Are six agents per year too much for VALORANT?

Six agents a year might be the sweet spot for VALORANT

In the latest Dev Diaries, Anna Donlon the executive producer on VALORANT announced that Riot is planning on releasing at least six agents every year.

After the announcement, the VALORANT community was debating whether or not VALORANT should include agents every two months. Since VALORANT is a tactical FPS at its very core, every agent should have enough time to get familiar with all the other agents and two months seem just about right.

Although Riot did mention that the rate at which they will launch their agents will depend entirely upon player feedback. However, with everything that is going on around the world right now, it is really difficult to say whether or not they will be able to keep up with their schedule. Even Riot told their fans to give them some leeway with these release windows.

What is the sweet spot for agents?

While it is really difficult to say if six agents are going to be too overwhelming or not. Six is definitely middle of the pack when it comes to introducing new characters in an FPS game. However, VALORANT is very different from other Hero shooters. Since VALORANT took some heavy inspiration from CSGO, the core gunplay and TTK(time to kill) is almost the same with some subtle changes.

Image via Riot Games

The main issue with introducing too many agents at once can create an unnecessary mess for new comers to get through. At the same time, not adding enough might make the game too boring for serious players.

For now, six seems to be the ideal number. As with every other game made by Riot, they are going to dramatically nerf or buff agents, if one of them turns out to be broken in some way.

VALORANT new agent tease
Image Via Riot Games

Riot already teased their new agent in a recent picture. Although they really didn’t reveal how this agent will play and what his/her utilities will bring to the game. We are all waiting very eagerly for Riot to reveal the next agent.

Additionally, Riot also claimed that they are trying to make episodes instead of traditional season format cause they want to make each episode a big deal for VALORANT fans. And obviously calling them acts instead of seasons makes them stand apart from the crowd of hero shooters.


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