Best HDR Loadout for Call of Duty: Warzone Season 5 Last Stand Reloaded

HDR has been one of the most picked Sniper Rifles in Call of Duty: Warzone since its launch on March 10, 2020. Here is an in-depth guide on how to choose the best loadout for the HDR in Season 5 Last Stand Reloaded.

A modernized version of the Steyr Scout, HDR is a VLK bolt action marksman rifle chambered for the 12.7×108mm large-caliber cartridge. This gun can accommodate sniper playstyles. As such, the gun became popular from its campaign missions featuring Alex. Also, the sniper rifle had the highest damage output in Modern Warfare.

The gun first appeared as part of the day one weapon pool. And following its release, the gun became a part of the Warzone’s sniper meta as it had the highest damage output in the game. Its excellent damage output helped the Sniper Rifle quickly become a fan favorite as it catered to the pure sniper playstyle.

The HDR has remained untouched since its launch. The weapon is relatively balanced, but it is undoubtedly better than most Sniper Rifles in damage stats. It is viable in long-range gunfights, but there are better Sniper Rifles to take its spot.

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How to Unlock the HDR in CoD Warzone

The HDR is a part of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s weapon pool. It is a Sniper Rifle, an unlockable weapon available after reaching level 11. It is part of the post-launch weapon line available to all players from day one.

The best tip for leveling up in Call of Duty: Warzone is to spend more time in-game. The experience (XP) system in Warzone is pretty straightforward. The more time you spend in-game, the more XP you will gain. Additionally, completing daily and weekly challenges will provide extra XP, which will be helpful to level it up faster. After unlocking and leveling it up quickly, players can choose from various attachments.

Best HDR Loadout

Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor
Barrel: 26.9″ HDR Pro
Laser: Tac Laser
Optic: Variable Scope Zoom
Magazine: 9 Round Mags

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Anyone familiar with the weapon pool in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare should know how powerful the monolithic suppressor is, regardless of the weapon. The extra power makes any weapon more viable in mid to long-range gunfights. The main disadvantage of choosing a monolithic suppressor is a slower walking speed when aiming and a slower A.D.S. (aim down sight) speed.

Likewise, the 26.9″ HDR Pro is the barrel to go for the HDR. It will significantly increase damage range, bullet velocity, and recoil control. However, the only negative side is the reduced aim down sight speed and movement speed that will be negated later with other attachments.

The tac laser comes in clutch with this loadout, providing increased ADS(aim down sight) speed and stability while walking. Using a tac laser might sound like a dumb idea to many players. Still, it is worth the shot. It will basically compensate for the ADS(aim down sight) speed that we lost while equipping the aforementioned attachments.

Variable Scope Zoom is the signature optic for HDR. It keeps everything in the loadout together, bringing out the more powerful side of the marksman rifle.

Best Equipment & Perks for HDR Loadout

  • Secondary: Cooper Carbine (Vanguard) or Kar98k (Modern Warfare)
  • Tactical: Stim (Modern Warfare), or Heartbeat Sensor (Modern Warfare)
  • Lethal: Throwing knives (Modern Warfare), or Claymore (Modern Warfare)
  • Perk – 1: Quick Fix, or E.O.D
  • Perk – 2: Overkill
  • Perk – 3: Amped, or Combat Scout
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Quick Fix is the ideal perk for players constantly engaging in gunfights, enabling health regeneration when an enemy is killed. Opting for E.O.D. is also feasible to take less damage from non-killstreak explosives and fire.

Overkill as the second perk is a must; players can carry an extra primary weapon in the secondary slot. Pairing Cooper Carbine or Kar98k with this Sniper Rifle will make the loadout more potent, and the secondary will help in handling both long to mid-distance gunfights with ease. Our Cooper Carbine loadout focuses on a long-range Assault Rifle build.

To swap between the weapons faster, Amped is the go-to. Faster switching between weapons will help in getting an edge over other players. Combat scout briefly highlights the whole team when an enemy player is shot.

As for tactical, stim gives an instant health regeneration upon use. The Heartbeat sensor can help track other players roaming nearby and plan the next gunfight strategy. Throwing knives as lethal can be a backup in a close gunfight; it has a one-shot potential on players with a minimal level of armor.

Moreover, after downing a player, immediately throwing a knife will eliminate the player regardless of the range it’s thrown from. Claymore can be opted out for throwing knives to watch flank when stationary.

Claymore (Modern Warfare)

All the latest HDR Buffs & Nerfs

The HDR did not receive any buffs or nerfs. The current state of the weapon is balanced, according to many players within the CoD community. If the situation arises, the gun might get more tweaks in future updates to compete with the Sniper Rifles in the meta. All the Sniper Rifles from Call of Duty: Warzone are different. They all excel in their fields depending on the build.

The pick rate of HDR is in a stable position; players using it since the beginning of Warzone choose the Sniper Rifle in Caldera and Rebirth Island due to its excellent stats for long-range gunfights.

Other Alternatives to the HDR in the Current Meta

In the current meta, other alternatives to HDR are Kar98k (Modern Warfare) and Swiss K31 (BOCW). Kar98k is a Marksman Rifle. It is a long-range beamer and, in the same way, also performs as a mid-range support weapon. Swiss K31 is also a solid choice with high damage output, and it has a very low time to kill in long-range gunfights. Check out our Kar98k and Swiss K31 loadout guide to create the perfect loadout for Warzone Season 5 Last Stand.

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