BanG Dream is coming to Nintendo Switch

Craft Egg has announced that BanG Dream is coming to Switch on its 6th anniversary Livestream.

Nintendo Switch is climbing new milestones in Japan every day. As more games come out for the hybrid console, the franchise is reaching boundaries no one expected. In a live stream today, Craft Egg has said that BanG Dream will be coming to Switch soon. We still do not have an exact date, but more details are coming soon.

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BanG Dream! came out first on the mobile, with an official English Translation. The Rythm game came out in Mobile in March 2017, and now four years later it is coming on a console.

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Bushiroad and CrafEgg did say that the game will support the joy-cons and controller. The game using the Joy-con controllers will open a new way to enjoy and play the game. For now, we know that the game will be coming out in Japan in 2021 but no word on a worldwide release. Although the game has been Translated officially to English, so we don’t see a reason why.

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If you are not familiar with the BanG Dream, it is a multimedia Franchise launched as a manga in 2015. It then went on creating spin-offs, a mobile game, and even an anime TV series. BanG Dream! is the second game after Idol master to only come out in Japan for now in 2021. We all are hoping and praying for both to release worldwide soon.

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