Battlefield 2042 gameplay trailer breakdown: Vehicles, Infantry and more

The gameplay trailer for Battlefield 2042 is finally out. A lot of improvements & new exciting additions are definitely going to change the traditional way of playing Battlefield.

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During the approximately 3 minutes extended gameplay trailer, DICE has showcased a pre-alpha version of the game. As stated at the beginning of the trailer, 128 players participated in the gameplay in maps like Hourglass, Orbital & Breakaway. These maps are colossal in size, perfectly shaped to fit 128 players and the massive amount of vehicle & destruction.

New additions & vehicles

Alongside new attack helicopters like Ka-52, the addition of the Osprey will bring significant changes to troop movements in Battlefield. The Osprey will be known as the “MV38 Condor” in-game. According to the trailer, six slots for players are visible in the Condor; among them, three seats seem to be for the gunners. Since there are multiple gunner seats, the Condor will be able to provide fire support from the air in addition to carrying troops where necessary.

battlefield 2042 gameplay trailer
Screen Grab via Battlefield on YouTube

The  LATV4 vehicle appears to feature a gunner seat, two passengers and one driver seat. Surprisingly, the M1A5 Tank will now require four players to function most effectively. In Battlefield 3 and 4, Tanks could carry only two players; among them, the driver had control of the main turret. In contrast, the M1A5 appeared in the trailer seems to have a driver seat, two gunner seat, and a spotter seat.

battlefield 2042 gameplay trailer
Screen Grab via Battlefield on YouTube

Another fan-favourite helicopter, the Littlebird, will now be known as “M0540 Nightbird”. Much like the previous titles, the new Nightbird will also carry four players. The AH-64GX Apache Warchief attack helicopter will require two players to drive and control the vehicle & its armaments. Other dedicated attack helicopters might feature the same capacity as well.

Squad system & new infantry gadgets

Besides on the fly weapons adjustments, the appearance of the grappling hook expresses how the player movement will differ from all of the previous Battlefield titles. The C4 Detonator has been redesigned with a digital display installed over it. Infantry squads will consist of 4 players, although three-player squads were also spotted at some points in the trailer, presumably with one vacant slot. 

battlefield 2042 gameplay trailer
Screen Grab Via Battlefield on YouTube

One specialist named “Sundance” deployed his wingsuit after performing an evasive manoeuvre to escape from an incoming attack helicopter. Considering all these above-mentioned features, it’s evident that Battlefield 2042 will truly provide a very distinct experience for the players.

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