Best Monsters in Video Horror Society

Video Horror Society has three monsters you can play with. And each of them has very different abilities from the others. So here are the best monsters you can play in the game.

Video Horror Society is a 4v1 asymmetrical game where you can play as one of the teens or a monster. Each character in the game has unique abilities that can disrupt the other party from achieving their goal.

The Video Horror Society is in early access and is available for everyone to play now. So it has a limited roster of teens and monsters to choose from. But as time progresses, the devs will add more teen and monster characters to the game.

The monster takes a bit of practice to play properly. Also, the monster is probably more challenging to play between the teens and the monster. So we have decided to list and rank the best monsters in Video Horror Society.

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Best Monster to Play in Video Horror Society

There are three monsters you can play in Video Horror Society as of right now. These are the W.A.R.T., the Werewolf, and the Dollmaster.

All the monsters have three different unique abilities they can use. Each of these abilities has a few mutations that can change how the ability functions. On top of that, they also have three perks that help them in various situations.

We have ranked these three monsters on how easy they are to play and how effective they are against teens. We will mention the abilities and perks as we discuss the monsters. This will make sure we understand their strength and weakness. Here are the monsters from worst to best:

3. Doll Master

Doll Master in Video Horror Society
Credit: Hellbent Games

The reason doll master is on no. 3 is because he is hard to play. Doll Master needs a lot of time to master the play style. The perks help him to detect the teens a bit better. But it doesn’t matter unless you have a way to get close immediately.

These are the abilities of the Doll Master:

  • Ability 1- Doll Trap: Doll Master places a Doll Trap on the map. The trap will trigger to let the doll master know if a teen is in the range.
  • Ability 2- Doll Possession: After 1.4 seconds cast, the Doll master can possess a Doll Trap for 30 seconds. While possessed, the doll gains a Jump ability.
  • Ability 3- Doll Teleport: After a 1-second cast, the Doll master can teleport to a doll trap.

These are the Perks of the Doll Master:

  • Perk 1: Blunder will expose the teen for 3/5/7 seconds.
  • Perk 2: Using a candy bar will expose the teen for 2/3.5/5 seconds. It can only activate every 150/90/30 Seconds.
  • Perk 3: 4/2/Immidiately After leaving a hiding place, it will be revealed for 6 seconds.

His main weapon is the traps. The trap placement you need to learn as you play the game. Doll master also has weaknesses that other monsters don’t have to worry about. Since all other abilities rely on this doll trap, placing the doll trap is crucial. But these traps can be disabled by the teens.

The Possession ability leaves him vulnerable and open to attack. It also doesn’t help that his body emits a loud sound when possession is active. This sound makes it easier for teens to sneak up on the body.

Even though teleportation is a good ability, he doesn’t have any means to defend himself in a head-to-head fight with a teen carrying a weapon. Long story short, he has too many weaknesses and is overly reliant on dolls.

2. Werewolf

Werewolf in Video Horror Society
Credit: Hellbent Games

The Werewolf is not the easiest monster to play, but he is fun. He has some good perks to accompany his abilities. You can play aggressively with him since his perks help him recover and disable teens.

These are the abilities of the Werewolf:

  • Ability 1- Berserk: After a 0.8-second cast, enters a Berserk state. In This state, Werewolf gains 24% movement speed and 14% recovery speed after a missed attack. Duration is 12 seconds.
  • Ability 2- Howl: After a 1-second cast, Werewolf Howls which disables teens within 30 meters from performing most actions for 8.5 seconds.
  • Ability 3- Hunt: After a 1.5-second cast, Werewolf enters the Hunting state for 25 seconds. In this state, Werewolf can sense the heartbeat of teens within 24 meters of him. The heart rate frequency increases as he moves closer to a teen.

These are the Perks of the Werewolf:

  • Perk 1: Recover from missed attack 13%/26%/39% faster.
  • Perk 2: Teens disrupted by howl for 12%/24%/36% longer.
  • Perk 3: Any prone teen within 20 meters of you will be exposed while moving or controlling spectral. For level 3 of this perk, any prone teens within 28 meters will be revealed.

His first ability is a good one for chasing down teens. It also increases the recovery speed of missed attacks. Using this ability, you can do a more risky play and come on top more often than ever.

Werewolf’s 2nd ability compliments his aggression. This is also the way to defend yourself against teens with weapons. You can howl to disable the teen’s weapon and attack yourself using the first ability.

The 3rd ability, “Hunt,” helps you detect the teens around the map. Even though he has an aggressive playstyle, he doesn’t have much means to track down the teens. So his Hunt ability fills this role. Again, this is an ok ability to track them down.

1. W.A.R.T.

WART in Video Horror Society
Credit: Hellbent Games

WART probably has the easiest time of all other monsters. His ability helps him to play defensive and offensive at the same time. This is the best character for a newer monster player as well. WART has some “ok” perks, but his real strength lies within his abilities.

These are the abilities of the WART in Video Horror Society:

  • Ability 1- Leap: After 0.7 seconds cast, leaps forward to close the distance and sends a shockwave within 6 meters that staggers teens for 1 second.
  • Ability 2- Acid Armor: After 1.5 seconds cast, WART covers himself in acid armor for 12 seconds. When the armor is active, it protects WART from all weapon damage. If the armor is broken, it breaks the weapon and staggers WART for 1 second.
  • Ability 3- EchoLocation: After 1.8 seconds cast, sends a pulse on the entire map. When the pulse comes back, it shows the previous location of the teens when the pulse went through them.

These are the Perks of WART:

  • Perk 1: Fuels rage 15%/30%/45% faster when feasting.
  • Perk 2: If a teen 28 meters from WART gets within 10 meters of the other 2 teens, exposes them for 4 seconds. This can become active every 120/90/60 seconds.
  • Perk 3: Increases life loss by a basic attack when teens are injured by 4%/8%/12%.

The first ability of WART helps him close distance with his target. Just like Werewolf has a speed boost, WART has this leap ability to get closer to the target. However, you are not only closing the distance with this ability but also sending out shockwaves. The shockwaves stagger teens for 1 second giving you an upper hand to attack them.

His acid armor is the best defensive ability among all the monsters in Video Horror Society. This armor helps him survive almost everything. Unless you are getting ambushed or the teen has more than one weapon, acid armor will protect you no matter what weapon they use. This is also an excellent ability to use on retreat if you get overwhelmed.

Echolocation fills the tracking ability of WART. While it doesn’t reveal the exact location of the teens, it gives a general idea of their location. You can also detect ambush using this ability. So this is a good one to use in various situations.

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