Battlefield 6: Battle Royale and other game modes leaked

Leaks confirmed Battlefield 6 will add new game modes including 128 players multiplayer mode and much more

Electronic Arts’ new entry into the Battlefield franchise is a much-anticipated game by the community. EA had confirmed that the development progress of the game has been going smoothly since its announcement. The game seems to be on track for its holiday 2021 release with an alpha version of the game on its way.

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A leaker in the Battlefield subreddit confirmed various new game modes in the new entry of the franchise. The new game modes include a possible free-to-play battle royale mode, multiplayer modes with 128 players, and a “Destruction” mode.

The Destruction mode may behave similarly to the Bad Company series with large-scale events such as building destruction. Additionally, 3 maps have been confirmed by the leaker: Wake Island, Metro, Locker.

The biggest news so far is the new “cross-game” mode. This will be a hub for all previous Battlefield titles. This option will let others boot up servers exclusively playing previous titles such as Battlefield 4 or even have the option to play with settings so one team has access to Battlefield 4 weapons/vehicles and the other team has access to Battlefield 2 weapons/vehicles.

However, this may bring up the issue of how the game may be balanced if such a mode is implemented. The core mechanics of the game will be affected and issues such as not being able to sprint with Battlefield 1942 settings and not being able to go prone with Bad Company settings.

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