and easy-to-use weapon in the game. Perfect for newcomers as well as experienced ones. The Sahara packs great damage till long-range but its lower fire rate can be the mind changer sometimes. With some practice, the Sahara deals devastating blows. MX-R is the strongest DMR in Rogue Company, its low damage can initially make it seem weaker but its fire rate and accuracy more than make up for it.


The Nightshade is an AR but its rapid-fire rate gives it similarities to SMGs, in addition to its damage potential. Although Nightshade is a solid pick for anyone, its range is what holds it back. The Conviction is highly effective in suppressing foes and when its laser builds up, it can be deadly from any rage. But its powerful laser takes some time to build up, hence this LMG’s full power takes some effort to unleash.

The LR-15 is one of the few among all weapons in Rogue Company that has a long-range scope. Which makes this sniper rifle one of the most feared in the game. Combine its damage with a skilled player and you won’t need much to win. The Devotion is not a sniper rifle but a DMR. Yet it can compete with the best sniper users in the game due to its stopping power and damage. The only downside is its slow rate of fire and low handling.


Both the Mamba and MLX-Mark 4 are great choices if you’re only planning to play long-range. Other than that the weapons are outclassed by better choices. On the other hand, Objection, LMP-X, SL-C are only good at close ranges and hence you can get severely outplayed.


Striker is the only good option in this tier, although shotguns are meant to blow away enemies. They are not a good option in Rogue Company. If you still want some close-range action, Striker and its high rate of fire is the only good option. The SKL is another shotgun that is of no great use.

The rest in this tier can easily be outplayed and outmaneuvered, one should only use these when they have no choice. Even if, they seem strong on paper.


All of the guns here are utterly useless, weak, or have been heavily nerfed. One should always avoid them if they want to win gunfights. In fact, Tyr and Arbitrator were the finest of weapons in all of Rogue Company, but the developers nerfed them to the point of death.

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