Best Playable Characters in Gotham Knights

Care to know who might be the best characters to pick in Gotham Knights? Find the answer here.

Holding your thoughts only on one character is always the toughest decision one can make. Moreover, the perks you choose to differentiate one over another are also subjective. Sometimes, you go for the looks; sometimes, you go for the stats. However, we want to go for both. And that is not the case here, as all characters in Gotham Knights are dashing enough to be played.

Now, whenever we switch our character in Belfry, we might wonder if there is someone you can stick with to the end. There are only four playable characters in Gotham Knights, so the answer is quite hard to narrow down.

This guide will showcase the stats and skillseskillsetsh of the best playable characters in Gotham Knights. After that, we will conclude with the best possible hero you can go down the end of the line with. Hop in!

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All Playable Characters in Gotham Knights

As we have mentioned, there are quite a lot of characters you will be seeing and facing in Gotham Knights. Even though appealing they might be, you can only choose one of the four apprentices of the Dark Knight:

  • Robin
  • Nightwing
  • Batgirl
  • Red Hood

Best Characters in Gotham Knights

4. Red Hood

Skillset: Tank, Master Marksman

If the exact opposite of stealth had a name, Red Hood, it would be. However, occasionally he can be seen taking down one or two enemies violently from the shadow. On top of that, his suit is pretty pumped up against a significant amount of ranged damage.

The Human Bomb ability lets him strap a concussion mine to a grabbed enemy. Later on, it can be shot to detonate. On top of that, there is the Large Grab ability to perform grab moves.

3. Nightwing

Skillset: Expert, Aerialist, Rapid Combo, Escrima Stick Expert

Nightwing will let you feel that he was solely made for the co-op edition. Indeed, his abilities spark more while the allies are around. Moreover, it also increases his defense and resistance skills. However, his aerial skills are also noteworthy here.

Nightwing has this Revive Darts ability where he can call his ally wherever they are. However, this perk can be used once per Night Patrol. Moreover, his Knighthood traversal ability makes him turn into the Flying Trapeze. This glider will basically take you anywhere you fancy.

2. Robin

Skillset: Stealth, Tactician, Bo Staff Prodigy

Robin is said to be the true successor of the Dark Knight. The same sneaky approach and an ambush are all it takes to get recognized by the ‘late’ Batman himself. On top of that, Robin can run while in silent mode. Moreover, unlike the Red Hood and the Nightwing, Robin has more unique skill sets than the other best characters in Gotham Knights.

Robin can take down any foe of any size using the Vantage Hanging Takedown skill. On top of that, this ability shines more with his teleportation ability. The other one, Slideways Takedown, is the one you should watch out for. Any foe can be knocked down with this skill equipped. Once you master it, Robin will be sure to take the name of the next Dark Knight.

1. Batgirl

Skillset: Hacker, Single-Target Bruiser

At the top, Batgirl has to dominate without any exceptions. Her better mechanics than the other members ensures us to fixate our eyes on her. On top of that, this computer nerd knows her way around when there is a need to take control of any electronic devices. And she is the best pick for anyone who just launched the game to try it out for the first time.

In shorter words, Batgirl is a combination of the other Bat-family members. She can travel across Gotham by gliding, unlike Nightwing. Her multipurpose abilities make her a copycat of the Dark Knight.

And that is all I had in my bag for the best characters in Gotham Knights. Cheers.

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