Battlefield 6 leaks suggest it is not what the fans are expecting

A recent leak from the Lead of FXA studio suggests Battlefield 6 might not be what fans are expecting.

Rumors on Battlefield 6 have been very scarce but this leak has nudged us into the direction of what’s coming. A recent insider had also suggested it was getting a 128 player multiplayer. This could potentially mean a Battle Royale too but nothing has been confirmed yet.

EA had said “targeting new innovation that will be enabled by next-generation platforms”, meaning they will be releasing it on both next-gen and current-gen consoles. This also confirms that they are working on making battlefield 6 different than what fans are expecting.

The tweet was from the Lead of FXA studio who had also leaked that Horizon Dawn was coming to PC and it did eventually. The lead of FXA Studio said, “Battlefield 6 is not what people want it to be but it plays well”. This could be legit and exciting news for fans who have been supporting the series throughout its journey. We can expect Battlefield 6 to release in 2021 as it has been almost two years since the last one.

DICE recently confirmed that it will not be making content for Battlefield 5 anymore. So we all can safely assume something is coming sooner or later in the future. EA has not announced anything yet fully, but as fans of this loved series, we all can patiently wait for them to give us something to cheer about.

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