Best Daggers in Elden Ring

Elden Ring is full of various types of weapons. Hammer, sword, greatsword, scythe, dagger, you name it, you can probably find them in the game. Here, we will learn what are the best daggers in-game and how to get them.

Elden Ring took the gaming world by storm when it was released. It has a big collection of weapons which is one of its strengths. You can choose any weapon from this huge collection and fit your playstyle. One of the weapon classes is the dagger.

The Elden Ring world is vast and rich with flavor. If you see a weapon or armor you like, chances are you can get it by defeating the enemy wielding it. But the catch is that the drops may be random. Some may have a 100% chance of dropping; others may be rare.

Elden Ring has a fair collection of daggers that you can use. Depending on your build, some daggers may be more or less useful. Here are the top five picks of our favorite dagger.

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5 Best Daggers in Elden Ring

There are around 15 to 20 daggers that have been discovered so far. Not all of them are on the same level. Also, depending on your class and build, some may be better than others. With that in mind, here are the top five daggers that you can find in the game.

5. Misericorde

Misericorde is an ok dagger for all the playstyles. But if you are playing a parry & repost build, this weapon becomes a monster. This has the highest crit damage of all weapons in the game, with 140% crit damage.

It has good overall damage for a dagger, but this is especially good when you break enemies poster and want to go for the kill.

misericorde dagger elden ring
Credit: FromSoftware

You can find this dagger in the Stromveil Castle. From the “Liftside Chamber” grace, go outside and down the stair. Then go to the building directly in front. There you will find a fog wall. Use a stone key to dissipate the fog wall. Get inside the room and get the dagger.

4. Scorpion’s Stinger

This dagger causes Scarlet Rot, the super version of poison that can cause massive damage over time. The scarlet rot is so powerful that enemies and even bosses take huge damage over time if inflicted with it.

Other than scarlet rot, it has decent damage and moderate dex scaling. You can also combine it with the “Kindred of Rot’s Exultation” talisman to increase the damage even more. This talisman increases damage when an enemy is inflicted with rot or poison.

scropion's stinger dagger elden ring
Credit: FromSoftware

You can find Scorpion’s Stinger in the Lake of Rot. To get to the Lake of Rot, you have to follow Ranni’s quest. Then, cross the Lake of Rot to reach the grace called “Grand Cloister.” From this grace, get down and inside the temple to find this dagger inside the chest.

3. Bloodstained Dagger

Bloodstained Dagger is a basic dagger that is very good for the bleed and strength build. Yes, despite being a dagger, it scales with strength. So if you want to be a strength player while wielding a dagger and causing bleed, this one is for you.

This is going to function mostly as a bleed weapon, but the normal damage is pretty good too. You can also change the ash of war in this weapon to a bleed type to increase the bleed of the weapon.

bloodstained dagger elden ring
Credit: FromSoftware

This is a random drop from the demi-human chiefs that can be found in the world. But the drop rate is not terrible. So you can grind a few demi-human chiefs to get this dagger.

The easiest one that you can access is at the Weeping Peninsula “South of the Lookout Tower” grace. From the grace, run towards the bridge, and you will find one standing there alone. Farm that one until you get the dagger.

2. Reduvia

The fan-favorite bleed dagger Reduvia. This is a dex-arcane scaling weapon that is very good at causing bleeds. It has the unique ash of war where you shoot a pool of blood at the enemy. The ash of war also causes bleed buildup.

reduvia dagger elden ring
Credit: FromSoftware

The best part about this dagger is how early in the game you can get it. You can pretty much get it right after entering Limgrave, given you can defeat the invader that drops it.

To get it, from “Agheel Lake North” grace, go East until you reach a river. Now, follow the river to get down in it and keep going through the river until you get invaded. Kill the invader and claim the dagger for yourself.

1. Black Knife

This is a dagger wielded by the black knights that were responsible for killing the first demi-god. Its unique ash of war makes it a very overpowered weapon for a dagger.

This unique ash of war is called “Blade of death.” It will cause a chunk of damage and do extra damage over time because of the rune of death-infused black flame. And as a bonus, you get to look cool doing it.

black knife dagger elden ring
Credit: FromSoftware

To get this weapon, first, you have to reach to Atlus Plateau. This weapon is dropped by the black knife assassin boss that is right outside the “Sainted Hero’s Grave” in the Atlus Plateau region.

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