B site the new competitor to the ESL has already signed six CSGO teams

Already six teams

CSGO’s latest pro league B site has risen to prominence as they signed six teams to their new league. This might give ESL a run for its money in the near future.

This new upcoming league has managed to sign in teams like Cloud9, Gen.G, Dignitas, MiBR, MAD Lions and CR4ZY. More teams are rumored to be joining soon as the new league will give partnership deals. B site will give big teams more incentive to join them. This brings B site to direct conflict with ESL.

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Thorin on B site

Some teams that qualified were not able to participate in the ESL franchise structure. They were only eligible for Mountain Dew League which is also a part of ESL. This unjust action rubbed many teams in the wrong way. Many CSGO casters and team owners called out ESL for being unprofessional.

All this led to the creation of a new league “B Site”. Thorin in his recent tweet has explained that he is gonna take an active part in structuring the whole league. And it will create a system that will include additional money for teams who qualify.

According to DBLTAP, each team that will play in B Site will pay a $2 million franchise fee. For their initial investment into this new league, this will entitle them for partial ownership of the league. The best part of all his is that the players are also gonna get a percentage of the revenue. Which is really generous.

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B site is gonna invite all the other major teams for an online play in. This should gather at least 10-12 more teams to the league. LA is probably going to be the stage that will hold this event. The exact place is still not confirmed as of yet.


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