Battlefield 2042 trailer breakdown, everything we know so far

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: Battlefield on YouTube

After a long 7 years delay since the release of Battlefield 4, the series is finally returning to modern combat settings. With the reveal of Battlefield 2042, players are once again hoping to witness an epic comeback of Battlefield.

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Storyline, Weapons & Maps

The storyline is mysterious, but information extracted from the reveal trailer indicates the game is set in a near-future time frame. Right before the reveal trailer aired, some sort of audio played in the background indicated the war is being fought over on some leftover resources. Both the USA & Russia were mentioned as the primary countries engaged in the conflict.

Although in the premiere, many soldiers & units carried no flags that resembled their origin or country. On top of that, armoured robots also appeared in the trailer as the game is set in 2042.

Additionally, the video also featured some multiplayer maps presumably from the Arctic region & Middle-east. At the beginning of the premiere, soldiers jumped from what looks like an extremely renovated version of the infamous Battlefield 3 map “Damavand Peak”.

Besides that, an ambush scenario in the trailer glimpses the Battlefield 3 map, Noshahr Canals. Both Damavand Peak & Noshahr Canals are based on Iranian locations. Maps featuring Arctic weather & modern metropolis aren’t new to Battlefield players as both Battlefield 3 and 4 featured them. Some parts of the trailer closely reflect Battlefield 4’s Shanghai Showdown mission. 

Few vehicles such as F-35, SU-50, Quad Bikes from Battlefield 4 will also be returning; additionally, we have also spotted Ka-52 Attack helicopters, heavily armed MH-6 Little Bird & V-22 Osprey. Some highly modified tanks & IFVs were also stationed in some parts of the video. A huge tornado appeared in the last part of the trailer what seems like a “Levolution” event. The gameplay trailer will be released on June 13th. A full release of the game is set to release on the 22nd of October 2021.  

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