Bayonetta 3: Best Weapons

Want to know the mightiest and the best weapons you can hold in Bayonetta 3? This guide will guide you to the light.

Bayonetta 3 is jam-packed with a variety of opportunities to explore. The ambiance, the style, and the creativity that was put behind this massive world have a wild ambition in the base. However, the sequel was a gamble and a surprise as well. As we have already observed, the change in the combat system, the plot, and the weaponries. However, you do not need to explore the last two installments to get a hold of the story, that’s for sure.

Now, to talk about weaponries, the Devs of Bayonetta 3 have delivered and have maintained the classic designs from the previous games. Both the High-skill ceiling and the low-skill floor in the design were noticeable in the clear daylight. Moreover, these weaponries have no arguments over the highly potent and the damage capabilities they bear.

With all these stats and on the popularity scale, we have tried to make a list of the best weapons of Bayonetta 3. Without further ado, let’s jump into it.

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Best Weapons in Bayonetta 3

Being the best depends on a lot of perks. However, most of these perks vary from player to player. At the end of the day, even the fastest horse in the stable can be the slowest, depending on who sits on top. Anyway, below are the top 5 best weapons you can taste in Bayonetta 3 that we will be discussing shortly after:

  1. Cruel Altea
  2. Color My World
  3. Cassiopeia
  4. Tartarus
  5. Kafka

1. Cruel Altea

Unlock: Complete Chapter 14

The best comes at the last. You can have your hands on it when you have finished the game completely. Without a doubt, that is the most bothersome thing to chase for a weapon. However, the reward is astoundingly promising.

Cruel Altea can be seen firing in multiple directions from multiple turrets. On top of that, it fires laser. Pretty obvious that you can say this is a lightning show. However, it is one of the best weapons in Bayonetta 3, and there is a reason. Cruell Altea can summon the most powerful demon in the game. He goes by the name, Labolas. Pretty much clear that you will be dominating in the NG+.

2. Color My World

Unlock: Complete the First Verse of Chapter 1

Color My World is the perfect choice to start the game with. These powerful handguns are also quite the best choice when it comes to talking about its stopping power. On top of that, it comes out as one of the best devastating melee weapons in Bayonetta 3.

There is another perk that these handguns hold. Color My World will simply color your world with dance-like moves. And all these attacks get backed up by the Purple demonic energy.

3. Cassiopeia

Unlock: Complete Alternate Chapter 14

Cassiopeia also comes quite late in the game. Even though, not the best, but absolutely one of the weapons you should have in your stash in Bayonetta 3. However, its absence from the beginning can compensate for its extraordinary damage.

Cassipeia is a water-based elemental weapon. Even though you might struggle a bit with its slow attack speed, the damage it does is massive. However, its attack reaches the end of the line; that’s a good start. On top of that, channeling with a demon will unlock the ability to swim through the solid ground if you want to try that out.

4. Tartarus

Unlock: Complete Chapter 11.

Tartarus comes as a pair that is made of pure steel. Even though the design looks funny, its sharp spikes on top can result in devastating damage without a doubt.

Moreover, the gate-like structure has other purposes of serving as well. It can open a variety of heavy machineries. The demon that resides, Masquerade, can come up with different attack styles, which start with mini-guns and ends with fully-charged with a high fire-rate weapon.

5. Kafka

Unlock: Complete Verse 5 in Chapter II

Initially, Kafka was designed to be a projectile weapon. However, it finally developed as a melee-ranged that can be counted as a hybrid.

Kafka shots quite some unusual shots. A single arrow followed by four green Carnage get out from the holster. These shots bear poisonous damage over time that is deadly without a second doubt. Moreover, with Kafka, you can shoot up to six arrows that will use three pearls of Magic Power to deal a significant amount of damage.

And with this, that is all I had in my stash for the best weapons in Bayonetta 3. Cheers!

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