Best Pets in Sea Of Thieves 2022: Ranking all the Pets from Worst to Best

We list all the cuddly and furry pets in Sea of Thieves.

Everyone needs a friend or two when they’re out voyaging the oceans. And nothing tops the companionship of cute pets that hangs around your ship or your arms. Pets in Sea of Thieves is just more than petting dogs or cats. They are lively and most importantly, adorable. In fact, they even have their own emotes.

All the Pet Types in Sea Of Thieves

There are 4 pet types in Sea of Thieves, ranging from cats, dogs to monkeys and parrots.


  • Marmosets
credit: Rare

Marmosets are tiny and nimble which makes them one of the cutest pets in the Sea of Thieves. Furthermore, you can make it wear a range of outfits to match your crews.

  • Barbarys
credit: Rare

Barbarys does not seem as lively as the others but they are on the more good-looking side. As players can choose between its auburn fur and silver fur.

  • Capuchin
credit: Rare

Capuchin is the most common monkey pet in Sea of Thieves, it is as cute as it is clever. A perfect choice for adventurous players.


  • Macaws
credit: Rare

Macaws are the common pirate companion we see in pop culture. Its friendly nature makes it a fair choice of pets in Sea of Thieves, but not the best. Macaws can learn phrases and commands.

  • Cockatoos
credit: Rare

Cockatoos, although not too different than Macaws, it still boasts a more eccentric look. Even more when equipped with its unique outfits.

  • Parakeets
credit: Rare

Parakeets are one of the most popular pets in Sea of Thieves. Furthermore, they are the cutest among all the parrots with their eyecatching, hilarious outfits in the game.


  • Wildcats
credit: Rare

Wildcats are always sitting around somewhere looking down the horizon without a care in the world. It probably thinks you work under him.

  • Mau(s)
credit: Rare

These sleek and agile cats are curious as they are graceful. Maus boasts some pretty great outfits.

  • Ragamuffins
credit: Rare

The Ragamuffins seem the friendliest cats of all. Additionally, they look like experienced seafarers. Hence worthy pick for serious Sea of Thieves players. They too have a wide range of looks.


  • Alsatians
credit: Rare

Alsatians are lively and silly, although not as silly as the Whippets. They can be made great partners for any pirates.

  • Whippets
credit: Rare

The silliest pets in the game. Whippets can be very excited and energetic. Which makes you want to give belly rubs to it more.

  • Inus
credit: Rare

Undoubtedly the best pet in Sea of Thieves. Not only because of its quirky behavior but also because of its popularity on the internet and beyond. Rare made a power move adding Shiba Inus to the game. And now you can have your very own Shiba pirate friend

Best Pets in Sea Of Thieves (A Complete Tier List)

  • Best (S-tier)- Inus, Ragamuffins, Marmosets, Parakeets
  • Good (A-tier)- Maus, Alsatians, Whippets, Capuchin, Cockatoos
  • Average (B-tier)- Wildcats, Macaws, Barbarys,

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