Back 4 Blood Best Weapons Tier List 2022: Ranked from Worst to Best

We will be ranking the best weapons in Back 4 Blood Beta. The perfect combination you need to mow down zombies in the streets.

Turtle Rock Studio’s Left 4 Dead-inspired zombie shooter is turning out to be a blast. A perfect ode to Valve’s classic co-op zombie survival game. With the Back 4 Blood beta running from August 5th to August 9th, there are a lot of weapons, attachments, and upgrades to choose from for your undead killing antics. Hence, we list the best ones from the game that gives an edge over the undead horde. This is just the beta, so you’ll see more weapons, attachments, upgrades coming to the game as its releases fully.

Update: Now that the full game is released, there are loads of weapons to play with and blow of zombies’ heads.

All the Weapons in Back 4 Blood

Primary Weapons

Assault Rifles

  • AK47- Automatic rifle with high damage. Inaccurate with continuous fire. Slower than standard rate of fire.
  • M16- 3 round burst rifle with moderate damage. Extremely high rate of fire with a short delay between each burst.
  • M4 Carbine- Automatic rifle with low damage. Easy to control.
  • SCAR- Automatic rifle with high damage. Accurate but slow rate of fire than the standard Assault Rifles
  • Ranch Rifle- Semi Automatic rifle with high damage. Balances it out with low rate of fire and a high recoil.

Submachine guns

  • Uzi- Automatic submachine gun with low damage. Slow rate of fire but it gets the job done.
  • UMP45- Automatic with moderate damage output. Has high accuracy as well as low recoil.
  • MP5- Low damage but its high rate of fire compensates well for it.
  • Vector- Another SMG with low damage but a high rate of fire. Extended mags makes this a showstopper.


  • 870 Express- Pump action shotgun with high damage. Reloads 1 shell at a time.
  • TAC14- Pump action shotgun with high damage. Reloads 1 shell at a time.
  • AA12- Offers lower damage than other shotgun, but its automatic firing capability overshadows anything else. Can easily takedown large groups.
  • Super 90- Semi-automatic shotgun with moderate damage. Only con is it needs to reload per shot. Fairly balanced.

Light machine guns

  • RPK- Automatic light machine gun with high damage. Low rate of fire.
  • M249- Automatic light machine gun with low damage, but high rate of fire and capacity. Basically the opposite of the RPK.

Sniper rifles

  • M1A- Semi-automatic rifle with high damage. Low rate of fire with high recoil
  • Barret M95- Bolt action with a long load time, and one of the most damage dealing weapon in Back4Blood.
  • Phoenix 350L- Bolt action like the Barret, but lower damage and hence a shorter load time as well than the Barret.

Secondary Weapons


  • 357 Magnum- Double-action Revolver with high power. Accurate but has a slow rate of fire.
  • Beretta M9- Semi Automatic pistol with low damage. Easy to control and has a large magazine. There is also a burst version of this pistol.
  • Glock 23- Semi-automatic pistol with moderate damage. Large magazine.
  • Glock 23 Auto- Automatic pistol with low damage. Large magazine
  • M1911- Semi-automatic pistol with moderate damage. Can be used in just about any situation
  • TEC 9- Automatic machine pistol with low damage. High rate of fire
  • Desert Eagle: Semi-automatic magnum with devastating firepower, but has high recoil.
  • The Belgian: Double barrel shotgun that has extremely high damage. Not useful in long ranges.

Melee weapons

  • Bat- A Baseball Bat specializing in wide sweeps
  • Fire Axe- A Fire Axe specializing in overhead swings
  • Hatchet-A hatchet specializing in overhead swings
  • Machete- A machete specializing in wide sweeps.
  • Knife- Knife that specializes in stabs and slashes

Offensive Accessories

  • Molotov- Throwable bottle that explodes upon impact creating a zone of fire that lasts for a long period of time.
  • Frag Grenade- Throwable grenade that explodes on impact. Deals high damage in a small area.
  • Firecrackers – Attracts enemies in the area
  • Explosive- A bomb that brings a fiery death!

Best Weapons in Back 4 Blood (A Complete Tier List)

  • Best (S-Tier): M4 Carbine, Machete, M249, SCAR, Super 90, Ranch Rifle Glock-23, Frag Grenade, UMP45
  • Great (A-Tier): M16, AA12, MP5, 357 Magnum, Fire Axe, M1A , M1911, RPK, Molotov, Explosive, Barret M95, Desert Eagle
  • Good (B-Tier): AK47, Hatchet, Bat, Glock-23 Auto, Beretta M9, Firecrackers, UZI, Pheonix 350L, 870 Express, Knife
  • Average( C-tier): TAC14, Vector, The Belgian

The S-tier weapons are the cream of the crops. Just what you need to get your zombie slayer mode on Back 4 Blood. Especially with the M4 Carbine, Ranch Rifle, and the best SMG in the game, UMP45. The damage and control are a perfect balance.

The weapons in the A-Tier are some of the most fun to play with. Some of the guns here are nearly close to the S-tier guns in terms of usefulness. But it has a few shortcomings. Proper playing style and a good combo of deck building with attachments make the weapons here perfect, such as the M16, RPK, and the highly addicting AA12 or Barret.

B-Tier is not particularly bad per se, but they require some skill to handle well, as they have either a slow rate of fire or a high recoil. Which, if mastered, makes the guns any zombie’s worst nightmare. But you will see yourself replacing these with better weapons of the same type as you progress further.

C-tier weapons have their specialty, but they run out of their usefulness quickly, or these specialties are not too versatile. Such as the Vector, uses up its magazines in an instant to riddle zombies with bullets. This also means you need to reload it a lot. So this gun becomes useless after a while unless you use an extended magazine to mitigate this problem somewhat.

All the Attachments in Back 4 Blood

  • Reflex Sight- Removes movement penalty when ADS.
  • ACOG- 2x magnification and increases damage to weakspots.
  • Laser Sight- Increases hipfire accuracy.
  • Compensator-Reduces recoil, weapon spread, and movement penalty when firing.
  • Bent Barrel (Fault)- Increases maximum bullet spread.
  • Warped Barrel (Fault)-Increases gun recoil.
  • Extended mag
  • Fast mag
  • AP ammo- Increases bullet penetration power
  • Extended fast mag
  • Fast HP mag- Increases reload speed and bullet stumble
  • Tactical stock- Decreases time it takes to swap weapons.

All the Upgrades in Back 4 Blood

  • Mag Carrier: +10% Pistol/SMG Ammo Capacity
  • Rifle Ammo Capacity: +10% Rifle Ammo Capacity
  • Sniper Ammo Capacity: +10% Sniper Ammo Capacity
  • Shotgun Ammo Capacity: +10% Shotgun Ammo Capacity

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