Best Demons in Evil Dead: The Game

Enough with being just a survivor? Now, be a demon and cause havoc around the survivors in the Evil Dead: The Game.

In Evil Dead: The Game, it is all about surviving, gathering supplies, and going toe to toe with vicious deads that are evil. What would happen if the roles were changed? At this point, let yourself be the evil dead and go on a rampage on the survivors.

In every game, the antagonistic role is the role that we want, but the role we do not deserve. It is fun, specifically, more fun than being one of the protagonists. You will have the option to re-create some of the most memorable events.

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You have to proceed with a balanced strategy to talk about being a demon in the game. Other than that, you might not have as much fun as you intended to have in this game. You can bring down even the most tactful survivors with the proper tactics. In this guide, I will be showing the ranking of the demons based on their abilities, skill, and dexterity. Hope you can come up with your own strategy. Let’s hop in already.

3. Warlord

This class of demons is basically zombies. They have this unique way of keeping you away. That is, they puke poison when a threat like you is imminent. And they carry the most physical threat than any others. This class can easily make a fuss in the survival team’s structure. Their tactics are pretty easy to catch up with as a fresher in the game.

Lovely lady Henrietta is the boss-lady of this class. She is a tough nut with a large health bar. Even if she deals heavy damage, she lacks speed. Deadites, on the other hand, play the role of the local mob. Their better version, the Deadite Elites, have even special skills to aid in distinguishing. Let’s have a look at their overall abilities.

  • Bad Influence: Generates an aura for a short time that increases the attack power of the surrounding demon unit. It works only when the demons are in spirit form.
  • Really Bad Influence I (Level 15): Effects of Bad Influence get buffed. The surrounding demon unit gets 35% more health and 20% more attack frequency, along with the increasing range of the aura.
  • Really Bad Influence II (Level 25): Surrounding demon unit gets 10% more health and 10% more attack frequency along with the increasing range of the aura.
  • Really Bad Influence III (Level 45): Surrounding demon unit gets 10% more health and 10% more attack frequency along with the increasing range of the aura. The unit will not suffer balance bar damage from now on.

2. Necromancer

This is a class full of boney boogeymen. These skeleton crews have the longest attack range. Surprise, surprise, they even come up with the most armor package as well. They have a tendency to bury the survivors. Moreover, they can also buff themselves in the process—such as persistent predators.

Evil Ash here is the one leading the skeleton pack. He can do a unique Spear Stomp that deals heavy damage. And by heavy damage, I mean half of the health bar. Sounds feisty, doesn’t it? He is a slowpoke, though. The primary source of attack will come from the original skeleton crew.

They have this auto-revival system that makes them sturdy. Survivors got to be fed up with this strategy. Last but not least, we have the Elite Skeletons. These carry a shield with them. So yes, there were already sturdy, and now you have to break their defense. Let’s look at their overall abilities.

  • Flute To Kill: Bonus damage and defense get increased.
  • Skelephobia (Level 15): Fear level gets increased among the survivors.
  • Motivational Music (Level 25): Bonus damage and defense get increased by 20%.
  • Skeletal Injury (Level 45): Dealt damages get increased by 10%.

1. Puppeteer

Puppeteers are straight ETs. Tends to explode if they feel an imminent threat. This class has a reason to be on the top. That is their telekinetic abilities. This particular skill is what makes them unique and mightier than the others. What they do is they can manipulate the environment where the survivors are roaming around. It would be best if you had some proper strategical advances and skills to get the most out of this class.

The pack leader Eligos knows exactly what is happening in the environment. He can be invisible when he feels like this is a time to cause some havoc. Demi-Eligos, on the contrary, are the Elite class that can possess the survivors. They can also defend against ranged damage. The basic crews are the Deadite Berserker. They have fast-paced movement and can easily avoid any type of hit. They are also known as the Suicide Squad as they carry their bomb vest with them. Let’s look at their overall abilities.

  • Puppet Master: Surrounding Unit gets 10% more damage and 40% more health with a 90-second cooldown timer.
  • Puppet Grandmaster I (Level 15): 5% more health and damage.
  • Puppet Grandmaster II: 5% more health and damage.
  • Puppet Grandmaster III: 5% more health and damage.

Now that you know how each of these demon types works, go ahead and try each of them out to find the best for you.

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