Best Heroes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Every Main & Recruitable Character Ranked

Looking for the best hero to add to your arsenal in Xenoblade Chronicles 3? We got your back, fam. Hop in!

Xenoblade Chronicles comes with another banger, that is, the 3rd one in the installment. This JRPG will let you rule the characters like never before. However, you have the option to get to know them better by catching up on their stories. The more you learn, the more you know about each of their individual skills and abilities.

Now there is always this query; whom to add to my arsenal? To come up with that answer, I tried to make a tier list while ranking all the characters, including the main ones and the recruitable ones. Let’s look at our heroes from this tier list below. Without further ado, jump in already!

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Best Main Hero Tier List in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

S-Tier (Best)Noah
A-Tier (Good)Mio
B-Tier (Average)Eunie, Taion
C-Tier (Underwhelming)Lanz, Sena



Noah is the specialist you want in the frontline. His noteworthy Incursor builds up on his pure attack. Raise the rank of classes to get more offensive arts and the Guardian Commander for the Shield Bash that will unlock the Topple Combo.



Her fast attacks are formidable. Moreover, unlock the War Medic’s art to get even more combos in the bag. Her high agility is perfect for Lone Exile.



Eunie specializes in healing. However, you can also rank up the Lone Exile. Moreover, use War Medic to increase the HP recovery.


He is a specialist in Origami and uses them as weapons. Set that aside, and unlock classes that comprise high compatibility. This will open the door for Master Arts that will be used for chain attacks.



Lanz carries a giant shield that grows as long as his sword. Moreover, use the Guardian Commander to unlock his full potential that lies in the high HP. However, you may also want to look at his War Medic.


Sena carries an incredible power in wielding a giant hammer. On top of that, level up the Attacker Classes to get more out of it. However, you might get interested in Thaumaturge’s Ultimate Qigong skill. With this, you can ignore the foe’s defense up to 40%.

Best Attacker Hero Tier List in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

S-Tier (Best)Queen Melia, Alexandria
A-Tier (Good)Cammuravi
B-Tier (Average)Ghondo, Segiri, Gray, Ethel, Riku and Manana
C-Tier (Underwhelming)Juniper, Triton


Queen Melia

Queen Melia can summon different elements through various arts. After the summoning, the elements are used as attack elements. Her high firepower comes from Ether Attack. Moreover, she can affect the damage that was inflicted by her allies, thus increasing by several folds.


Alexandria’s sword skill brings up critical hits from time to time. Moreover, the high stability comes from the continuous attack that took birth from various Arts.



His attack grows as the crit hit gets stronger—moreover, the Self-harming art increases along with the AP, which aids in maintaining the high AP stats. However, the managing part might be a bit difficult.



She boosts up her arts for quick combo attacks. Moreover, she can attack with all their equipped skills with the same charge level. On top of that, you will find Ghondor carries a highly stable performance.


Segiri uses dual axes to execute attacks that get enhanced by several folds if the foes are weakened before with various arts. However, there’s a catch. The attacks are completely useless against foes that are immune to debuff.


Gray combines offensive and AoE attacks that support various arts. With that, you can quickly find the foe’s weak points—an excellent choice for debuffs that can be dealt against multiple foes.


Focus on using her buff arts as you will be benefitted from various Talent Arts. However, these attacks can be balanced easily, but her dexterity might pull you behind.

Riku and Manana

They hold onto art that can be used to break effects. Just after that, you can initiate a combo. But, you might find it a bit hard to bring out the full potential of their field skills.



Her bleeding ability can boost damage. Moreover, AP increases if the foe carries less than 30% health. However, most of her abilities can lag against the foe on deathbed.


Slays monsters to acquire their arts from them. Moreover, you will see many specs to work with after the training is complete. However, he lacks the ability to name skills on his own.

Best Healer Hero Tier List in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

S-Tier (Best)Queen Nia
A-Tier (Good)Valdi, Fiona
B-Tier (Average)Isurd, Miyabi
C-Tier (Underwhelming)Teach


Queen Nia

Queen Nia is a fulltime healer. When duty calls, she can heal the team in one charge. Her recovery arts are also top-notch. And yes, I am not forgetting the Mitigation part as well.



Artificer Valdi is also a team healer. He provides a huge boost to aid the healing abilities of his mates by several folds. On top of that, the skills are usable from the very beginning of the game. Moreover, he has excellent recovery in arts. You might want to add the skills as well.


As Fiona is one of the Signifiers, she is specialized in buffing the entire team. This buff works on both attacks and several arts. However, the High Arts have a stable recovery, if you are worried about that.



A tactical healer in the team. He wields his special gun to aid his allies. This debuff can be very effective as it can provide firepower. On top of that, the recovery arts are quite user-friendly; some way to put that.


Miyabi’s healing rate can charge up her allies’ AP and arts. It will allow to execute fast combos. However, it depends on Regenerate for recovery. Time to bottle up her emotions on the battlefield.



Teach wields a whip to batter the foes with continuous combos while healing the mates’ health bar to the fullest. His Talent Arts is the sole reason behind healing the party. However, Teach can execute extraordinary performance to survive on the battlefield.

Best Defender Hero Tier List in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

S-Tier (Best)Zeon
A-Tier (Good)Monica
B-Tier (Average)Ashera



This defender will give you extra protection. Moreover, Zeon also has the ability to absorb the incoming attacks with a chance to return them as well. On top of that, you might find the Taunt Arts useful, as these can collect aggro.



Monica stands on the ground with shields and arts. Her Chain Attacks are the ones that let her stand on the ground.



Ashera is a firepower specialist. However, being at the bottom, quite obvious that her defending skills are mediocre.

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