Battletoads finally has an official release date

Get ready to relive those turbo bike nightmares once more with Battletoads.

Battletoads release date is now official and it is coming on August 20th. Microsoft has been bringing back many favorites of the past era, such as Psychonauts. Likewise, Rare’s Battletoads will soon be hitting the Xbox One and PC this month. In addition, to being available on Gamepass.

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A beautiful gameplay trailer was posted which showed off the variety of gameplay the title will offer. From the classic beat-em-up sections to platforming and bullet hell variants, Battletoads has it all.

The art style is now heavily changed from the old days of 16bit games. It now adopts a cartoon art style and theme, much like those we used to watch on Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. Including all the humor and jokes. Furthermore, the game will be offering 3 player couch co-op.

The trailer shows the many types of gameplay, the game features, including a behind the shoulder perspective of the turbo bike levels. Even though the camera changed, it looked as punishing as the good ole’ days. We do hope the game will not tone down on its difficulty and will give us that same punched in the gut feeling as our childhood days.

Initially released in 1991, Battletoads has garnered fame for its addicting gameplay as well as its punishing levels. It was one of Rare’s finest creations. Additionally, the original game is also available to play on Xbox One’s Rare Replay.

Dla Dla Studios and Rare are working on the revival of Battletoads and we are expecting to get blown away.

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