What are the Best Gadgets for Medium Build in The Finals

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If you’re new to the Finals and looking for the best gadgets for Medium Build, you have come to the right place.

The Finals is a newly launched team-based first-person shooter developed by Nexon’s Embark Studios. The game is an arcade shooter featuring different classes and environmental destruction on all maps.

The Finals puts players in a virtual arena with a full arsenal at their disposal. Each class has its own roster of gadgets to use to their advantage in the arena. If you want to dominate your chosen class, then picking the best gadget is very important. Let’s take a look at what are the best gadgets for Medium build in the Finals.

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How many Builds are there in The Finals?

How many Builds are there in The Finals?
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There are three builds in the Finals- Light, Medium and Heavy. Each class has its specialization and quirks that cater to different playstyles. Here’s a detailed look at all the builds in the Finals:

Light 150Cloaking Device, Grappling Hook, and Evasive Dash
Medium250Healing Beam, Guardian Turret, and Recon Senses
Heavy325Charge ‘n’ Slam, Goo Gun and Mesh Shield

What is Medium Build?

The Medium Build in the Finals is a middle ground between Heavy and Light Build. The Medium build focuses on healing, recon, or guarding a perimeter. This class is efficient in close to long-range combat. The total HP of the Medium build is 250 HP, making it more durable than the Light build.

Best Medium Build Gadgets The Finals
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What Does Gadgets Do?

Gadgets are additional equipment that allows players to turn the tides to their advantage or create an opportunity for their team. Each build has its own type of gadgets. However, there are a few common ones that are available to all builds.

While Specialization and Weapons might seem enough for the game, Gadgets add an extra edge that will help you escape a gunfight or catch other players off-guard if used properly during your time in the arena.

How many Gadgets are Available for Medium Builds?

There are a total of 14 gadgets for Medium Build. We have tested out the best ones you can use to make your playtime more efficient. Here are the best gadgets to use for Medium Build in the Finals:

Best Gadgets for Medium Build

Gas Mine

The Gas Mine is a very useful gadget that will help you control or defend a certain chokepoint. It gets activated when enemies step on it, or you can manually activate it by shooting it a few times. Upon activation, it creates a gas field, which deals consecutive damage to enemies with time.

Best Medium Build Gadgets The Finals
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Jump Pad

The Jump Pad is a traversal gadget that you can place on flat grounds or vertically in some places of the arena. The Jump pad pushes players in the opposite direction depending on where it’s placed. It will help you to get high ground or reach spots that help you or your team to catch enemies off guard.

Best Medium Build Gadgets The Finals
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The Defibrillator is a healing gadget that can help you revive your teammates. It decreases the time required to revive a teammate by a large margin and will allow you to skip the prompt which pops up on a dead teammate.

Best Medium Build Gadgets The Finals
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Goo Grenade

Aside from these gadgets, you can also opt for the Goo Grenade, which creates a solid foam wall on any surface. It can help you block off entrances or safeguard yourself while healing or reviving your teammate.

Best Medium Build Gadgets The Finals
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So go guns blazing, and pick the optimal gadgets to dominate your opponents in the Finals. Follow our The Finals guides for more gameplay tips and tricks.

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