Battlefield 6 coming this year, according to leaker

EA and DICE’s next entry to the massive series, Battlefield 6 coming this year, according to a reputed leaker.

After plenty of uncertain rumors wandered on the internet, regarding the next entry to EA’s Battlefield. Reputed leaker and industry insider Tom Henderson has stated that Battlefield 6 will release this 2021.

Furthermore, the game will be coming to both last-gen and next-gen consoles. Nothing surprising as the same happened during Battlefield 4 release.

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Moreover, during last year in EA’s earnings call, CEO Andrew Wilson confirmed that a new Battlefield will be coming in 2021 that will ‘boast unprecedented levels of scale’. Now another leaker has confirmed the news too. Hence, it is now only a matter of time till we get an official announcement.

Andrew Wilson also confirmed that Battlefield 6 will fully utilize the new hardware of the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 to bring a true next-gen title. The series has always presented a grand scale of war with loads of details and gameplay. We wonder how a next-gen battlefield will turn out to be.

For fans worrying about the quality of the game, since it will be cross-gen. Tom confirmed that the Xbox One and PS4 version of the game is under development by a separate studio. Therefore both editions will deliver with perfection according to hardware.

One last detail he could confirm was that the game will be heavily influenced by Battlefield 3, one of the greatest in the franchise. In addition to next-gen versions boasting 128 player maps. Although if true, this will not probably be available for early gen consoles.

Battlefield has always rivaled against Call of Duty for the past couple of years. But after a disappointing reception from Battlefield 5. The Battlefield name had pretty much gone out of the radar, while COD, especially Warzone took the crown.

If leaks are true and Battlefield 6 is coming this year, 2021. We will once see the epic rivalry between the two fps giants. Battlefield vs Call of Duty.

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