Best Items in Mario Strikers Battle League: Every Item Ranked from Worst to Best

Mario Strikers: Battle League also has items like many other Mario games. These items can change the outcome of a match. Here are all the items you can get from worst to best.

Mario Strikers: Battle League is the football/soccer game in the Mario universe. Here you play in a three-player team. You can play single-player or online. In single-player, you control one character at a time like any classic soccer game.

In Multiplayer, each person can control one character and has a shared item pool. Anytime you pick an item, it will be added to that pool. Anyone in your team then can use said item. So you will have to coordinate to play together for an efficient play.

Items in Mario Strikers: Battle League comes in different boxes. There are two main types of boxes. One is the mystery box which anyone can pick, and the other is the team box. The team box can only be picked by the team the box is meant for. Any box can spawn any item. So there is no guarantee which item you will get.

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Best Items in Mario Strikers Battle League

Mario Strikers: Battle League has six different items. They act pretty differently from each other. But most of them ultimately do the same thing: knock other players. But that doesn’t mean all the items do the same or are interchangeable. Every item has its place in the game. Here are all the items ranked from worst to best.

6. Bob-omb

Bob-omb is an item that can knock a player if it hits directly. Then it will burst to make an AoE around it. Anyone caught in that AoE will get knocked. While it does sound like a good ability, it is not that good in a practical sense.

Dodging the AoE is very easy. So the only option left is to use it like a worse version of the green shell that doesn’t go too far. For this reason, Bob-omb places at no six on this list.

Bob-omb in Mario Strikers: Battle League
Credit: Nintendo

5. Mushroom

Mushroom in Mario Strikers: Battle League gives you a burst of speed for some time. To be honest, it is a good ability to use. But it is extremely situational. The only time you should use the ability is when you try to avoid a tackle or grab the ball from the opponent.

You can also use Mushroom to close the gap between you and your opponent. Again, it is helpful, but there are better options to tackle or knock the player to get the ball for yourself. So Mushroom landed on no. 5 on the list.

Mushroom in Mario Strikers: Battle League
Credit: Nintendo

4. Red Shell

Red Shell targets the closest player in Mario Strikers: Battle League. It will chase down the player and hit him. But the downside of using a red shell is that it will hit any players who come in the way. Yes, it will also hit your teammates. And even after the shell hits its target, it will continue until it hits the boundary and breaks.

For this reason, many people think the red shell is not that good. But compared to other items, it is a pretty good item. And with some coordination, your team can easily avoid getting hit by it.

Red Shell in Mario Strikers: Battle League
Credit: Nintendo

3. Green Shell

Green Shell and Red Shell do the same thing, but they act differently. First, you must aim at the green shell where the red one targets a player. Another difference is that the red shell breaks when it hits the boundary, but the green shell breaks after a certain time and bounces off the boundary.

This bounce mechanic makes the green shell so deadly to your opponent. They can never make sure they have totally dodged the green shell. It may bounce back and hit them either way, even if they dodge it once. And yes, it can also hit your teammate.

Green Shell in Mario Strikers: Battle League
Credit: Nintendo

2. Banana

Banana is the most simple and efficient item in Mario Strikers: Battle League. What it does is simple, it makes the player trip, thus knocking him. The simplicity of the item and ease of use makes it a really good item to have.

You can throw a banana to take the ball from a player or randomly throw it to create an obstacle on the field. Both times it works really well. So if you get a banana next time you play the game, use it to gain an advantage over your opponent.

Banana in Mario Strikers: Battle League
Credit: Nintendo

1. Star

The star has been one of the best items in many Mario games. For example, in Mario Strikers: Battle League, the star makes the player invincible to tackle. If the player touches anyone, they will get knocked. But that is not all; it also increases all the attributes of the said character when the star is used.

Using a star makes passing, taking the ball, and even shooting easy. So there is not a single scenario where using a star is bad for the team. Thus the star is the best item you can get in Mario Strikers: Battle League.

Star in Mario Strikers: Battle League
Credit: Nintendo

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