Best Armor in Valheim 2022: Ranked from Worst to Best

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Get to know the best and worst armor in Valheim. So that you can pick according to your best needs.

One of the most important aspects in Valheim is defending yourself, in the dangerous world you play. In this huge creative sandbox world of Valheim, survival is key. And to do so you need the best armors at all times protecting yourself from the elements.

This guide lays out all the armor in Valheims and ranks the best ones. Although the best armors are obtainable after you played some time, it requires a lot of materials to craft and upgrades them. Hence, initially, you will find yourself mostly crafting and wearing weaker armor. Smart play can make them more than enough too.

As you progress more in the game you should always look to craft the better ones. So do not lose hope if you cannot equip yourself with the strongest armors at the early stages of your playthrough.

Apart from Armor sets, there are also capes and belts that give defense and bonuses but do not actually belong to specific armor sets.

All armor set and defense equipment in Valheim ranked from worst to best

7. Ragged Armor

Best Armor Valheim

Ragged Armor is the first set of armor or even protective clothing that you can craft in Valheim. The Ragged armor set contains only a tunic and pants, both offer only 1 armor. Hence, they are the weakest armor in the game. To craft Ragged Armors, you need a Workbench and Leather Scraps.

Set for Ragged Armor:

  • Rag Tunic– Armor: 1, Weight: 2
  • Rag Pants– Armor: 1, Weight: 2

6. Leather Armor

Best Armor Valheim

Leather Armor can be crafted with Leather after your Workbench reaches level 2. Compared to Ragged Armor this is far better. As it has more equipment in its total set giving you a combined armor of 7. Additionally, it is also light hence, does not restrict speed nor eats up too much weight capacity.

Set for Leather Armor:

  • Leather Helmet- Armor: 2, Weight: 1
  • Leather Tunic- Armor 2, Weight: 5
  • Leather Pants- Armor 2, Weight: 5
  • Deer Hide Cape- Armor: 1, Weight: 4

5. Troll Armor

Best Armor Valheim

Troll Armor is the third set of your armor you’ll come across as you upgrade your Workbench more. Specifically, you need to upgrade it to level 3 to be able to craft any equipment from this set.

You should try to upgrade your Workbench to at least level 3 as soon as possible to get these reliable Armor sets. The set provides a total of 19 Armor, a 12 greater than the Leather sets, and does not lower speed either nor takes up too much weight capacity. Furthermore, wearing the full set grants a 25% boost to stealth.

Gather Troll hides by killing Trolls. They are mostly found in Black Forest areas.

Set for Troll Armor:

  • Troll Helmet- Armor: 6, Weight: 1
  • Troll Tunic- Armor 6, Weight: 5
  • Troll Leather Pants- Armor 6, Weight: 5
  • Troll Hide Cape- Armor: 1, Weight: 4

4. Bronze Armor

With the Bronze armor set, we start with the sets that offer great defense but also restrict movement speed thanks to weight. Crafting Bronze armor requires some effort, as you need a forge of level 1, with which you need to use metal bars. Furthermore, these metal bars have to be melted from metal ores. Metal ores are mined. Bronze armors are not bad armor sets but you can get your hands on even better ones soon after. This set has only 3 equipment

Set for Bronze Armor :

  • Bronze Helmet– Armor: 8, Weight: 3
  • Plate Leggings- Armor: 8, Weight 10, Movement speed: -5%
  • Bronze Plate Cuirass– Armor: 8, Weight: 10, Movement speed: -5%

3. Iron Armor

Best Armor Valheim

Iron Armor shares a lot of similarities with the Bronze Armors. Both of its torso and leg pieces have the same restriction to mobility by 5%. Both require a level 1 forge to craft. But unlike Bronze Armor, Iron Armor offers much greater defense. Unfortunately a greater weight too.

All 3 types of equipment offer 14 Armor each, with the same decrease in movement speed. Therefore Iron Armor is a better choice by leaps and bounds. But crafting them requires Deer hides and a good collection of Iron.

Set for Iron Armor:

  • Iron Helmet- Armor: 14, Weight: 3
  • Iron Scale Mail- Armor: 14, Weight: 15, Movement speed: -5%
  • Greaves- Armor: 14, Weight: 15, Movement speed: -5%

2. Wolf Armor

Best Armor Valheim

The armor pieces from Wolf Armor are some of the best in the game. They provide huge defense as well as frost resistance. To craft them you’ll need a level 2 forge, lots of silver, wolf pelts, wolf fangs. Sounds like a lot of effort, but it is all worth it. Apart from the cape, each armor provides a 20 defense. Enough to keep you standing against some of the toughest foes in-game. Chest piece and Cape keep you warm in the cold and freezing temperatures.

Set for Wolf Armor:

  • Wolf armor chests– Armor: 20, Weight: 15, Frost Resistance, Movement Speed: -5%;
  • Wolf armor legs– Armor: 20, Weight: 15, Movement Speed: -5%
  • Drake helmet– Armor: 20, Weight: 3;
  • Wolf fur cape– Armor: 1, Weight: 4, Frost Resistance.

1. Padded Armor

Padded Armors provides undoubtedly the best protection in Valheim. In most cases, it is easier to craft as well as has less weight than Wolf Armor. On the other hand, provides a better armor defense. Helmet, Cuirass, and the Greaves have 26 armor ratings.

To craft Padded Armors, you need to collect quite a lot of Iron and Linen Threads, and a maximum Forge level 2. By the time you reach the point of being able to craft Padded Armor pieces, you won’t find gathering these resources too hard, if you know where to look. Nevertheless, these are the best Armor set in Valheim.

Set for Padded Armor:

  • Padded helmet– Armor: 26, Weight: 3;
  • Padded cuirass– Armor: 26, Weight: 10, Movement Speed: -5%;
  • Padded greaves– Armor: 26, Weight 10, Movement Speed: -5%;
  • Linen cape: Armor: 1, Weight: 4.

Equipment not part of any Armor Sets in Valheim:

  • Cape of Odin: A simple but ancient cape with Armor rating of 1 in every level. It cannot be crafted. This cape can be obtained using cheat ‘imacheater’ in the console command.
  • Cape Test: This too has an armor rating of 1, although can only be obtained right now using ‘imacheater’ code and using spaw CapeTest in console command.
  • Lox Cape: Lox Cape provides Frost Resistance and an armor rating of 1 at the start. To craft this cape you need Lox pelts and Silver.
  • Megingjord: This belt offers no increased defense but is the only way to increase carry weight in Valheim. Additionally, the belt cannot be crafted and can only be pruchased from Haldor the Traider for 950 coinds.
  • Wishbone: This belt is a special one as it can be used to search for ores and hidden treasures. Moreover, the only way to obtain it is by defating the Bonemass boss living in the swamps. A hard foe to slay so don’t go attacking head on.

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