Best 5 Characters in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

There are so many characters to choose from, so we have shorted out the choice for you.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns bring a new game with an exciting lineup of characters. There are 12 playable characters, heroes, and one customizable character fans will play as. Among the long list of characters, each is different and has different abilities to offer.

Some are good at offense, some are good at defense, while some are great at being support characters. So if you are confused about which are the best characters in the game. Below we have made a complete list of the five best characters in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

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Best 5 Characters In Marvel’s Midnight Suns

5) Hunter

Credit- 2K Games

Hunter is a custom hero you can build and the main protagonist in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Among all other characters, Hunters has the highest level of customization, with three different paths to choose from. These paths are along a General Path, a Light Path, and a Dark Path. Each path has different cards to offer, and the best among them that goes with Hunter is the Light path. Hunter can quickly become the best healer in the game if you choose the Light Path. Below you can check out the best cards you should use and upgrade for this character:

Best Cards to Upgrade:

  • Fortify
  • Inspire
  • Heal
  • Guarding Strike
  • Last Sight
  • Dark Blessing

4) Spider-Man

Credit- 2K Games

Spider-Man is an excellent addition to your squad if you want a character with mobility. Spider-Man is at his best when he uses the environment to his advantage. His cards complement his attacks, making environment attacks cheaper and more robust to use. Pairing him with Magik or Iron man could be a perfect combo, as they both make the best of environmental attacks and can reposition enemies. You can check out the best cards you can upgrade while playing with him below:

Best Cards to Upgrade:

  • Thwip
  • Spidey Sense
  • Opportunist

3) Scarlet Witch

Marvel_s-Midnight-Suns The-Scarlet-Witch
Credit- 2K Games

Although Scarlet Witch comes a little late in the game, that does not change the fact that she is one of the most powerful characters. Scarlet Witch can inflict much damage as the battle continues and time passes. With her cards like Hex Bolt, you should defend, make more turns go by, and then hit an enemy with all you have. You can check out the best chards you should upgrade to bring out the best in her below:

Best Cards to Upgrade:

  • Hex Bolt
  • Hex Field
  • Unleashed

2) Magik

Credit- 2K Games

Magik is an excellent character, especially in a turned-based strategy game like Marvel’s Midnight Suns. She has good cards which can reposition enemies, tossing them around from their position to electrical boxes, walls, and sometimes even into each other. Her abilities can set up many different environmental effects, and thanks to her area-effect-based damage, attacks can be very effective. It would be best if you focus on upgrading her Limbo Portal fullest to unlock her full potential. You can check her best cards below:

Best Cards to Upgrade:

  • Limbo Portal
  • Gather
  • Banish

1) Wolverine

Credit- 2K Games

The last one on our list and the best character to use in Marvel’s Midnight Suns is the iconic man with claws, Wolverine. Wolverine’s healing ability is unlike any other, and he can act as a Tank in your team, soaking up damage. His attacks also allow him to steal the life of enemies allowing him to deal damage and heal at the same time. Wolverine also has a remarkable ability to resurrect himself if he gets killed in the game. You can check out the best cards you should upgrade while having him in your party below:

Best Cards to Upgrade:

  • Chain Swipes
  • Piercing Slash
  • Stink of Fear

Apart from the best characters in the game, if you are wondering how many characters there are. You can check out our article on All Playable Characters In Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

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