As Dusk Falls: How To Download The Mobile App

As Dusk Falls Mobile App brings a new twist to this narrative-driven experience

As Dusk Falls is an interactive drama where your choices have severe and unforeseen consequences, changing how the story progresses. Your decisions and actions decide the fates of the many characters in the game. These characters have their backstory and intentions, which are slowly revealed in the game. While most games in this genre use horror or sci-fi as their theme, As Dusk Falls keeps it more down-to-earth and simpler to tell its tale.

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Over the years, we have seen quite a few games that use this formula of ‘you carve the story.’ Likewise, As Dusk Falls combines these mechanics with a gripping tale of betrayal, loyalty, and family. Moreover, As Dusk Falls brings an additional feature to add more depth and excitement to the experience. A multiplayer where up to seven players can join in and vote for all the choices that you have to make. They can vote for or against you, bringing in unexpected twists.

To play with seven more players in a party game-style experience, you must download the As Dusk Falls companion app. If you are interested in completing this game with a group of friends, read more below on downloading the As Dusk Falls app and how to use it.

Download As Dusk Falls Companion App

As Dusk Falls App multiplayer

As Dusk Falls Companion App is available for download on iOS and Android, go to their respective stores and search the name to find the app. Additionally, you can find the link here:

In the app, select Join Game, and the host will give you a code to connect to their session. Change the input device from the game’s pause menu to allow the use of the app’s controls. Everyone needs to be in the same network, and cutscenes will only be displayed on the console/PC wherever the game is playing. Therefore, you can only make decisions from the app while viewing the main gameplay in the same room as the player or through a stream.

For streamers who want to engage with the viewers as they play the game. As Dusk Falls offers a Broadcast mode that lets users link their Twitch chat with the game. Therefore allowing the viewers to join in as well.

Finally, now you know how to download the multiplayer companion app for As Dusk Falls. Call in your friends to play together for an even better gaming experience. Furthermore, if you’re a streamer, use this feature to have a memorable session with your precious audience. There are lots of paths to take and endings to see. Work together or against each other to advance the thrilling story of As Dusk Falls.

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