Best Miracles to Use in Shin Megami Tensei V

Here is a breakdown of how Shin Megami Tensei V’s Miracle system works, starting from what Miracles are, how to obtain them, to which Miracles are must-haves to support you in your journey across Chaos.

Atlus’s Shin Megami Tensei V is the latest entry in the company’s cult-classic Shin Megami Tensei (SMT) franchise. The action RPG offers a fresh experience to seasoned RPG players with its unique set of in-game mechanisms. One of the most notable ones is the game’s Miracle system, which works similarly to the Apps mechanism in Shin Megami Tensei IV.

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What is a Miracle in SMT V?

So, what is a Miracle? Miracles in SMT V work as passive abilities or effects that are designed to buff both you and your demon allies. With that being said, Miracles are divided into 4 categories: Supremacy, Doctrine, Awakening, and Cosmos. Each of these categories focuses on different aspects of stat buffs.

For example, Miracles in the Supremacy category revolve around boosting your Magatsuhi Gauge and granting benefits based on it. Doctrine miracles will give you bonuses based on essences and demon fusions. Awakening miracles mostly focus on granting you additional demon stock and skill slots. Lastly, Cosmos’ miracles revolve around boosting the skill potentials of Nahobino’s elemental affinities.

Best Miracles in SMT V (A Complete Tier List)

  • Best (S-tier) : Divine Garrison, Knowledge of Tools, Divine Proficiency, Demon Proficiency, Art of Essences, Deathly Aura
  • Good (A-tier) : Divine Persuation, Magatsushi Dispersion, Hand of God, Magatsushi Wellspring, Physical Mastery, Prayer of Magic, Dread, Rank Violation, Inheritance Violation, Empowering Cheer, Divine Amalgamation, Almighty Mastery, Embolden, Hand of God, Enhanced Summon, Merchant’s Hospitality, Inspiring Covenant, Invigorating Defense, Prayer of Strength, Warrior’s Conception, Skillful Conversation, Summoner’s Hospitality
  • Average (B-tier) : Counter Incentive: Null, Counter Incentive: Resist, Fell Swoop, Ailment Mastery, Dark Mastery, Light Mastery, Fire Mastery, Ice Mastery, Force Mastery, Lightning Mastery, Electric Mastery, Recover Mastery, Support Mastery, Skill Manifestation, Race Transcendence, Unyielding Will, Unforgotten Memories, Vengeful Opportunist, Constant Vigilance
  • Underwhelming (C-tier) : Vengeance, Art of Intervention, Healer’s Hospitality, Demonic Discipline, Articulate Discourse, Forestall, Kindred Favor, Prayer of Vitality, Prayer of Agility, Prayer of Luck, Pacification

Top 15 Miracles to use in SMT V

Here we will go over our top 15 picks for the must-have Miracles in Shin Megami Tensei V, starting from what they do, their category, Glory cost, to their unlocking requirement.

15. Inheritance Violation

  • Effect: Overwrite a Demon’s starting skills during Skill Inheritance.
  • Category: Doctrine
  • Cost: 10 Glory
  • Unlocking Requirement: New Game+ [Recreate the World and Save Tokyo ending]

14. Rank Violation

  • Effect: Level Limitation feature of Demon Fusion is lifted.
  • Category: Doctrine
  • Cost: 10 Glory
  • Unlocking Requirement: New Game+ [Uphold God’s Order ending]

13. Dread

  • Effect: All enemies will have a Stat lowered at random by 1 rank at the beginning of the battle.
  • Category: Supremacy
  • Cost: 100 Glory
  • Unlocking Requirement: None.

12. Prayer of Magic

  • Effect: Additional +1 increase to a Demon ally’s Magic when the Demon levels up (Only applicable up to a certain level).
  • Category: Awakening
  • Cost: 200 Glory
  • Unlocking Requirement: None.

11. Physical Mastery

  • Effect: Increases the Nahobino’s Physical Skill Potential by 1.
  • Category: Cosmos
  • Cost: 120 Glory
  • Unlocking Requirement: Destroy the Abscess in Toranomon.

10. Magatsushi Wellspring

  • Effect: If the Magatsuhi gauge is full at the start of the turn, allies will recover a small amount of HP and MP.
  • Category: Supremacy
  • Cost: 150 Glory
  • Unlocking Requirement: Destroy the Abscess in Shiba.

9. Hand of God

  • Effect: Rare chance of acquiring an extra Relic.
  • Category: Doctrine
  • Cost: 5 Glory
  • Unlocking Requirement: Unlocks automatically upon first arriving in Mita.

8. Magatsushi Dispersion

  • Effect: Enemy’s Omogataki:Critical effect will end when a party member guards, Nulls, evades, Repels, or Drains an Enemy attack.
  • Category: Supremacy
  • Cost: 80 Glory
  • Unlocking Requirement: Destroy the Abscess in the Container Yard.

7. Divine Persuasion

  • Effect: Demons may sometimes join you on their own.
  • Category: Supremacy
  • Cost: 10 Glory
  • Unlocking Requirement: New Game+ [Any Ending]

6. Deathly Aura (I/II/III)

  • Effect: Demons on the verge of death may beg for their life. You may also demand Macca or Essence in exchange for sparing their life.
  • Category: Supremacy
  • Cost: 30/50/70 Glory
  • Unlocking Requirement: Destroy the Abscess in Shinbanshi/ Container Yard/ Sotokanda.

5. Art of Essences

  • Effect: Allows Nahobino to select an additional skill from essences, drastically increasing the number of skills that can be learned from Demons.
  • Category: Doctrine
  • Cost: 30 Glory
  • Unlocking Requirement: Destroy the Abscess in Mita.

4. Demon Proficiency

  • Effect: Increases Demon ally’s Skill Slot by 1.
  • Category: Awakening
  • Cost: 50 Glory
  • Unlocking Requirement: Destroy the Abscess in Mita.

3. Divine Proficiency

  • Effect: Increases Nahobino’s Skill Slot by 1.
  • Category: Awakening
  • Cost: 30 Glory
  • Unlocking Requirement: Destroy the Abscess in Mita.

2. Knowledge of Tools

  • Effect: Allows your Demon allies to use items in Battle.
  • Category: Supremacy
  • Cost: 85 Glory
  • Unlocking Requirement: Destroy the Abscess in Tennows.

1. Divine Garrison (I to VIII)

  • Effect: Increases Demon Stock by 1 (For Divine Garrison I, II).
    Increases Demon Stock by 2 (For Divine Garrison III to VII).
    Increases Demon Stock by 3 (for Divine Garrison VIII), allowing Nahobino to befriend more demons.
  • Category: Awakening
  • Cost: 50 Glory
  • Unlocking Requirement: Destroy the Abscess in Mita.

How to unlock Miracles in SMT V?

To unlock the Miracle system in Shin Megami Tensei V, you must progress enough of the story to unlock The World of Shadows and, subsequently, the Apothoesis tab. From there, you have to select the Learn Miracle tab. From there, you will be able to purchase the various Miracles under Supremacy, Doctrine, Awakening, and Cosmos category for an in-game currency called Glory.

How to obtain Glory in SMT V?

As mentioned earlier, Glory is treated as an in-game currency in Shin Megami Tensei V, which can be used to unlock various Miracles. There are three proven methods that work to farm Glory in SMT V. Firstly, you will need to keep exploring the world to fight cute crystal-headed demons named Miman. Defeating each of them will reward you with 5 Glory. And there are a total of 200 Mimons spread across the world for you to find and battle. So you can earn up to 1000 Glory from defeating every Mimon alone.

Then you’ll need to keep an eye out for floating White structures known as Amalgams hidden within the world. By breaking them, you can earn 50 Glory at a time. However, they are hard to come across and are mostly found in secluded, far away places from the main objective.

Lastly, you can earn Glory by defeating rare water-droplet-looking demons named Nigi Mitama. They aren’t particularly high-leveled but are extremely difficult to come across and defeat. They can only be attacked using Weaknesses that keep changing every time, or with Almighty attacks. However, keep in mind that you have to be at a high enough level to kill them with a single Almighty attack, as they are resistant to Almighty attacks. Moreover, you can use Spyglass to determine their weakness.

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