Best Age Of Empires 4 Civilizations: Ranking All Factions from Worst to Best

Confused about what Civilizations to play as in Age of Empires 4? Here we try to help you out with the best Age of Empires 4 Civilizations.

The latest installment from the legendary real-time strategy of Age Of Empires is Age of Empires 4. Like its other predecessor’s Age of Empires 4 also consists of several Civilizations to choose from, and start your journey of creating a grand empire. For newcomers to this addicting game, choosing the correct one can turn out to be intimidating. Hence, some might let go of this classic PC gaming experience altogether or not enjoy it as much as they should.

Hence, we bring you this tier list to help you pick the right Factions.

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All Civilizations in Age Of Empire 4

Age of Empires 4 features 8 Civilizations at launch. Some are more similar to the past games. Such as the English. While some are more new in terms of what they allow you to do, such as the Mongols. So an easy pick for players who want to start with a touch of the past Age of Empires game can easily go with the English.

The Civilizations in Age Of Empire 4 are:


Civilizations Age Empires 4
credits: Age of Empires IV

The English Civilization does not offer anything special. But it is the most balanced and versatile of them all. Perfect for both newcomers or players that want to play with the same vibe as the previous games. The English’s bonuses include increased defense for fortified walls and increased range for longbowmen. Its Landmark also boosts defense. Furthermore, they can also increase the attack speed of certain buildings. Making it a good balance of both offense and defense.

On the procurement side, they can build Farms with lesser wood, gather food faster if the Farms are built near Mills.

The downside is that you have to rely more on defense, as going too far a distance decreases the fire rates of Longbowmen.

The Abbasid Dynasty

Civilizations Age Empires 4
credits: Age of Empires IV

The Abbasid Dynasty is one of the strongest Civilizations to play with and also enjoyable. Although it takes some practice to use it to its full potential. The Abbasids specialize in their Camel Units, to counter any cavalry units easily.

Unlike the rest, Abbasid does not rely on building Landmarks by Villagers to advance age. Instead, you build a House of Wisdom and add different wings to it that give various bonuses to make your life easier. Such as the ability to advance Ages quickly, reduce the cost of Villagers by half, and produce a huge number of Lancer and Camel units, to protect and expand your turf.

They excel best during mid-game due to their various bonuses that help in grinding resources and overwhelm the enemy.

The Rus

credits: Age of Empires IV

The Rus are strong and cunning. But they are very difficult to start with. This is because, instead of focusing on directly going head-on with the enemies, Rus uses their different units and abilities to mess with the enemy’s psyche and put them in a stressful position.

The Bounty ability lets you get more bonuses the more you hunt for animals. Additionally, as your Bounty increases, so does your rate of food gathering and more Gold. Hunting cabins are replacements for Mills that let you produce scouts as well as gold.

Rus’ Scout units can steal from enemies and pester opponent’s campsites. If you can manage to build their caste age landmark, Abbey of the Trinity, you can deploy Warrior Monk units. They don’t do much in fighting but they will heal and buff your troops making them a grave problem for your foes. The Streltsy units are gunpowder-based. They have high melee and ranged attacks, health, and defense. Especially against arrows. The Chemistry upgrades increase gunpowder damage. Biology upgrades increase cavalry health.

The downside is that allocating proper resources early on is tough as Rus depends more on going forward and exploring for the best results. This may lead to enemies quickly getting rid of all your units. After you reach the mid to late stages you can truly use its advantages.

The Holy Roman Empire

Civilizations Age Empires 4
credits: Age of Empires IV

The Holy Roman Empire is a unique Civilization but its uniqueness might disinterest some users. That is, The Romans completely relies on religion. That means units, buildings, and abilities are all focused on the religious aspect of the game instead of building and fighting with raw power. Also making it a bit harder to deal with.

The goal is to gather wood and produce Villagers as fast as possible so that you can build a strong Navy that is an advantage of this Civilization. Making them unstoppable at sea. Collect relics as fast as possible. Finally, focus on increasing religious abilities and units.

Relics can be used to boost all different stats such as an attack, defense, range, etc of all units. Moreover, their landmarks also give huge bonuses that help you in battle, gold, and resources.

The Chinese

Civilizations Age Empires 4
credits: Age of Empires IV

The Chinese are an extremely difficult Civilization to play with. For most players, it becomes more work than fun. Everything for The Chinese is dependant on spending Gold and other resources, but mainly the former. To advance to the next Age, you need to build two Landmarks which means a hefty requirement of resources and time. Although they can mine for Gold faster and has the ability to earn passively, most of the time it is not enough. Hence you will find yourself often falling short. Mostly due to their heavy requirements of Landmarks and the Grenadier units, which is itself a very powerful unit.

The good thing is that you have a lot of researchable techs to spend on. But you should think wisely and pick your researchers. Because advancing to the next Age locks all researchers of the former one.

On the other hand, all these make The Chinese are a great support in team matches. But for single-player games, we hope it gets some buffs soon.

The Delhi Sultanate

credits: Age of Empires IV

The Delhi Sultanate fares the same as The Chinese when it comes to the difficulty of playing. On top of being a slower Civilization, it heavily relies on defense. This is because its more powerful units and abilities take some time to unlock. Such as the War Elephants which is available very late but it can crush everything in its path. Delhi Sultanate Infantry has the ability to build defensive structures which is a welcome feature.

The Delhi Sultanate is different in the sense that research has no cost. So technically, you can research as much tech as you desire. Sounds lovely, but the downside is that researching takes up a lot of time. So, it is wise to research the more important techs early on. The Scholars unit helps to reduce the time taken to complete researches. The Scholars also require a ton of Gold and Wood to produce.

All these make The Delhi Sultanate a cumbersome Civilization to play with and you should probably leave it for the pros and enthusiasts if you aren’t them. But like the Chinese, this Civilization can also make a powerful ally on co-op.

The French

credits: Age of Empires IV

The French are easily one of the strongest Civilizations in Age Of Empires 4 in addition to versatility. Their bonuses include better resource management, efficient unit production, and various research bonuses. But they are mainly focused on military might.

The influence system allows Stables and Archery ranges to produce units faster when kept near a Keep. Furthermore, you can choose the resources traders can return with. The Town Center also produces units faster. All these advantages can help you build a strong military force early on, and construct required buildings. And once you have access to stronger units no one can stop you, let it be offense or defense. Such as the Royal Knights, can fight with foes and hold their own in addition to raiding opponent villagers and taking their land.

The French’s unique bonuses and the potential to build a deadly army make them an easy choice for both adept and amateur players. One can delve and enjoy the game with this Civilization.

The Mongols

credits: Age of Empires IV

Now comes the final Civilization, The Mongols. They are as strong as they are hard to play with. The other difficult Civilizations are not worth practicing with when you have this as an option. The Mongols have some exclusive trick in their sleeve that will leave nightmares for anyone playing against you.

The Mongols are the only Civilization that can move bases at will. Just like the Mongols nomadic lifestyle in real life. You can just pick up and move to a more strategic location. This ability allows you to divide off towns and villages, and more importantly, allows you to perform hit-and-run raids on opponent towns and steal their resources.

The Mongols let you play with a strong economy early on as well. You can create two cheap traders early, start the game with a full population so resources are used elsewhere and from the get-go. Moreover, you have the Ovoo as well. These are buildings that collect stones on their own once placed on a source. Since Mongols cannot gather anything on their own.

When it comes to military might, you can access Lancers and Horsemen early on. The unique Mangudai units are a combination of Archers and Cavalry. They have great speed, attack range, as well as the ability to attack while moving. Making them perfect for surprise raids and pillages or even disorienting opponents. The Khanate gives buffs to military forces. To top it off, you get to plunder +50 Food and Gold for every building you ignite.

Age Of Empires 4 Civilizations Tier List (Ranking all Civilizations from Worst to Best)

  • Best (S-tier): Mongols, French
  • Good (A-tier): English, Rus, Abbasids
  • Average (B-tier): Holy Roman Empire
  • Not recommended (C-tier): Chinese, Delhi Sultanate

The Mongols and French are S-tier because of their usefulness, unique abilities that give them an overwhelming advantage early on, and strong military units. But unlike the French which is versatile and easier to play with. The Mongols are way difficult but the fun factor and scary abilities make them worthy of S-tier.

Both the Rus and the Abbasids take some patience and a bit of learning to master but once that’s done both can be a major force thanks to their special traits. Especially with Rus, it might as well be on S-tier. On the other hand, English is a balanced Civilization that can do a little of everything and is easy to pick up on.

Holy Roman Empire lacks in a lot of areas, but it tries to make up for it with its focus on Relics and Religion. It can be made powerful mid-game with all its boosts and the most powerful navy in the game. With more complete Civilizations out there, it just falls short.

The Chinese and The Delhi Sultanate belong in the C-tier Civilizations of Age Of Empires 4 because of their cumbersome playstyle. Yes, they have some pretty nifty fighting units and traits that give great advantages. But the slow playstyle combined with the learning curve makes these two more often a chore than a fun experience. Especially when the other difficult Civilizations are way better to play with.

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