Best Gear Sets in Mario Strikers Battle League: Every Gear Set Ranked from Worst to Best

Mario Strikers: Battle League has a total of six different gear sets. Each of these sets does different things. Here are all the sets ranked from worst to best.

Mario Strikers: Battle League is a three-person team-based soccer/football game. Here, You can play in an offline mood controlling all the characters, or you can play with your friends, each controlling a different character.

Each different character in Mario Strikers: Battle League has a base stat that cannot be changed. This base stat can be modified using gears. Additional gears give a boost to a different stat but, at the same time, take away points from another attribute.

You will have to mix and match gears to create the perfect build for each character. But since each gear raises a different stat, we can easily categorize them from worst to best. Here is a list of gears in Mario Strikers: Battle League from worst to best.

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Best Gear Sets in Mario Strikers Battle League

Mario Strikers: Battle League has five standard gear sets and one hidden gear set. You can buy all the standard gears from the start. As for the hidden set, you have to unlock it first; then, you can buy it. Each gear set has four different gear pieces. Here is a detailed list of all the gears and which are best.

6. The Trick Set

  • Helmet: +2 Technique, -2 Passing
  • Gloves: +2 Technique, -2 Speed
  • Pad: +2 Technique, -2 Strength
  • Boots: +2 Technique, -2 Shooting

In Mario Strikers: Battle League, The trick set is used to increase the Technique stats. This is not an overall good set to use, especially if you are just starting to play the game. In addition, the technique is a stat that is hard to understand.

The technique makes it easier to unleash Hyper Strikes. So it is mainly just used for strikers. But even after that, there are far better stats the strikers can use other than technique. And those stats help in the overall match, not just for scoring.

5. The Cannon Set

  • Visor: +2 Shooting, -2 Technique
  • Gloves: +2 Shooting, -2 Speed
  • Plate: +2 Shooting, -2 Strength
  • Boots: +2 Shooting, -2 Passing

The cannon set also falls in the same category as the Trick Set. This set increases shooting for the equipped character and works similarly to the trick set; thus, it is a set for strikers. But the reason The Cannon Set is on no 5 is that this is the only way to increase your Shooting attribute.

Bushido set can increase all the other character stats, but if you want to increase shooting, the only way to do it is by a Cannon set. If your team has a dedicated striker, you may want to use one or two-piece of the cannon set along with other sets.

4. The Chain Set

  • Helmet: +2 Passing, -2 Speed
  • Gauntlets: +2 Passing, -2 Shooting
  • Plate: +2 Passing, -2 Technique
  • Boots: +2 Passing, -2 Strength

The Chain Set in Mario Strikers: Battle League is used to increase the Passing stats. Passing is important, depending on your play style. If you play with a super aggressive passing style, this set will be one of the best for you.

The passing attribute makes so your passes become more accurate. So it is a good attribute for midfielders to have. But if you don’t pass too often while playing, it will be a waste of stat if you put on the chain set.

3. The Turbo Set

  • Helmet: +2 Speed, -2 Technique
  • Gloves: +2 Speed, -2 Strength
  • Pad: +2 Speed, -2 Passing
  • Boots: +2 Speed, -2 Shooting

The Turbo Set increases Speed in Mario Strikers: Battle League. You can debate whether it is better than the Chain set. The Chain Set and The Turbo Set depend on the play style to be better.

If you want to pass a lot while playing, then the Chain set is better. But if you want to catch up with other players and tackle them, or if you want to keep the ball on a single player, the turbo set is going to be better. The speed boost provided by this set can go a long way.

2. The Muscle Set

  • Helmet: +2 Strength, -2 Technique
  • Gauntlets: +2 Strength, -2 Passing
  • Chest: +2 Strength, -2 Shooting
  • Boots: +2 Strength, -2 Speed

In Mario Striker: Battle League, The Muscle Set increases Strength. The base strength is different depending on the character. But it is an excellent stats to have. Strength makes that you can tackle more successfully and deflect being tackled often.

This is an excellent set for those with higher base strength. They can become a tackling monster with the right gear that can be a good midfielder or defender.

1. The Bushido Set

  • Helmet: +4 Passing, -1 all other Attributes
  • Bracers: +4 Technique, -1 all other Attributes
  • Armor: +4 Strength, -1 all other Attributes
  • Sandals: +4 Speed, -1 all other Attributes

Bushido Set is the hidden set of Mario Strikers: Battle League. Each piece of the gear increases a different stat while decreasing all other stat by one. It is undoubtedly the best set the game has to offer.

If you don’t want to min-max the characters, you can just put them on the Bushido set and play the game that way. But when you mix and match the bushido set with other sets, the characters become the best they can be.

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