Best Class in Diablo 2 Resurrected: Ranking all the D2R Classes from Worst to Best

Here is a complete tier list of all the classes and their best builds in Diablo 2 Resurrected.

Diablo 2 Resurrected has a lot of different classes you can choose to play. From the 2000s to now, it still is one of the best CRPGs to exist to date. Diablo 2 takes place after the events of Diablo 1. The game has made a comeback as a remaster, and all the classes are also set to return. We have created a complete list below so that players have a better idea about all the classes in Diablo 2 Resurrected.

All the classes in Diablo 2 Ressurrected

Diablo 2 Resurrected has a total of 7 classes, which have different skill trees. These skill trees consist of unique abilities that are different for each character. Diablo 2 Resurrected contains all the characters, including those that came as DLC for Diablo 2 in 2000. You can check out all the classes and their skill trees below:


Credit- Blizzard Entertainment

If you are someone who loves playing mages in a game, then this is your go-to character. Mage or sorceress has different powers, which can be very helpful in the game. She is one of the fan’s favourite characters because of how many other elements she can use. She is one of the best DPS characters in the game due to her cool downtimes, variety of attacks, teleportation ability, and versatility.

Three types of skill trees exist for Sorceress in Diablo 2 Resurrected. These skills include lighting Spells, Cold Spells and Fire Spells. Each skill tree gives you access to different powerful spells which you can use to wipe out hordes of enemies. Fire Spells focus on damage mainly, whereas lighting spells focus on defence and unique elemental effects. The last cold episodes do minor damage, but they can be very effective as they can make the enemy vulnerable and help increase the defence.


Fire Bolt Charged BoltIce Bolt 
WarmthTelekinesis Frozen Armor 
InfernoStatic FieldIce Blast
Fire BallLightning Frost Nova
Blaze NovaShiver Armor
Fire WallChain LightningGlacial Spike
Meteor Thunder Storm Chilling Armor 
Fire MasteryEnergy ShieldCold Mastery
Hydra Lighting Mastery Frozen Orb

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Paladin Diablo 2
Credit- Blizzard Entertainment

Paladin is a class that protects the land using holy magic and strong auras. Paladin can be a helpful character used at a party or if you wish to go solo. They provide your party members with huge buffs, which can be the advantage that wins you the battle. Their buffs can make them last in fights, and this can be considered one of the best classes in the game. Paladins can do a significant amount of damage with their charge attacks. They have three different skill trees, Combat Skills, Offensive Auras, and Defensive Auras. We have added below all the skills included in the three trees below.


Prayer Might Sacrifice 
Resist Fire Holy FireSmite 
DefianceThorns Holy Bolt
Resist ColdBlessed AimZeal 
CleansingHoly FreezeCharge 
Resist LightningConcentration Vengeance 
Vigor Holy ShockBlessed Hammer
MeditationFanaticism Conversion 
RedemptionConviction Holy Shield


Amazon Diablo 2
Credit- Blizzard Entertainment

The Amazon is a highly versatile class of all the classes in Diablo 2 Resurrected. They can shoot arrows or stabs enemies with spears or use them as weapons. In addition, she fuses infinite arrows with other magical effects.

One of the most versatile classes in the game is Amazon. However, it may not be everyone’s first choice since it can be tough to handle her. She can fire arrows or stab enemies with spears. She can also fuse her weapons with fire, cold, or lighting elements and do massive damage to enemies.


Magic ArrowInner SightJab 
Fire ArrowCritical StrikePower Strike
Cold ArrowDodge Poison Javelin
Multiple ShotSlow MissilesImpale 
Exploding Arrow Avoid Lightning Bolt
Ice Arrow Penetrate Charged Strike
Guided ArrowDecoy Plague Javelin
Immolation ArrowEvade Fend 
Freezing ArrowValkyrie Lightning Strike
Strafe Pierce Lightning Fury


Necromancer Diablo 2
Credit- Blizzard Entertainment

Necromancers use auras that give them temporary buffed boosts, which can be deadly during battle. They can also summon archers and soldiers to fight for them, quickly wiping out many enemies in quick succession. There are three different skill trees for necromancers that you can build. We have made a table below which showcases all of their skills sets.

Necromancers have control over life as well as death which lets them perform dark and forbidden magic. Their skill trees will allow you to poison enemies, summon the dead, and the character can even curse his enemies, making them weak with different stat conditions.


Raising Skeleton Teeth Dim Vision
Skeleton Mastery Bone ArmorAmplify Damage
Clay GolemPoison Dagger Weaken 
Golem MasteryCorpse ExplosionIron Maiden
Raise Skeletal MageBone Wall Confuse 
Blood Golem Poison ExplosionTerror 
Summon ResistBone SpearLife Tap
Iron GolemBone PrisonAttract 
Fire Golem Poison NovaDecrepify
Revive Bone SpiritLower Resist


Credit- Blizzard Entertainment

One of the most challenging yet fun classes to use in Diablo 2 is the assassins class. You can use her skills, including martial arts, deadly traps, ninja techniques, and even stealth, which keeps her from detecting. However, it takes real skill to use her properly and give justice to the character in the game. Below we have made a table showcasing all her skill trees.

Assassins use martial arts, traps, or hide and kill from the shadows. As their name suggests, their training allows them to kill with precision. Their unique abilities can give an advantage if you use them right in battle without depending on magical powers.


Tiger Strike Claw MasteryFire Blast
Dragon Talon Psychic Hammer Shock Web
Fists of FireBurst of Speed Blade Sentinel
Dragon ClawCloak of ShadowsCharged Bolt Sentry
Cobra StrikeWeapon Block Wake of Fire
Claws of ThunderFade Blade Fury
Dragon TailShadow WarriorLightning Sentry
Blades of IceMind BlastWake of Inferno
Phoenix StrikeVenom Death Sentry
Dragon FlightShadow MasterBlade Shield


Druid Diablo 2
Credit- Blizzard Entertainment

Druids have a wide range of abilities, making them one of the most versatile characters in the game. They can act in different roles during a fight which is the reason why they can be so deadly in a battle. These skill trees will let you access shapeshifting spells, elemental powers, and even summoning skills.

If you prefer jack of all trades, Druid is your go-to character in Diablo 2 Resurrected. Druids can manipulate nature itself by making wind and plants take the forms of animals. There are different builds you can do with Druid where each focuses on doing different things. We have created a table below to give a better idea about the skill tree of Druid.


Firestorm Werewolf Raven 
Molten BoulderLycanthropy Poison Creeper
Arctic BlastWerebear Summon Spirit Wolf
Cyclone ArmorMaul Oak Sage
Fissure Feral RageCarrion Vine
Twister Fire ClawsHeart of Wolverine
Volcano Rabies Summon Dire Wolf
Tornado Shock Solar Creeper
Hurricane Hunger Spirit of Barbs
Armageddon Fury Summon Grizzly


Barbarian Diablo 2
Credit- Blizzard Entertainment

Barbarians are brutal warriors who serve as guardians of Mount Arreat if you go through Diablo 2’s story. They can use weapons effectively and also specialize in using brutal raw power. Barbarians can be a challenging class to fight against due to their raw power and strength. These skill trees include builds which focus on strength and physical ability.

Barbarians, as mentioned above, use raw strength to dominate anyone that comes in their path. Their skill trees will allow you to make more one-on-one combat attacks. They are made so that the skill trees only focus on making your barbarian character more brutal and powerful with every skill unlocked.


BashSword MasteryHowl 
Double SwingMace MasteryFind Potion
Leap Axe MasteryShout 
Double ThrowPolearm MasteryTaunt 
StunThrowing MasteryFind Item
Leap AttackSpear MasteryBattle Cry
Concentrate Increased StaminaBattle Orders
FrenzyIron SkinGrim Ward
Whirlwind Increased SpeedWar Cry
Berserk Natural ResistanceBattle Command

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Diablo 2 Resurrected Tier List

In Diablo 2 Resurrected all classes have different abilities and unique skills, which is just the starting of the versatility in the game. Players can customize and make their characters according to them. There are different character skills trees that we have shown above. So it can be very tough to decide which is the best class to play in Diablo 2 Resurrected. However, we have broken down every type and made a complete tier list of all the classes.

Best Classes in Diablo 2 Resurrected (A Complete Tier List)

S-tier (Best)Necromancer, Paladin
A-tier (Good)Amazon, Druid, Sorceress
B-tier (Average)Assassin
C-tier (Not Recommend)Barbarian

Necromancer and Paladin are easily the best classes in the game because of their skill trees and abilities. Paladin and Necromancer are the most potent classes you can play in Diablo 2. Paladin has a wide variety of magical and melee skills and adds to that. Paladin also has access to ranged weapons. Necromancer after a level can be one the most challenging classes to face. He can summon an army of the dead and wipe out hordes of enemies in seconds.

Amazon, Druid, and Sorceress all are on the A-class as they are suitable classes if you know how to use them. With the right person using them, they can be deadly, but they come below Necromancer and Paladin without that. Assassin and Barbarian’s last two are in the B and C tier due to their abilities and lack of versatility. Stealth and lurking in the shadows might sound great, but when you are playing a game like Diablo 2, there is not much you can do with it. As for Barbarian, his melee abilities come short if he goes against someone who has magical powers, so using him is questionable.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Build Tier List

S-tier (Best)Hammer Build, Summoner Build, Hammerdin MF% Build, Summoner MF% Build, Frozen Orb Build
A-tier (Good)Archer Build, Lighting Javelin Build, Whirlwind Build, Frenzy Build, Elemental Wind Build, Elemental Fire Build, Bone Spell Build, Poison Nova Build, Blizzard Build, Fire Meteorb Build, Chain Lightning Build, Blizzard MF% Build, Whirlwind MF% Build, Fist of Heaven Build, Smiter Build, Zealot Build, Berserker Build, Throwing Build, Ice Bowazon Build, Lighting Sentry Build
B-tier (Average)Trapper Build, Concentrate Build, Fire Wall Build, Poison Build, Werewolf Build, Full Summoner Build, Werebear Build, Fire Bowazon Build, Poison Javelin Build, Explosion Build, Elemental Build, Chaos Runeword Build
C-tier (Not Recommend)Dragon Talon Kicksin Build, PVP Charge Build, Smilet Charger Build, Melee Enchantress Build

All the above-mentioned S Tier builds are the best builds you can do in the game. Each build gives you the best outcomes of your time spent with the characters and the game. For example, Necromancer’s Summoner Build and Sorceress’s Frozen Orb build are the most potent and reliable builds made in the game. They will always give you an advantage over your enemies if you use your abilities well. All A tier builds come as one of the great builds in the game. However, they are inferior to S-Tier Builds.

You can get great results using them, although, they only excel at a certain amount of skills, and they do not offer versatility like S-Tier Builds. B Tier builds average builds, and they are undoubtedly inferior. Although if you can use a class well, you can still excel at it by using B-Tier Class Builds. C-Tier builds are not builds we do not recommend using, but you can try using them for fun.

Check out the best builds for each class in Diablo 2 Resurrected:

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