Best Blood Resonance Types in Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodhunt

Get buffed by sucking the blood off certain NPCs and activating different perks. Scroll down to know the best Bloor Resonance in Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodhunt.

Bloodhunt is the 5th edition of Vampire: The Masquerade developed from the fantasy horror World of Darkness. The rules are updated to the metaplot of 2018. Devs have a massive plan to get along with the books. *Exhaling in George R.R Martin’s way.

Start rolling on the streets of Prague. Stand on the night ground till the last. In the meantime, beat up some nightcrawlers and other players, and there you go. After the match, return to Elysium to interact with the players worldwide. You will also see some NPCs waiting for you to fulfill their quests. Get their job done and get a handsome amount of stash. Well, you can already know that you won’t be just playing in the battle royale.

Now, what matters is the Blood Resonance. Quite a complex addition until now since all the other battle royales, I must say. This new system basically adds an extra layer of customization for your character. In other words, suck the blood out from the NPCs. Show no mercy. Still a bit hazy, I presume. Let me break it down a bit more.

What are the Blood Resonance Types in Bloodhunt

Blood Resonance is basically the extra buff you get from doing a certain action. A “certain action” in this battle royale means feeding off of the NPCs; nothing but blood to survive the night and get some hefty bonuses. To make it more challenging, even the NPCs are specific to getting your nutrition. To make your worries a bit lesser, you will get three buffs at the very beginning of the game.

resonance vampire bloodhunt
Acquire Blood Resonance from the NPCs

Now about the certain NPCs. You are perked with Heightened Senses skill to recognize which NPCs to go after. With this, you will be able to identify the NPCs. Here is a catch. You will notice that the NPCs are tagged with different colors like purple, pink, orange, red, teal, etc. You will see the Blood Resonance icon and their rank. And yes, some of them are not like the others, said by Taylor Swift. Let me get you the rank below with their details.

Best Blood Resonance Types in Bloodhunt

In general, there cannot be any suggestion for the best Blood Resonance. The rank below is based on the character classes. This will also help you focus on which Resonance you should focus on more than the other. Well, do check this list before maxing out any Resonance randomly.


It holds the element of fire. Right, it also depicts the orange color. With this type, your melee damage will be increased by 10% to a maximum of 50%.

Choleric should be a priority for the Vandal and Siren class. It has importance as a secondary resonance as well. For the secondary choice, it should be packed by the Brute class.


It has the element of earth and carries a purple color. By acquiring this, the cooldown time for the clan skills will be reduced by 10% to a maximum of 50%.

Melancholic comes as a pretty important choice for Brute and Saboteur class; on the contrary, it is best to avoid adding as the secondary resonance.


It carries the element of water and the color teal and will reduce the cooldown time for archetype skills by 10% to a maximum of 50%.

Phlegmatic is a hotcake for several classes. Prowler, Siren, and Muse can be benefitted quite a lot by setting this as their priority resonance. Better to avoid adding as secondary.


Sanguine carries the element of air. It shows the color pink. With this, you can increase the amount of your health regeneration by 0.5 units per second to a maximum of 3 units per second.

Sanguine should be a secondary choice. Vandal, Saboteur, Prowler, and the Muse class can be advantageous by adding this one as their secondary resonance.

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