Best AK-47 Skins in CS:GO 2022: Ranking the Skins from Worst to Best

The Ak-47 Skins have always been the favorites of almost all CS:GO players; Casual and Professional alike. Here, we’ll be ranking the skins from worst to best.

The Ak-47 is the main assault rifle for the Terrorist side. It is extremely powerful with the ability to one-shot opponents in the head which the CT side M4 is unable to do. The weapon is extremely versatile with the potential to kill enemies at range because of its 1 tap capability and at close range, it can mow down enemies with its spray.

Almost the entirety of the CS:GO community loves the Ak-47 as it is the go-to weapon on the T side as well as some even seek to pick it up from enemies while on the CT side. The Ak-47 is one of the top 2 weapons in the game and favored by many which is why many cherish purchasing a skin to use with their favorite weapon. A skin can be obtained in many ways; Opening cases, Trading up via contract, or Purchasing from the community or third-party market. If you’re looking to buy an Ak-47 skin in 2022 here are the best ones.

Best Ak-47 Skins in CS:GO (A Complete Tier List)

As this gun is loved and favored by so many people, it is often a common sight to see a variety of skins used with this weapon. So far Valve has released 38 skins for the Ak-47 so far and here we will be ranking them based on their looks along with their prices.

TierAk-47 Skins
S-TierAk-47 | Legion of Anubis, Ak-47 | Bloodsport, Ak-47 | Vulcan, Ak-47 | Asiimov, Ak-47 | Neon Rider
A-TierAk-47 | The Empress, Ak-47 | Fuel Injector, Ak-47 | Aquamarine Revenge, Ak-47 | Wasteland Rebel, Ak-47 | Fire Serpent, Ak-47 | Phantom Disruptor, Ak-47 | Point Disarray, Ak-47 | Redline, Ak-47 | Neon Revolution
B-TierAk-47 | Wild Lotus, Ak-47 | Frontside Misty, Ak-47 | Case Hardened, Ak-47 | Panthera Orca, Ak-47 | Hydroponic, Ak-47 | Rat Rod, Ak-47 | Orbit Mk01, Ak-47 | Emerald Pinstripe, Ak-47 | Elite Build, Ak-47 | Cartel, Ak-47 | Uncharted
C-Tier Ak-47 | Jaguar, Ak-47 | X-Ray, Ak-47 | Red Laminate, Ak-47 | Blue Laminate, Ak-47 | First Class, Ak-47 | Black Laminate, Ak-47 | Jet Set, Ak-47 | Slate, Ak-47 | Baroque Purple
F-Tier Ak-47 | Safari Mesh, Ak-47 | Jungle Spray, Ak-47 | Predator, Ak-47 | Safety Net

All the skins have been ranked on the basis of their looks along with their price so if the skin looks marginally better but costs way more than a decent cheap skin, the former will be ranked lower. Prices are from the time of writing and are subject to change, but they will not stray far from the prices mentioned below.

Among all the Ak-47 skins released in CS:GO so far, here are the top 15 skins along with their recommended conditions to purchase:

15. Ak-47 | Elite Build

Factory New Ak-47 |
Factory New Ak-47 | Elite Build

Steam Market Price: $1.5 (Field-Tested)

Starting off the list is the Ak-47 | Elite Build is an inexpensive skin that costs just over a dollar. This skin has a Military theme going on and looks very classy with black and yellow accents. This is definitely a good skin to purchase if you have a budget under $2. We recommend going with the FT version for the best value.

14. Ak-47 | Frontside Misty

Factory New Ak-47 | Fuel Injector
Factory New Ak-47 | Frontside Misty

Steam Market Price: $14 (Field-Tested)

The Frontside Misty is another AK skin that has some cool blue and white patterns. Slap on some nice stickers and it is a very nice skin to have. We recommend going with the FT version for the best value.

13. Ak-47 | Fuel Injector

Factory New Ak-47 | Fuel Injector
Factory New Ak-47 | Fuel Injector

Steam Market Price: $64 (Well-Worn)

The Fuel Injector is a beautiful AK skin featuring a bright Yellow body and detailing on the magazine. There aren’t many good Yellow Ak skins so if you’re looking for something in that color theme is definitely the one to go for.

This is what’s called “brightness skin” which means it is not that much affected by wear and doesn’t get scratches. So you can make do with a WW version for $64.

12. Ak-47 | Neon Revolution

Factory New Ak-47 | neon
Factory New Ak-47 | Neon Revolution

Steam Market Price: $17 (Field-Tested)

The Ak-47 | Neon Revolution is a very bright and colorful gun. Having hot pink and lime green colors with the writing “ANARCHY” on the body, this skin has a very interesting look. We recommend getting it in FT condition for around $17.

11. Ak-47 | Wasteland Rebel

Factory New Ak-47 | Wasteland Rebel
Factory New Ak-47 | Wasteland Rebel

Steam Market Price: $23 (Field-Tested)

The Wasteland Rebel theme looks perfectly at home on the Ak as if it was just meant to be on it. The battered wooden texture with white graffiti on it makes it perfectly in tune with the terrorist theme. Our pick was the FT version of it to get the most value.

10. Ak-47 | Phantom Disruptor

Factory New Ak-47 | PD
Factory New Ak-47 | Phantom Disruptor

Steam Market Price: $6.5 (Field-Tested)

This is one of our favorite budget skins as it offers an uncommon color theme at a low price. The Phantom Disruptor has very nice detailing of a brown-white-blue theme monster or “phantom” with its mouth near the barrel. With the affordable $6.5 price tag for the FT version, we definitely recommend picking up one of these if you want a nice skin on a budget.

9. Ak-47 | Redline

Factory New Ak-47 |Redline
Factory New Ak-47 | Redline

Steam Market Price: $15.5 (Field-Tested)

The Ak-47 | Redline is another old classic featuring a carbon-fiber body with the signature red lines cutting across. The skin looks very cool and with some red stickers, it can look amazing. It is one of the highest sold skins on the CS:GO community market and you can often get a low float FT one with nice stickers.

8. Ak-47 | Point Disarray

Factory New Ak-47 |PD
Factory New Ak-47 | Point Disarray

Steam Market Price: $19.5 (Minimal Wear)

The Point Disarray is one of the more colorful and vibrant skins for the Ak-47. The sky blue and pink colors tied in with abstract designs make this a very beautiful yet simple skin for the Ak. This skin does start to show scratches easily so we recommend going for the MW version for $19.5.

7. Ak-47 | Aquamarine Revenge

Factory New Ak-47 |AR
Factory New Ak-47 | Aquamarine Revenge

Steam Market Price: $26 (Field-Tested)

Fire Dolphins, need I say more? The Aquamarine revenge is a classic skin from back in the days with beautiful detailing and artwork. The skin is adorned with what looks like water current graphics with red flaming dolphins swimming about. The matte grey Handguard, Magazine, and Butt of the gun just finish the look perfectly. You can pick this up in FT condition for $26.

6. Ak-47 | Neon Rider

Factory New Ak-47 |NR
Factory New Ak-47 | Neon Rider

Steam Market Price: $34 (Field-Tested)

The Neon Rider on the Mac-10 was an instant hit and people waited so long for that theme to be available on other guns. Finally, we have the Ak-47 | Neon Rider which turned out looking even better than the Mac 10. The Blue and Purple futuristic theme is perfect for anyone looking to build a Cyberpunk theme loadout. We recommend getting the skin in FT condition as it looks very decent while keeping the cost low.

5. Ak-47 | Legion of Anubis

Factory New Ak-47 |Anubis
Factory New Ak-47 | Legion of Anubis

Steam Market Price: $16(Field-Tested)

The AK-47 | Anubis, later known as Legion of Anubis was a submission by Designer Apel (designed CS:GO skins like the AWP | Containment Breach and M4A1-S Nightmare) which took the community by storm. The skin was later accepted in 2020 as a part of the Fracture case by Valve. We recommend going with the FT version for $16.

4. Ak-47 | Bloodsport

Factory New Ak-47 | BS
Factory New Ak-47 | Bloodsport

Steam Market Price: $48 (Field-Tested)

The Bloodsport is one of the older skins introduced in CS:GO and it was released as a part of the Spectrum Collection in 2017. The skin has a sports-inspired design in a red-white-grey theme. Various logos and icons adorn the skin just like how sports jerseys have sponsor logos. For value we recommend the FT version.

3. Ak-47 | Asiimov

Factory New Ak-47 |Asii
Factory New Ak-47 | Asiimov

Steam Market Price: $28(Field-Tested)

With how popular the AWP | Asiimov and M4A4 | Asiimov were, the fans have been requesting the Asiimov to be on the Ak for a very long time. After half a decade after the first Asiimov, we finally got the Ak-47 | Asiimov as a part of the Danger Zone collection at the end of 2018.

This skin looks very sleek and futuristic and the Asiimov pattern just looks amazing in the Ak. We recommend the FT variant for value for money and those who can shell out more and want nicer looks can definitely go for the MW for $50.

2. Ak-47 | The Empress

Factory New Ak-47 |Empress
Factory New Ak-47 | The Empress

Steam Market Price: $27 (Field-Tested)

The Ak – 47 | Empress is one of the most detailed Ak skins that has been released to date. This skin was a collaboration between OniLolz, Zaphk, and 2Minds and was added as a part of the Spectrum 2 Collection in 2017.

BLAST Premier also hosted a mini-event named Skin Selector where the pro players of CS:GO picked their favorite skins for the Ak where the Ak-47 | The Empress was a tied winner. This skin is extremely detailed skin and is more like a work of art than a weapon. We recommend going with the Ft version for the best value.

1. Ak-47 | Vulcan

Factory New Ak-47 | Vulcan
Factory New Ak-47 | Vulcan

Steam Market Price: $98 (Field-Tested)

The Ak-47 | Vulcan is legendary skin in CS:GO which was added to the game way back in 2014 as a part of the Huntsman Collection. The Vulcan is painted black and adorned with stripes, geometric shapes, and blue, white, and gray patterns.

It is a classic skin in CS:GO history and is also the combined winner of the BLASTxCS.Money Skin Selector tournament. This skin looks extremely good with stickers on and there is a Stattrack Variant with some very special stickers which is one of the most expensive CS:GO skins in the world.

This is a very expensive skin with the Factory New non-stattrack version going for close to $500 and the Stattrack version as much as $1300. For those of you who want a nice-looking Vulcan without losing an arm and a leg, can pick this up in FT for just under a hundred dollars.

Honorable Mentions

The most expensive: Ak-47 | Fire Serpent

Factory New Ak-47 |FS
Factory New Ak-47 | Fire Serpent

CS.Money Price: $10,300 (Stattrack Factory New), $870 (Field-Tested)

There are only 2 types of CS:Go Players: Those who like the Fire Serpent and those who don’t. This is one of the most expensive skins in CS:GO and has been the main skin of choice for the Pro players in the early days. But in recent times there are just more vibrant and cheaper Ak skins in the market. The value for money for this skin is the FT version and even that will cost around $870.

The Pattern Dependent: Ak-47 | Case Hardened

Factory New Ak-47 |CH
Factory New Ak-47 | Case Hardened

Steam Market Price: $98 (Well Worn)

This skin is more like a hit or miss. This skin is dependent completely on the pattern and the average patterned Ak-47 | Case Hardened doesn’t really wow anyone. But with the right pattern, it can cost as much as four sports cars. No recommendations here but the goal is to get one with as much blue as possible. The value of this skin varies with the amount and position of the Blue it has.

The most detailed: Ak-47 | Wild Lotus

Factory New Ak-47 |WL
Factory New Ak-47 | Wild Lotus

CS.Money Price: $3000 (Well-Worn)

This is a very beautiful skin adorned with detailed flowers and creepers. The reason it has not been mentioned in the list is that it is an incredibly hard skin to obtain with the BS one going for $1900 and the FN one going for $8400.

The best skin under $1: Ak-47 | Uncharted

Factory New Ak-47 |UC
Factory New Ak-47 | Uncharted

Steam Market Price: $0.65 (Minimal Wear)

For those of you who have under $1 and still want something other than the Default Ak, you can pick up the Ak-47 | Uncharted for only 65 cents for the MW version.

So this wraps up the best CS:GO Ak-47 skins in the game. Note that rankings like these are purely subjective and you might disagree with some of them. The prices were listed as they were on the date of writing this article.

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