Best Gastrodon build for 7-Star Greninja Tera Raids

7-star raids are the hardest challenges in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. So, 7-star Greninja needs to be counted with a Gastrodon in the raid. Here is how you can build Gastrodon to counter him in the game.

There are many post-game works you can do in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. But the raids are some of the hardest content this game offers. While playing the game, you will come across raids labeled with different numbers of stars. But the biggest raids are 6 and 7 stars.

As you play through the game and clear raids, more powerful raids will spawn. Eventually, you will be facing the 7-star raids. But for 7-star raids to spawn, you must complete the game first. 7-star Greninja is a formidable opponent. But Gastrodon is one of its counters.

However, you cannot just use Gastrodon as it is to counter Greninja in a 7-star raid. You need to carefully build up the Pokemon first. So, here is a guide showing you how you can build Gastrodon for a 7-star Greninja raid.

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Best Gastrodon build for 7-Star Greninja Raid

If you already have Gastrodon, you can skip this section. But if you do not have Gastrodon, you must catch it first. The Pokemon Shellos can be found in the west sea area of the map. You can go and catch it in the area. A Shellos will evolve into Gastrodon at level 30. But you can also find evolved versions, aka Gastrodon, around the world sometimes. So if you find Gastrodon go ahead and catch it to avoid leveling it up.

Gastrodon Movement to Use

There are a lot of moves this Pokemon can learn. However, for the tera raid, there are certain moves you will need. Since each Pokemon can have four different moves that they can learn at the same time, here are the moves you need to use:

  • Earth Power
  • Recover
  • Acid Armor
  • Mud Slap

Earth Power lowers the opponent’s special defense, which is crucial for a high-level fight. You can get this by leveling up the Pokemon to level 39. You can also craft Earth power from TM Machine after beating the fighting crew Eri.

Recover is a pretty straightforward one to use. It will be used to recover if the Pokemon gets too low. Gastrodon usually has this ability from the start at level 1.

Acid Armor is a bit tricky to get. You will need to get this ability by breeding. But if you have this, this will increase the defense against any non-water type moves. This will help your Pokemon stay in the fight longer and deal more damage.

Mud Slap is finally our damage ability. Gastrodon learns it at level 1. So no need to re-learn or grind for this ability. With that, you have all the ability you need to beat Greninja 7 star Tera raid. You can also terastalize your Pokemon while doing damage to make it do more damage.

Other Preparation You Should Do

With all the moves in place, there is one more thing you should use to increase the damage of the Pokemon further. That is the item called Soft Sand. You can buy Soft Sand from Delibird shop for 3000 Pokedollars. Before starting the raid, give your Pokemon this item to increase all the ground-type attacks. Since we will be using mud slap, this is a good damage increase for the raid.

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