Are we ready for this fanmade Mirage concept in Apex Legends?

Please let our boy Mirage shine a little bit

With the recent update to Apex Legends, Respawn finally decided to give Bloodhound a much deserving buff. Will Mirage see something similar to Bloodhound any time soon?

This update has finally made Bloodhound playable. After the last update, Bloodhound usage rate has skyrocketed. Bloodhound mains are apparently really happy with the update. Mirage mains are understandably rallying behind their Legend to see some much-needed buffs.

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Mirage fan-made concept

Mirage concept
Mirage concept

Apex fan Keknandor came up with a concept for Mirage that will definitely help his usage rate return to glory once more. Even though some of these are really overpowered and Respawn might never implement them.

After seeing all the positive feedback with the bloodhound buff, there is still a possibility that mirage might be next in line to receive some love. If some of this fanmade concept actually see the light of day, Mirage will spike in popularity.

Respawn is really trying to shake up the current meta by buffing all the unpopular Legends. The recent throwable nerf is a step in the right direction. But it came at the cost of reduced inventory size. Now fans are kind of pissed at Respawn for messing up the inventory for no apparent reason.

Will Respawn with their infinite wisdom ever give Mirage the spotlight once more? Only time will tell. In the meantime, fans will have to make do with the buff to Bloodhound.

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