Best Class Combinations in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Here are some of the best class combinations to play in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderland is a spinoff RPG of Borderlands. The unleashed act of foes is proportional to the brutality. This looter and shooter RPG will be sure to keep alive the Borderland franchise with a boost. Now, if you want to survive this mayhem, you might want to look at the best classes that I have talked about earlier.

Today, I will be covering a bit more than that. After reaching a milestone in the game, you, sir, will be able to play as multi-class. This means you will have access to two unique classes. This unique choice allows the player to develop a synergized strategy to proceed further in the game. Also, it is pretty apparent that you need to know which combination of classes you might want to go for. Scroll down already for a brief overview.

Spellshot x Spore Warden

As Spellshot is a mage, you will be able to deal a tremendous amount of damage while increasing the spell damage from the skill tree. On the other hand, Spore Warden can lower the cooldown of all types of abilities. This one is quite a maestro combination only for a man with a plan.

With that bizarre Mushroom companion of Spore Warden combined with Glass Cannon of Spellshot, it will allow you to refresh the spells and to call for a regroup. Additionally, War Caster will enable your guns to reload automatically upon a kill. Moreover, Warden’s Bullseye will increase Crit Hits for the weapon if you combine it with the War Caster.

Graveborn x Spore Warden

Graveborn here is known to deal some good damage upon sacrificing his blood. And if you combine his blood with Spore Warden, you will have a high ground even if you lack a proper strategy.

Truth to be told, you can actually experiment with other classes to go with Graveborn. That is how versatile Graveborn is. Being a half Warden, the skills of Graveborn will boost up the overall damage. If the companion is on the field, there is a high potential to maximize the damage. However, if you can get a hold of the gun that summons Hydra, you can cast Dark Hydra on it; I would suggest seeing the result for yourself.

Spore Warden x Clawbringer

Clawbringer is a supporting tank. It lacks a high damage output, but some of the skills show real potential if used with a proper strategy. Additionally, you are getting a Dragon as a pet.

As the Clawbringer has an issue with getting cooled down, you can use the Bounty of the Hunt of Warden. It will reduce the cooldown time for Strom Smite of Clawbringer. Do not hesitate to use poison along with fire, as it is a lethal combo on the field. However, some experiments will be better for using the Dark Spells as there are various combos to achieve.

Spellshot x Stabbomancer

Stabbomancer will remind your days of being an assassin. There will be invisibility perks along with it while you hit a crit hit on foes.

Let’s start off with Executioner’s Blade of Stabbomancer. With some points being invested on Wisdom and Constitution, your overall arsenal will benefit from Crit hits. This is quite an excellent package with constant movement and increased gun damage.

Brrzerker x Graveborn

As we have discussed earlier in the playstyle of Graveborn, he is more focused on risky business. You will be on the brink of death from time to time. Here come the balancing acts from Brrzerker.

With the Frost Bite from Brrzerker, the foes will get slower, and the health can get regenerated from time to time. Couple it with Blood Frenzy, and you will get a chunk of your health back to where it belongs. As this act can go on and on, the sacrificing ritual from Graveborn will start to seem negligible. Last but not least, if you feel like you are stuck in a tweak, the Demi-Lich companion is there to get you out.

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