Top 5 Best Abilities for Miles Morales: Spider-Man 2

Abu Taher Tamim
By Abu Taher Tamim
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If you’re like me, you’re already swinging into action as Miles Morales in the hugely anticipated game Spider-Man 2. That’s why you need to know about these 5 best abilities for Miles in Spider-Man 2 to experience even more action.

Miles Morales is one of my favorite superheroes, and I always use his unique venom abilities. I was eager to step into the shoes of Miles Morales before Spider-Man 2 was released.

Now, after playing with him for a while, I have to say that Insomniac Games did a fantastic job bringing his character to life. The most intriguing part of playing with Miles was his abilities.

In this guide, I’ll discuss the best abilities for Miles in Spider-Man 2, based on how I like to play with him. These are the skills you’ll want to unlock first when playing as Miles. Without further ado, let’s clobber criminals and protect New York City with the best abilities for Miles in Spider-Man 2.

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Top 5 Best Abilities for Miles in Spider-Man 2

5. Galvanize

Galvanize (Miles) in Spider-Man 2

To start, Galvanize generates a radial venom blast, damaging nearby foes. This ability shows its true color when surrounded. Galvanize can be upgraded to deal more damage and affect more enemies. You can use this skill both offensively and defensively. So, this ability is invaluable.

4. Chain Lightning

Chain Lightning (Miles) in Spider-Man 2

Need to tase groups of baddies simultaneously? Chain Lightning is ideal for electrocuting multiple foes at once. This thing is great against clusters of enemies, especially when it’s fully upgraded. I love seeing the electric current arcing between the convulsing henchmen! You need to upgrade Chain Lightning to zap more enemies simultaneously.

3. Venom Jump

Venom Jump (Miles) in Spider-Man 2

Let’s get airborne with Venom Jump! With this ability, Miles is able to cover huge distances using venom energy. Upgrading Venom Jump is key for web-swinging rapidly across New York. Plus, you’re able to jump on enemies from great heights with electrified venom kicks!

2. Venom Smash

Venom Smash (Miles) in Spider-Man 2

Next up is the lethal Venom Smash. After leaping into the air, you can slam down with a venom-powered punch, damaging and flinging back nearby enemies. I use it for crowd control when I’m surrounded. You should upgrade Venom Smash to increase its radius and damage. This is a must-have ability!

1. Venom Punch

Venom Punch (Miles) in Spider-Man 2

Finally, let’s talk about Miles’ signature move – Venom Punch. You can charge up and unleash a devastating bioelectric punch that stuns enemies. Nothing beats knocking a foe across the screen with a Venom Punch! I recommend upgrading it first, since it generates venom energy and provides a strong melee attack. Use Venom Punch to smash through defenses early on.

There you have it—my top picks for Miles’ abilities in Spider-Man 2. In a nutshell, abilities like Venom Punch, Venom Smash, Venom Jump, Chain Lightning, and Galvanize should be at the top of your list when upgrading Miles’ skills. Equip these first to turn Miles Morales into a combat powerhouse.

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