Top 5 Best Back 4 Blood Cards and Deck Combinations

Mahirul Alam Chowdhury
By Mahirul Alam Chowdhury
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credits: TurlteRockStudios

Back 4 Blood card and deck system are one of the shining stars of this crazy zombie shooter.

Cards in Back 4 Blood allows players to gain additional abilities and buffs. Players can build decks from these cards, hence allowing the players to customize their own unique playstyles. Furthermore, your card decks should complement your preferred Cleaner’s abilities as well. So that nothing can stand a chance against you.

There are two types of cards: Corruption and Active. The corruption cards are given by The Director at the start of every level. Furthermore, they have a randomized effect of increasing dangers and difficulty at every level.

Active Cards are the ones chosen by the players which grant them various boosts and perks, along with some drawbacks across a few of the cards; but a good balance between cards can minimize the offset. Active Cards are further divided into 4 types. They are: Offense, Defense, Utility, and Mobility

Hence, to ensure you get the best experience with your Cleaners we bring you some of the best Back 4 Blood Card Deck.

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Top 5 Best Back 4 Blood Card

5. Last Resort Deck

  • Durable: + 15% Trauma Resistance, + 5 Health.
  • Inspiring Sacrifice: When you or a teammate becomes incapacitated, all teammates heal for 25 health over 10 seconds.
  • Avenge the Fallen: When you or a teammate becomes incapacitated, everyone gets +30% Damage, +20% Reload Speed, and unlimited Ammo for 10 seconds.
  • Smelling Salts: + 50% Revive Speed
  • Rousing Speech: + 150% Revive Speed, -50% Revive Trauma. Disables the use of Offensive Accessories.
  • Combat Medic: + 25% Use Speed. Heals Teammates for an additional 20 when you revive them.
  • Wounded Animal: Kills while at Critical Health recover 1 Health.
  • True Grit: When you take a single hit for 15 or more damage, heal 8 Health over 5 seconds.

This deck does not grant you quick zombie-killing buffs neither strengthens your support stats. Instead, The Last Resort deck will be your trump card when you and you’re completely overwhelmed. It gives you all the necessary boosts and powerups you need to turn around an otherwise doomed scenario. A beginner-friendly card deck and one that ensures survival rather than anything else.

4. Shield Tank Deck

  • Numb The Pain: Gain + 15% Damage Resistance while you have Temporary Health.
  • Motorcycle Jacket: + 10% Damage Resistance.
  • Scar Tissue: Take 1 less damage from all Ridden.
  • Wounded Animal: Kills while at Critical Health recover 1 Health.
  • Amped Up: When you exit a starting saferoom, your team gains 50 Temporary Health.
  • Fire in the Hole! When you throw an Offensive Accessory, gain 20 Temporary Health and 20% Move Speed for 10 seconds.
  • Pyro: + 100% Fire damage, + 75% Fire Resistance. Kills with fire grant you 3 Temporary Health.
  • Face Your Fears: Gain 3 Temporary Health whenever you kill a Ridden within 2 meters.

This is the usual heavy tank build that makes you an unstoppable and unmovable force of power. With traits like temporary health boosts, damage resistance, boosts in movement speed. This combo will allow giving your teammates breathing space while you slow down Riddens with molotovs and other throwables.

3. Big Game Hunter Deck

  • Marked for Death: Mutations you ping are highlighted and your team deals 10% increased damage to highlighted enemies.
  • Reckless Strategy: + 30% Weakspot Damage. – 5% Damage Resistance.
  • Ridden Slayer: + 20% Weakspot Damage.
  • Shredder: Each bullet hit causes the target to take 1% increased damage for 3 seconds (stacks up to 50%).
  • Tactical Vest: + 30% Rifle Ammo Capacity, + 10% Damage with Assault Rifles and LMGs.
  • True Grit: When you take a single hit for 15 or more damage, heal 8 Health over 5 seconds.

This deck gives you all the buffs that you would need to lay down some serious damage when wielding big guns such as Rifles, LMGs, etc. Furthermore, you get damage resistance, small healing, and a great deal of weak spot damage.

This is the perfect build for quickly shooting down strong Mutations especially since pinging allows your team to deal 10% extra damage to the pinged Riddens.

2. The Inventor Deck

  • Support Scavenger: You can sense nearby Support Accessories. More Support Accessories spawn.
  • Shoulder Bag: + 2 Support Inventory. – 10% Damage Dealt.
  • Medical Expert + 15% Healing Efficiency. When you use a Medical Accessory, you gain 15% Movement Speed for 15 seconds.
  • Group Therapy: When you use a Medical Accessory, all teammates heal for 10 health.
  • Chemical Courage: Pain Meds you apply also grant + 25% Damage for 60 seconds.
  • Offensive Scavenger: You can sense nearby Offensive Accessories. More Offensive Accessories spawn.
  • Double Grenade Pouch: + 2 Offensive Inventory, – 10% Damage Dealt.
  • Demolitions Expert: + 50% Accessory Damage. – 20% Ammo Capacity.
  • Improvised Explosives: + 75% Accessory Damage. – 25% Swap Speed.
  • Fire in the Hole! When you throw an Offensive Accessory, gain 20 Temporary Health and 20% Move Speed for 10 seconds.

Goes extremely well with Cleaners based around support and mobility such as Hoffman and Mom. This Back 4 Blood card deck build causes more support items to show up and you can sense nearby ones. Grants additional inventory, better healing, movement buffs, team healing as well damage boosts when using accessories.

And with all this in your palm, this deck is recommended for team players who are also quick on their feet as the Riddens won’t be slowing down.

1. The Benefactor Deck

  • Share the Wealth: Each teammate gains 100 bonus Copper at the start of each level.
  • Silver Bullets: + 15% Damage Dealt, + 150% Bullet Penetration. When you kill a Mutation, you lose 5 Copper.
  • Bounty Hunter: When you kill a Mutation, gain 10 Copper (up to 300 per level).
  • Surplus Pouches: + 1 Team Offensive Inventory, – 10 Health.
  • Box O’ Bags: + 1 Team Support Inventory, – 10 Health.
  • Hydration Pack: + 25 Health, – 20% Ammo Capacity.
  • Ammo for All: + 10% Team Ammo Capacity.

Undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable Back 4 Blood card decks, but we would not recommend you to go for this when playing alone. This is because almost all the cards in this deck revolve around giving you and your team great stat boosts. Hence this is a completely support-oriented build. That ranges from bonus currency to increased inventory for both offense and defensive items.

Although there is some downside such as you will lose some money permutation kill and have fewer ammo capacities. You will hardly notice these as your team will be able to quickly purchase stronger upgrades and items, therefore becoming stronger in a short time.

Mahirul Alam Chowdhury is a writer and HR Manager at GameRiv.