Best Legends to play in Arenas: Apex Legends Season 13 Arenas Character Tier List

Arenas has been a prevalent game mode with lots of players putting their time into it. So let’s find out what are the best characters to go for to secure the highest win rates in Arenas.

Arenas was introduced as a permanent game mode in the Legacy update in Season 9. Soon after, in Season 10, Ranked Arenas was also added to the game, followed by its popularity. Arenas feature two teams of three battling each other over multiple rounds.

The game mode was nothing like the original Battle Royale mode. Instead of 20 teams battling out over a long duration, six players consisting of two teams fight against each other in a closed Arena. Arenas is good for practicing aim and fighting abilities as players need to fight against similarly skilled opponents constantly.

Unlike Battle Royale, the duration of each match is also far less. However, a match can stretch long enough if there are tough and close fights between two teams. Though Arenas are very different from the Battle Royale mode, the characters and abilities are pretty much the same. So picking the right Legends in Arenas can boost your confidence and win chances by a significant margin.

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Season 13 Arenas Character Tier List

Although the characters’ abilities are the same in both Battle Royale and Arenas, there are many things to consider while forming a character tier list. So based on their abilities, usability, and upgrades, we’ll list these characters into three categories: S-Tier, A-Tier, and B-Tier.

S-Tier legends are must-pick legends or legends that are dominant in the current meta. Just below them are the A-tier legends, as they can hold their own in a match but can get bested by S-tier legends.

At last, we have B-tier legends. In short, they are at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to pure pick rate and their impact in the Arenas. To put it simply, they are just average within the current character meta.

As with any other tier list, this one is subjective and only viable for season 13 of Apex Legends. Also, this list will be updated in the future based on the introduction of new Legends.

Best (S-Tier)Bloodhound, Lifeline, Pathfinder, Seer, Newcastle, Wraith
Good (A-Tier)Bangalore, Gibraltar, Fuse, Loba, Octane, Rampart, Valkyrie, Revenant,
Average (B-Tier)Horizon, Mirage, Caustic, Wattson, Crypto, Ash, Mad Maggie

Top 10 Characters To Use in Arenas

Here we’ll list the top 10 Characters you should use in Arenas, from least good to best. The Arenas is very different from the original Battle Royal mode; the list also differs from the Battle Royale Legend Tier List.

10. Loba

Credit: EA

Loba is pretty useful in Arenas because of her Tactical ability. She can move away from tricky places if enemies throw Grenades at her. Loba also gets two free Tacticals, and she can buy three more in each round. Her Black Market Ultimate comes in handy to get all the Health Items from the map, which will give you and your teammates additional Materials to upgrade your weapons.

9. Fuse

Credit: EA

Fuse is a very situational Legend when it comes to playing Arenas. However, the maps in the current rotation have open skies except for the Overflow map, allowing Fuse to use his Ultimate and trap his enemies. His Knuckle Cluster can aggravate his opponents and deal some moderate damage. However, his Tactical costs 100 Materials, which is a bummer.

8. Gibraltar

Credit: EA

Gibraltar is an influential Legend in Arenas. He can use his Dome Shield to save himself or his teammates in dire circumstances. With a Golden Backpack, Gibraltar can turn a losing round into a winning one in the blink of an eye. However, his Ultimate doesn’t always come in a clutch, and it costs a whopping 600 Materials in Arenas.

7. Bangalore

Credit: EA

Bangalore’s Smoke Launcher can create an excellent flanking opportunity for her or her teammates. On top of that, you get two free Smoke Launchers, and you can buy up to five, each costing only 50 Materials in Arenas. With the combination of Smoke and Digital threats, you can win some easy rounds with her.

6. Wraith

Credit: EA

For aggressive players, no other Legend can beat Wraith in Arenas. She can take close aim-duels against her opponents and get back to her teammates in one piece. Her teammates can capitalize on the damage that she already dealt afterward. She can also steal Health Items from the supply bins, usually located in the map’s open areas, without getting harmed.

5. Newcastle

Credit: EA

All of Newcastle’s abilities come in handy in Arenas. It seems like he was specially made for Arenas. He can get his teammates up in the open using his passive. His Tactical can help him and his teammates to push up further into enemies’ territory, and his Ultimate can fortify a massive chunk of areas for a stronghold.

4. Seer

Credit: EA

Seer is one of the most valuable Legends in Arenas because of his Passive ability. He can detect his opponents up to 75 meters using his Heart Seeker, eliminating any chance to flank for the opponents. His Tactical can reveal enemies’ positions and slows them. His ultimate also comes in a clutch, especially in end circles.

3. Pathfinder

Credit: EA

Despite his massive hitbox, Pathfinder is one of the best Legends to play in Arenas because of his Grappling Hook. If utilized correctly, you can grab the extra Health items from the Supply Bins using their Tactical almost every round. So, you can invest your additional Materials in upgrading your Weapons. Pathfinder’s Ultimate also becomes convenient in many situations, especially capturing high grounds.

2. Lifeline

Credit: EA

If you are a Support player who likes to help your teammates by any means in Arenas, then no other Character is more potent than Lifeline. She can heal her teammates with her Drone, which is an essential element because Health Items cost a lot and are difficult to get in Arenas. Not only that, she can auto revive her teammates with her Drone and cover fire for them at the same time. Not to mention, Lifeline’s Care Package can bring some nice goodies for the whole squad.

1. Bloodhound

Credit: EA

Bloodhound is one of the few Legends whose all three abilities are equally powerful in Arenas. Their Passive can clearly see through enemies’ movements, allowing them to think about their next move. Bloodhound’s Ultimate is pretty self-explanatory; they go into complete annihilation mode when Beast of The Hunt is activated.

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