Best Class in Diablo Immortal: Every Class Ranked from Worst to Best

Don’t make it hard for yourself when the point comes to choose the best class in Diablo Immortal. Go through this guide till the last to grasp what you are dealing with.

It’s not even midweek since Activision Blizzard made up their mind to release Diablo Immortal for PC. But some controversies were in the market far before that. Since 2018, we have been hearing a lot of negative thoughts on this piece. Even after this blizzard from Activision Blizzard, loyal players found the PC version more or less the same as the mobile one. And yes, positive reviews started to come along.

Now about the topic we are about to go through today. The loyal residents of Diablo 2 and 3 might have a clear idea about the classes of Diablo. There are classes with overpowered characters, and also, these classes are like wild horses. You won’t get much benefit if you do not know how to use them to the fullest properly.

Moreover, some classes are much more suitable for the freshers than the other ones. So yes, picking up the best class can be quite a hassle in Diablo Immortal. That is why this rank system is arranged just to let you a grip to hold on. Let’s get into this already.

Best Class Tier List in Diablo Immortal

To be fair, these classes are just an option for you to proceed with the game till the last scene. So, the classes that I tried to arrange here are based on their abilities and potential. Do remember, even the class in the best tier might not come in handy for you if you cannot catch a grip. Enough talking; let’s hop in already.

S-Tier (Best)Barbarian, Crusader
A-Tier (Good)Demon Hunter, Necromancer
B-Tier (Average)Wizard, Monk



As I have said before, you are sure to pick this one for your mighty quests. The stats are just like that; you cannot help but choose a mighty Crusader to walk down the path. The veterans have known him since he arrived in DLC of Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls. Multiple reports suggest that the Crusader is the modified version of Paladin. Paladin was last seen in Diablo 2. Now, it’s time for the descendant to enlighten the way.

A Crusader carries the largest health bar in the game. That makes them the only tank in the game. They can mount a horse in any situation of the game. This falls under their crowd control abilities. This is the part that makes them unique from the others. However, their dealt damage on a single target is relatively poor. If your strategy is survival, take the Crusade without any doubt.


Barbarians are the allrounder class in Diablo Immortal. This is the best a fresher can get. Along with absorbing heavy damages, it can return the same as well. Their high multi-target damage takes them ahead of even the Crusaders. Just pick up two axes and rampage through the enemy line. Now let’s hit their weak points.

They struggle with single attacks, as we will observe the same for the Crusaders. Their mobility can cover that up. They have the ability to get close to the foes as quickly as possible. It can even disappear just like a snap.


Demon Hunter

Let’s talk about the best DPS class in Diablo Immortal. What made him unique from the others was the long-range operations. Do you know the moment in your life where it seems necessary to have a bit of distance from everyone? Well, Demon Hunter does that job here. And there are also moment you can close up the distance with this class.

They are pretty fragile, truth to be told. They also lack the AOE ability, but that gap is filled with their damage-dealing ability. Moreover, they can stay pretty mobile when they feel like doing some damage. However, they also lack buffs when it comes to group chat. They are known to leave the group chat party at the very beginning when someone else brings up the topic of buff. So, this class is a big no for PvP. Other than this, pair this class up with either Crusader or Barbarians. You will feel the true rampage.


Necromancer does the dirty job by not doing the dirty job. They summon skeleton allies and golems on the battlefield while taking the next step. That is their biggest weakness as they have very little mobility. Count their health bar in as well. Minions they summon, however, can level up the ground in a moment. That is where, my friend, they hold an unsung ability.

Their potential blooms in group chat. As they carry buffs to the chat, the minions then take the necessary damage for the greater good. Quite a mysterious class Necromancer is. Recommended for freshers who would like to feel things out of the box. As the playstyle is versatile, you can easily pair up with almost anyone.



Wizards of Oz are standing on thin ice. Before breaking that ice, they can blow up a herd of foes in a blink of an eye. Their single-target damage is pretty good, however. A bonus point for the Gryffindors. The weakness they carry is that they are the sunflowers of Plants vs. Zombies. They provide moral support, and they need someone to protect them.

They cannot absorb a good amount of damage. If you want to take a challenge, your job in the game is pretty much rolling and dodging around. Their shots are skillful but have longer cooldowns. You have to focus on combos to deal some good damage to the foes. So yes, read and observe your surroundings before even thinking of dodging.


Monks show their true spirit when it comes to team play. The boons they have in their bags are blessings for your team. This class is also considered a Hybrid class. They earned the hybrid status because of the blessings they make come down along with poking foes from time to time. You will have a tough time with their defense schedule.

It would help if you were quite skillful to get along with a Monk. As their abilities show their full potential with the perfect timing, you need to invest a reasonable amount of time behind them. However, they can stun foes every now and then, which is a big advantage in the mid-battle. Not for a smooth experience in Diablo Immortal, but the Monks have quite a reputation in the PvP arena.

Best Class Order in Diablo Immortal

Now, let’s see their order. This order is based on their gameplay and potential for advance stages. Hope you can take a quick decision from here.

6. Wizard
5. Monk
4. Necromancer
3. Demon Hunter
2. Barbarian
1. Crusader

That is it. I hope this guide can aid you in your process while you choose the best class in Diablo Immortal. And remember, fellow gamer, stretch at least one time in 20 mins before going on a rampage.

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