Artist Makes Concept Fortnite Skin That Looks Like An RPG Character

An Artist on Twitter Shared a Concept skin he made for Fortnite and it looks like an RPG character.

Fortnite Battle Royale has thousands of skins. These skins have great appeal because Fortnite is a third-person game. The concept-skin making community is particularly large because of the appeal of skins in Fortnite.

All over the internet fans of the game share concept skin ideas and some of them are extremely good. Epic Games has also previously made concepts from artists into actual skins in-game. The recent example was the shark skins made by sharktoofs1.

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The Clairvoyant Concept Skin

Recently a Concept Artist named easkateconcepts on Twitter shared their work. He called the skin Clairvoyant. The skin features an RPG style female skin with eyes covered in a piece of cloth. The skin features a pink and white dress with laces coming out of the sides.

The skins concept also has kunai like knives hanging from her legs. Overall the skin concept looks amazing. The render also does a great job of showing off the skin in all its glory.

The skin concept was shared by easkateconcepts on Twitter.

He also gives us an animated render that shows off the skin from a different angle.

If this skin comes to the item shop that would be very cool as the skin will bring some sort of mystical charm the games skin set.

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