Best Pals for Lumbering Works in Palworld

Akib Aditya Khan
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Here is a list of the best Pals to use for Lumbering in Palworld.

Players have to do a lot of activities in Palworld alongside just catching Pals. Building base is a huge part of it, and most of the structures are made of Wood. The easiest way to get Wood in Palworld is to construct a Logging Site and cut trees from it. However, this cannot be done by you alone, and you will be required to assign a Pal with Lumbering work suitability to do this work for you.

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There are many Pals whom you can use for Lumbering, but not all of them will yield the same result for you. There are three levels of the Lumbering skill and the higher levels can finish the job in a very short amount of time. However, you might not get all the best Lumbering Pals in the beginning stage of the game. Here is everything you need to know about the best pals for Lumbering in Palworld.

Best Late Game Pals For Lumbering in Palworld

Palworld Bushi
pocket pair

The best Pals for Lumbering at the later stages of the game are Bushi, Wumpo, Wumpo Botan, and Warsect. However, both Wumpo and Wumpo Botan will consume a lot of food, making them a bit disadvantageous. In this case, Bushi does the perfect job as he has Level 3 Lumbering, along with very little requirement of Food. In the absence of Bushi, another Level 3 Lumbering Pal, Warsect can do the job perfectly.

Best Early Game Pals For Lumbering in Palworld

Tanzee Palworld
pocket pair

The Pals mentioned above will most likely not be available to the players at the very beginning of the game. In the early stages of the game, you will need to get the Lumbering work done with Low-Level Pals who are average at the job they do, compared to the options available at the later stages of the game. The most common Lumbering Pals that you can find at the early stage of the game are Tanzee and Lifmunk.

Both of these Pals are relatively easier to catch. Moreover, Tanzee is one of the best early-stage Pals to catch in Palworld due to his versatility in work suitability.

All Pals With Lumbering Work Suitability in Palworld

There are many Pals in Palworld who have the Lumbering work suitability. Here is the complete list.

Pal NameLumbering Level
LifmunkLevel 1
TanzeeLevel 1
ArsoxLevel 1
CawgnitoLevel 1
RobinquillLevel 1
Robinquill TerraLevel 1
BeegardeLevel 1
ElizabeeLevel 1
UnivoltLevel 1
PyrinLevel 1
Pyrin NoctLevel 1
MossandaLevel 2
Mossanda LuxLevel 2
EikthyrdeerLevel 2
Eikthyrdeer TeraLevel 2
GoriratLevel 2
ReindrixLevel 2
DinossomLevel 2
Dinossom LuxLevel 2
VerdashLevel 2
ElphidranLevel 2
CryolinxLevel 2
BlazehowlLevel 2
Blazehowl NoctLevel 2
MammorestLevel 2
Mammorest CrystLevel 2
FenglopeLevel 2
MenastingLevel 2
GrizzboltLevel 2
PaladiusLevel 2
NecromusLevel 2
BushiLevel 3
WumpoLevel 3
Wumpo BotanLevel 3
WarsectLevel 3

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