Best PowerUps in Vampire Survivors

Powerups are a vital part of your strategy to proceed further in Vampire Survivors. Scroll down to get an overview of these Powerups.

Vampire Survivor is seen to bring out updated patches every now and then. You get new characters and items; sometimes, even Powerups are added. Rather be it a new one or the existing ones get updated with new features. This game is in the group of Short-timers. Yet, gamers can enjoy it to the fullest with the features and content it carries.

Let’s talk about one of the vital things in this game. Yes, the powerups. These hold a special place in the inventory as you will be desperate to increase your stat in any way possible. These have to be bought with gold coins. You will have plenty of options to fill up your stash, do not worry about that. Do worry about their costs and the upgrades.

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Powerups are such an item that should be a case to study before acquiring one. With the cost-effectiveness and proper strategy guideline in the head, this guide here today will show you the best powerups you can have for yourself to proceed further in the game, or maybe finish, at the very least.

Full List of PowerUps in Vampire Survivors

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List of Powerups

Let’s see the complete list of the Powerups first. We are going to talk about their attributes as well. Find anything you fancy to carry with you.

  • Amount: Fires 1 more projectile, all weapons included.
  • Area: Expands the range of attacks by 5%.
  • Armor: Reduces incoming damage up to 3 per rank.
  • Banish: Can remove one item from level up choices only once in the entire game.
  • Cooldown: Weapon usage is 2.5% faster.
  • Curse: Enemy speed, health, quantity, and frequency increase by 10% per rank.
  • Duration: Weapon effects last 15% longer per rank.
  • Greed: Gains 10% more coins per rank.
  • Growth: Gains 3% more experience per rank.
  • Luck: Luck increases 10% per rank.
  • Magnet: Increases item pickup range by 25%.
  • Max Health: Maximum health gets enhanced by 10% per rank.
  • Might: Inflicted damage increases 5% per rank.
  • Move Speed: Character now moves 5% faster per rank.
  • Recovery: Recovers 0.1 HP per second.
  • Reroll: Can choose different choices for once in the entire game when levelling up.
  • Skip: Can skip levelling up choices for once in the entire game.
  • Revival: Get resurrected once with 50% health.
  • Speed: Projectiles will now move 10% faster.

PowerUps Tiers in Vampire Survivors

You can choose any of these 19 powerups. All you have to get is enough coins. These powerups have quite a price to pay. I know it is hard to experiment with every one of them while regretting that amount of money to pay behind it. There is another list that has been made to ease up that situation. Go through here to learn about the best option for yourself.

Best Tier

The Topmost would be Amount and Growth. Amount is for the extra projectile that you can deal some extra damage. With Growth, you will have experience faster than ever, which is a vital factor for this game. Both of these can pair up nicely to push you to the furthest of the game.

Good Tier

Cooldown is a good one to start with. It increases your damage input more than the Might. There is a better chance of getting the upgrade you need with Luck rather than any arbitrary options. Armor here can work as a damage reducer. And do not misjudge as it said, “1 per rank.” It is a decent amount that should be noted. Magnet is another one that goes well with fully developed Growth. Some resources, along with experience, are even better than the morning sun.

Average Tier

Move Speed and Greed should be out of the syllabus. These two sound pretty appealing. Rather, they are quite a waste of money. Hey, do not get upset if they are already in your stack.

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Best PowerUp Oder

Now, let’s come to the point where you should really focus on. We have already talked about the tiers. Right now, we will talk about their serials, the order you should keep an eye on while prioritizing them. Some of the powerups have quite the same cost for every rank. We have tried to make a list as cost-effective as possible along with their specialty. Before investing a large sum of coins, let us get you through here first.

  1. Amount
  2. Growth
  3. Cooldown
  4. Luck
  5. Armor
  6. Magnet
  7. Area
  8. Speed
  9. Duration
  10. Move Speed
  11. Might
  12. Greed
  13. Recovery
  14. Max Health
  15. Revive

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