Best Mods In Stray

Neko-chan wants to use mods in Stray, huh! Never mind, I have gathered the most popular mods in Stray by far since the release of the game for you today. Hop in!

All of us had serious hype for Stray. Truth to be told, it gave more than that. Not-so-open-world Stray has served us with their best shots. The art, the ambiance, the environment, everything is super amazing. Moreover, our Neko-chan tried its fullest to bring out the best simulation of the whole Neko species. Lovely!

Other than the Devs of Stray, there is a shadow realm. In that shadow realm, we have the conquerors that never failed us when it was the topic of modification. It takes less than a day, perhaps two days, to know which mod is already popular by the people. As Abraham Lincoln once said, “Mod is for the gamers, by the gamers, of the gamers.” Spoken like a true gamer.

Top 7 Best Mods in Stray

Today I have gathered the most popular mods for a stray in the market. See for yourself which one you might try at first.

Make Garfield Great Again

garfield mod in stray
Credit: crubino

When it’s to talk about gingers, who else but Garfield? It had to be done. After the arrival of this mod, come to think of it, it should’ve been obvious. Well, there are other mods to customize our beloved Neko, but giving birth to Garfield is another cup of tea.

However, not like there is something special you can do with Garfield. It’s the same as usual, scratching items, dropping vases, and chasing the laser light. As it’s Wednesday, my dudes, what’s better than being Garfield and doing something worthwhile for a moment?

Find the mod here.

Play through the Eyes

first person mod in stray
Credit: JessicaNatalia

Let me get this straight; are you tired of watching our Neko-chan’s butt? Well, we have a solution. Now you can play like our Neko. You see what Neko sees; You feel what Neko feels. Yes, I am talking about playing First-person. Personally, this is my most fav one by far. Bit of trouble at first, but what’s better than observing how every Nekos on the planet observe?

Click here to get the mod.

Follow the damn laser pointer, CJ!

cj mod in stray
Credit: Sirgalahad172

I would say about this, “Not the mod we needed, but the mod we deserve.” CJ is back in action once again but now in the nights of Dead City. Any other difference? I don’t think so. Replacing him with our very own Neko is a minor detail, no worries about that.

Very first minutes should be a bit confusing, but later on, it gets easy to drive CJ on his paws. However, you don’t need to run behind a train now. That is risky business. Instead, roam through the Dead City, and find the memories of B-12. Pretty sure he won’t notice a thing or two about you.

Get CJ from here.

Where are you, Jason?

jason mod in stray

Imagine getting up from a nightmare where your Neko calls for you by shouting “Jason!”. Cannot imagine, can you? Well, the modders of the dark world thought of replacing the cute nyaa with a shoutout to find a lost son named Jason. Another one I would say, “Nor the mod we needed, neither the mod we deserve.” Not gonna lie; I had a fun time with this one, especially.

Get your “Jason” pack from here.

Is this, reality?

photorealistic mod in stray
Credit: timelord1102

With this mod, make everything look more realistic than ever. You will find the details more uprising while the colors get more vibrant. Let me mention that the light and soft glow hold the ambiance like never before.

To see a different world, go here.

Nya, Nyanpasu!

Nyanners mod in stray
Credit: norskpl

I myself am not sure why this one exists and got so popular all of a sudden. Well, the cultured weebs out there know better than all of us. Yeah, I should’ve guessed already. However, popular vTuber Nyanners can be heard among the Nekos in Stray. You will listen to a load of different sounds. I am sure most of them are ultra-realistic neko sounds. I will leave the rest to you guys.

Get Nyanners noise pack here.

Prepare for Trouble, and make it Double!

splitscreen mod in stray
Credit: KangieDanie

All comes to an end when you make the trouble double for the Zurks. Yes, my fellow Neko, you can now play with your other fellow Neko. What happens is that the screen gets split, and your buddy got to say hi.

However, this one works for Local Co-op now. The modders of the underworld are thinking of releasing the online co-op very soon. Who knows what will happen when it comes to securing the dominion for oneself? I cannot wait to figure out this special one.

Break your screen from here.

These are all the best mods till now that you can apply on Stray. Do try all of them and let the real opinion come out as the clear daylight. Till then, cheers!

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